Three Men Plead Guilty, Remanded In Custody

April 17, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Apr 17], three men were remanded into custody after pleading guilty to robbing homes of jewelry and other valuable items.

Jahru Edmead, 18, Stevon Richardson 22, and Joel Smith 18, were formally charged with being concerned together having entered as a trespasser on a Morrison’s Place residence on April 14 and stole a stole cheque book and iPad.

Edmead also pleaded guilty to having with him to use or in connection with to burglary, a red colored face mask and gloves, and also attempted to pervert the court of justice, by giving a false name upon arrest.

Richardson also pleaded guilty to having uttered threatening words to a police officer on April 14: “I’ll see you on the outside, I have a bullet for you, if I wanted you dead, I’ll have you dead tomorrow.”

Smith also pleaded guilty to having entered a residence on Tribe road #6 in Sandy’s, and stole jewelry and a PlayStation 3 worth $4,100 .

Smith also admitted to entering an Evans Bay Road residence on April 13 and also stole jewelry.

Prosecutor Loxley Ricketts told the court the resident secured her residence, however upon her return, saw several drawers in her daughter’s bedroom open, and with contents spread about.

The other lady who had her home broken into secured her residence as well, however, noticed cushions or her couch were disturbed, cabinets open, and a wine bottle lay on the floor of her residence.

Both complainants called the police immediately.

The gentleman who also had his home broken into also left his house secure, and on that same day police called notified him that several items belonging to him including several bank cards, a laptop, cannon camera and other miscellaneous items were recovered at the police station for him to pick up.

Upon his return home after this call he saw his home was robbed, and immediately claimed his items.

On April 14, uniformed police officers responded to a call that four unknown males stole an iPad from Port Royal Golf Course. Police then perused the males, who entered a nearby railway trail and ran towards the ocean, before being cornered onto a cliff.

Police were able to arrest three of the defendants, however the fourth man made good his escape. The three defendants were then arrested and processed by police.

Edmead was then found to have black Hugo boss belt and cheque book on him, both belonging to one of the people whose home was broken into.

While being processed, Richardson became agitated and told a police officer: “I’ll see you on the outside. I’ve got a bullet for you. If I want you dead.”

Smith initially denied being involved, and told police officers that he only just met the other defendants, and only ran because he had cannabis on his person, which he threw away.

Edmead gave a false name to police, and admitted to this after he was identified by finger prints: “I knew it was coming, I was just scared,” he said.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo ordered a Social Inquiry Report to be completed for all three defendants, and remanded them into custody until June 9 for sentencing.

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