Photos: RMS 10K & 20K Road Running Race

April 30, 2015

The 2015 RMS 10K & 20K Road Race saw Larry Marshall and Rose-Anna Hoey crowned the Male and Female 10K Champions, while Chayce Smith and Ashley Estwanik are the Male and Female 20K Champions.

Marshall clocked a winning time of 38:36, Corey Brunton finished second crossing the line in a time of 38:44 and Sammy DeGraff finished third with a time of 38:55.

Hoey was the 7th finisher overall with a time of 42:34, Tamika Williams was the second female finisher and 9th overall with a time of 43:33 and Martina Olcheski-Bell was the third female finisher and she was 11th overall with a time of 45:31.

Smith crossed the line after covering the 20K distance with a time of 1:10:32, Ryan Wilson was second with a time of 1:15:26, Estwanik was the third runner to cross the line at the distance with a time of 1:22:03, while Philip Mace was the third male finisher to cross the line clocking a time of 1:22:33.

Following behind Estwanik was Krista Dyer who was 11th overall, she clocked a time of 1:28:33 and Vivienne Lochhead rounded out the top three female finishers crossing the line 17th overall with a time of 1:32:14.

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