Photos: West Pembroke Primary Holds Ag Show

April 17, 2015

Due to the cancellation of the Ag Show, the West Pembroke Primary staff decided to hold its own exhibition for the school’s students today [Apr 17], and the school hall is filled today with a rather impressive display of exhibits made by their students.

A spokesperson said, “The teachers have worked diligently to transform the school hall into a beautiful setting and the children have brought in their exhibits today. Judging took place on Thursday afternoon, with community members serving in the role of judges. This concept ensures neutrality and also serves to build school/community relationships.


“The students will not only have a chance to view their peers’ crafts, baked goodies, kites, and pictures, but they will also have the opportunity to savor the cotton candy, popcorn, popsicles, and donuts on hand throughout the day. This serves to add to the festive occasion.

“The day will culminate with a school walk to Admiralty House park at 2.00pm, followed by a ‘polar plunge’ at 2.30pm from the dock at Admiralty House. This will entail having three staff members take the dreaded dip overboard based on the students’ choice of who they voted to take the plunge.

“The day promises to be quite exciting for all concerned and the West Pembroke Primary family is very proud of the dedicated staff, students, and parents that have helped to make this event become a reality.”

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  1. Very nie says:

    This is very nice. Great job teachers and students you have done a great job.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Cant depend on this Government ya gotta do it yaself.

      • Kim Smith says:

        Oh stop! You had an opportunity to give credit to the teachers and students for taking lemons and making lemonade! well done to West Pembroke, Mount Saint Agnes and Northlands Primary. Look at the photos of their amazing efforts! You are all stars!

  2. Love it!!! says:

    Well done to you all that’s the spirit.

    Kudos to the teachers for reinforcing a very important lesson to the youngsters that they can make a difference and that the show can go on!!!

    Totally awesome story!

  3. Oh no says:

    Fantastic. So good to see!

  4. Just a matter of time says:

    Well done to West Pembroke! A public school leading the way..! Kudos!

  5. Just a matter of time says:

    My comment was premature. Looks like this was an island wide thing for all schools. Anyway, kudos to all!

  6. Pat Adderley says:

    What a great spirit and what pride they must have in themselves and their school..way to go…kids probably learned so many lessons from this activity. God bless them all as they are winners!!!