World IP Day: “Get Up. Stand Up. For Music”

April 24, 2015

On April 26th the Intellectual Property Section of the Registry General will join other Intellectual Property Personnel around the world in celebrating World Intellectual Property Day in order to raise awareness of intellectual property and how it encourages innovation and creativity.

A spokesperson said, “Intellectual property refers to non-physical goods which are the creation or expression of the mind. Areas of intellectual property include trademarks/service marks, patents, industrial designs, trade dress, trade secrets and copyright.

“The theme for World Intellectual Property Day 2015 is “Get up. Stand Up. For Music.” The theme encourages us to reflect on the contributions of both past and present Bermudian musicians whose diverse and innovative works defined the traditional Bermudian music that we have come to appreciate – namely calypso and jazz.

“The list of Bermudian visionary musicians is extensive. It comprises of song writers, producers, vocalists, pianists, percussionists, keyboardists, musical groups, music teachers, etc.

“Bermudian musicians include legends such as the late Sydney Bean who was a guitar and bass player, singer and song writer. He wrote numerous songs including one of his most popular hits “Bermuda’s Still Paradise”.

“There was also the late Hubert Smith – vocalist, musical director and song writer – who wrote over fifty songs and even performed for the Queen and President John F. Kennedy. His most popular song ‘Bermuda is Another World’ became known as Bermuda’s unofficial Anthem.

“The late Lance Hayward was a renowned blind jazz musician whose music was popular throughout the United States, Canada and Jamaica. More recently song writer, keyboardists and producer John Wooldridge, whose song ‘Proud to be Bermudian’ has become very popular and has resonated with both young and old.

“Over the years there have been various shifts in the music industry due to technological, economic and legislative changes. The ways in which music is created, disseminated, listened to and enjoyed has changed dramatically.

“Nowadays it is easier to promote your talents through social media outlets such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. At only the push of a button your creations are uploaded for the world to see.”

The Minister of Home Affairs, who has responsibility for the Registry General Department says, “We would like to encourage musicians to get their creative juices flowing and show the world their ability to create lyrics, produce songs and craft the most original music they can imagine”.

If you have any questions regarding copyright/intellectual property or need additional information, please contact the Registry General Department on 297-7708.

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