Video: MV Oleander’s Special Delivery For Oracle

April 7, 2015

The ACBDA has produced a short video that highlights the MV Oleander’s special delivery for the Oracle Team USA base in Dockyard, saying that “as far as anyone can recall this is the first time the Oleander has offloaded in Dockyard and the first time in many years that the stevedores have worked off of the Hamilton docks. This is a great example of Bermuda working together to help deliver a successful America’s Cup.

Slideshow with aerial and land photos of the Oleander delivering the containers last week


Following the discharge of refrigerated and dry containers and roll on/roll off cargo in Hamilton, the Bermuda Container Line’s Oleander initiated the delivery of the team’s base camp from San Francisco.

“The cargo consists of multiple over length / over height high cube custom containers, each more than twice the size of a 20 foot container [at 40 feet long and 9’6” high], as well as high speed support boats and equipment. The containers were lifted and the trailers were driven off the Oleander in Dockyard,” BCL said.

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  1. Seeing this event come to fruition is soooooooooo exciting! As Bob Barker would say, “come on down…” :-)