List Of Bus Cancellations For Monday, April 13

April 13, 2015

The cancellations of bus runs continues, with number of bus runs being cancelled again today [Apr 13], with the Ministry providing a list of the specific runs that have been affected.

On March 9th the Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport said an “offer was presented to bus drivers to pay all overtime at time and a half,” however the drivers made a decision “to reject the payment of overtime at time and a half.”

Dan Simmons, the Director of Public Transportation said, “Currently the bus service is running with minimal disruptions. However, we are not in a position to pay double time for operators who will be asked to work on their days off so we do anticipate that there may continue to be occasional cancellations.”

Speaking at a press conference on March 10, BIU President Chris Furbert laid out the position of the drivers, saying they were concerned about whether the double-time for time and a half was in place across the whole of Government, the taxpayer funded Tourism Authority staff getting bonuses, and other matters.

Mr Furbert said that drivers have also been on a wage freeze since 2011, they gave up 19 months of furlough days, and noted that for 6 months in 2011, the BIU government workers worked overtime for straight time.

The list of cancellations for today, as provided by Government, is below:



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  1. Hey says:

    This %@#& needs to stop!!! Privatize! Privatize! Privatize!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Thats what happens when they dont want to pay overtime and spend the money on their friends and family interest.
      We never had this mess under P.L.P.

      • C James says:

        You should go into comedy Mockingay. You are a riot! HAHA.

        Never had this mess under PLP…..Haha you kill me!

      • honest Joe says:

        Mocking Jay you are truly dillusional. This happened every other month with PLP.

        • jt says:

          He was Kunta then.

          • hmmm says:

            The teenage movie The Hunger Games made him change his name.

            • “The problem we have here is a failure to communicate.” e.g. them that are far too young along with them that are far too dumb to even comprehend economics.
              Why is it so darn difficult for some people to see how it’s “money that makes more money”? Certain countrymen/women are filled with venom that it has become extremely pathetic :-( Sad yes, but true.

      • aceboy says:


        The PLP CAUSED this you blind fool.

      • Pop Or Ratze? says:

        LMAO , you didn’t have this mess under the PLP? When did you start reading Bernews, this year? Do a search and you will find years of abuse , drama, strikes, no shows, and abuses of sick days EVEN UNDER THE PLP.

        How can you defend this! There isn’t a shortage of drivers because they don’t have enough staff! They are CALLING IN SICK,because they get 100 sick days a year and abuse it to their advantage. We know the trick./ I call in sick today (and get paid anyway) so you can get a phone call on your day off and get double time!

        I don’t even blame the PLP for this mess – I blame the BIU for allowing and encouraging it to happen. Because of their abuses, other government services, departments and workers must go without!

  2. Bermyman says:

    Wow! This bout of illness has been running for a long time. Maybe we should get the world health organization to investigate? This is getting serious!

    • Family Man says:

      Bermudian Entitleitis. It’s an inheritable condition but not very contagious.

  3. Frank says:

    When is the new bus/Ferry scheduals coming out?

  4. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Wow you cancel the last #1 east…how are people supposed to get home if they work late?! Thanks smfh

  5. Local Music Lover says:

    So I count 31 cancellations, correct? So can someone explain if we don’t have operators to drive these buses, why were there no less than 5 Sightseeing buses travelling west this morning when I came into work?

    Curious, huh?

  6. annoyed says:

    Great…..I just gave two elderly tourists directions and bus routes to and from St. Georges, told them to get the 3:30 #1 Route back to Hamilton for their 5pm cruise departure. What gives here, this is garbage. Is the staff at the bus terminal going to get off their phones and inform these elderly tourists of their closures? I have half a mind to go down there and see how informative they actually are when purchasing bus tickets. Customer service is NON-Existant there. Poor tourists.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Dont forget to tell them the Govt. Dont want to pay overtime

      • C James says:

        PLP scared away all the expats and their money now there is none.

        Still you like to make jokes. HAHA

      • Casual Observer says:

        The BTUC agreed to reduce overtime from double time to time and a half as a means to prevent furlough days.

        Now the bus drivers refuse to abide by their own agreements and receive time and a half.

        So stop lying as usual.

        • LaVerne Furbert says:

          What are you talking about, Casual Observer? This has nothing to do with the BTUC.

          • Casual Observer says:

            Did the BTUC agree to reducing overtime for their members to 1.5x from 2x as a means to stave off furlough days?

            That was a statement issued by the BTUC and the Government during the furlough dispute.

      • Joker says:

        And also don’t forget to tell them that the Govt is broke solely to the PLP govt and its actions

        • Mockingjay says:

          Not broke for a sailboat race

          • honest Joe says:

            You seem too dumb to realize money wills be funneled for that race and we will make even more from it. Try using your brain.

          • Joker says:

            Which will bring in millions and millions of $$$$$$ plus exposure which your beloved PLP could only dream about.

            Please, tell me why you think this island is in the state it’s in, and why the PLP were voted out? You are so blind of reality that it’s frankly terrifying, it really is.

          • C James says:

            Mockingay you just won the ‘more boring than even Betty Trump’ award.

            Hint: nobody cares what you say cos its complete and utter rubbish – thats why you keep having to change your name – Kunta.

      • brigadooner says:

        1.5X pay is overtime.

  7. Bringinexpats says:

    Maybe they should bring in Expats to drive the buses. Let’s see how many cancellations we have then. I am fully grown Bermudian but getting really tired of the entitled behavior of our people and their mindset. How many sick days do these people have. I have 10 days in total so I don’t use them unless I am really sick. At the end of the year if you don’t use them you do lose them but gain a half day vacation.

  8. C James says:

    I notice it is not even referred to as a sick out any more. It is just today’s cancellations.

    Certain entitled Bermudians doing what they do best.

  9. Just a matter of time says:

    Interesting how if anything good happens in Govt credit is given to the OBA. If anything bad happens in Govt, it’s the civil servants. Smh.

    • C James says:

      Who would be to blame in this instence? Santa? easter Bunny? Or the bus drivers who are cheating the system?

  10. honest Joe says:

    They made a decision to previously accept time and a half. Now they are breaking their own contract. This is why Bermuda should privitize this. You want to skip work? Find another job. They’re only hurting themselves. Who gets fired first when there no tourist to catch a bus. And people wonder why coporations are leaving this island. Pure stupidity.

  11. seriously pissed off..... says:

    Cruise ships in Dockyard are a BIG problem, my daughter trying to get to Bda College this morning buses kept passing her by at Boaz Island full of Tourist…..3 sightseeing busses pass by…full of Tourist….she then goes back home cause she’s late and hasn’t even left the bus stop……I pay full price for her to attend school and she can’t even fit on a bus that leaves Dockyard and is full to capacity by the time it reaches Boaz Island……Govt can’t provide extra buses during Tourist season, so once again our children get left behind.

    • brigadooner says:

      Isn’t BC free?

      • seriously pissed off..... says:

        not anymore………back to paying full price……it went from free to half now back to full.

    • Sid says:

      The Government has proposed more than a dozen new bus schedules over the years that would cut down on overcrowding (eg., during cruise ship season) while cutting out wasteful routes (eg., bus routes ending at Barnes’ Corner).

      The Union has rejected every one of these proposals because the current inefficient bus schedule means more overtime for its staff.

      So if your kid can’t get to school because of bus overcrowding, remember that the unions could agree to a bus schedule with less overcrowding. But they refuse because they want maximum overtime.

  12. jt says:

    We brought a ferry in from the States to provide adequate service and it worked great…so….

    • The same reason why bus drivers aren’t getting the double time, it’s a money shortage and that’s the answer to the,”so”.

  13. say it aint so says:

    Lazy, greedy people!!!!! Tourist season, the union is trying to screw Bermuda. Privatize!!!!!

  14. drunkenUrsula says:

    letting you all know …most of the cancellations on Sunday and today are the sight seeing operators rosters (12)… if you look around the cruise ship passengers are being taken care of, leaving many locals and other tourists left standing at bus stops for long periods of time. only 5 rosters cancelled from sickness…so get all the facts before flying off the handle….31 cancelled runs doesn’t mean 31 operators out sick…be informed folks