Video: Oracle Team’s Bermuda Base Kitchen

October 10, 2015

With the members of Oracle Team USA continuing to prepare in Bermuda for the upcoming America’s Cup, the logistics of feeding a large number of people on the team’s base has required a unique “canteen container,” featuring a kitchen that feeds about 60 people every day.

In a video showcasing the kitchen, Chef Matt Pridham says, “”Well, it’s a brand new kitchen. They built it in a container, so it’s a pretty small kitchen.”

When asked if he had ever worked in a container before, Chef Pridham laughed and said, “No, as I’m sure not many people have. But so far so good.

“I’ve been cooking for 17 years. I started working at a restaurant in Hamilton, Devil’s Isle. I guess some of the boys here kind of took a liking to it and asked if I would be able to do what I’m doing there, here.”

Oracle Team USA shows off their base kitchen:

“We do about 60 people a day for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes it’s not all 60 at once; we could do half of them who are out on boats, we do a packed lunch for them.

“The other half may stay and and eat and then another day everybody might eat all at once. It’s different every day, which keep it interesting.

“We just try to use raw products; the beef and meat, we try to do it all natural. Our eggs are organic, free range eggs. Everything is fresh, we try to use local organic vegetables when available. A low-salt, low-fat diet, high in fruit, nuts, and just freshness.

“There are some minor adjustments that need to be done, like any new kitchen, but the costumers here seem pretty happy which is always good; we’re keeping it positive.”


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