Video: BPS Press Conference On Fatal Collision

April 20, 2015

[Updated] The police held a press conference today [April 20] to provide an update on their investigation into the collision this weekend that resulted in the death of 22-year-old La-Nae Woodley.

The police confirmed they arrested three people, with one being charged in Court today, while the other two have been released on bail.

Saying they are following “promising leads” and “CCTV has played a very critical role and is driving the investigation” the police said they are “interested in speaking with anyone who can help us identify the movements of the drivers of the white van and the black car in the early hours of Saturday after and before the collision.”

Update 2.52pm: The remarks from Chief Inspector Na’imah Astwood follow below:

On behalf of the Bermuda Police Service I would first like to express our condolences to the family and friends of La-Nae Woodley.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them in these very trying times. Our thoughts are also with the 24 year old female passenger who is recuperating from her injuries at this time.

The Bermuda Police Service has launched a detailed investigation and a Family Liaison Officer has been assigned to Ms. Woodley’s family to help them cope with the process as the investigation continues.

The most recent update is that the 26 year old male suspected of driving the white van involved went before Magistrates’ Court this morning charged with indictable offences in relation to this matter.

Also, the two individuals arrested in connection with the black car involved have since been released on police bail.

This ongoing investigation is being led by two investigative units working in unison.

Directing the investigation from the Roads Policing Unit is Acting Inspector Dorian Astwood and leading the investigation from the Serious Crime Unit is Detective Sergeant Jason Smith.

The remarks from Acting Inspector Dorian Astwood:

As you are aware by now, at approximately 4:05 Saturday morning first responders attended this collision which took place at the junction of Middle Road and Cobbs Hill Road in Warwick.

It appears that Ms. Woodley was riding a motorcycle with a 24 year old female pillion passenger traveling east on Middle Road, Warwick when a white van that was traveling south at the junction of Cobbs Hill Road and Middle Road, collided with them.

The van immediately left the scene.

Whilst the two women lay injured in the road a second motorcyclist, a 37 year old man, was traveling west along Middle Road and tried to avoid both victims.

At this time a black car also traveling west, drove through the collision scene – making contact with one of the female victims and the 37 year old male motorcyclist.

The black car also left the scene.

Ms. Woodley was conveyed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance, where she was later pronounced dead.

The 24 year old female pillion passenger was also taken to hospital via ambulance for treatment of leg injuries.

The 37 year old male riding the other motorcycle escaped major injuries but was arrested at the scene on suspicion of driving whilst impaired.

He later passed the alco-analyser test and was immediately released.

The scene was initially cordoned off and processed by the Forensic Support Unit and Traffic Collision Investigators.

A white van and black private car have since been impounded and are being forensically examined.

Police would like to speak with anyone who may have seen the collision or anyone who may live in the area that may have any information that can assist us.

Those persons are asked to please contact the Roads Policing Unit on telephone number 247-1788.

The remarks from Detective Sergeant Jason Smith:

Right now we are following very promising leads in relation to this incident.

CCTV has played a critical role, as it has been viewed and is driving a number of actions that we are taking at this point.

To date, three arrests have been made in connection with this matter.

As Chief Inspector Astwood mentioned earlier, a 26 year old man has been charged in Magistrates’ Court this morning regarding Saturday’s fatal collision, while the other two individuals arrested have since been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

We are interested in speaking with anyone who can help us identify the movements of the drivers of the white van and black car in the early hours of Saturday morning and right after the collision at 4:05am Saturday.

There are a number of persons who are aware of the drivers’ whereabouts and actions prior to the collision and immediately after.

We need you to bold and to help the family bring closure to this matter. Any information that you may have, regardless of how insignificant it may seem to you, we would like to hear.

Please contact me on telephone number 247-1739 or e-mail

There is a family that is grieving the loss of 22 year old La-Nae Woodley. Let’s all do our part to assist the Woodley family.

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  1. blessed says:

    how do they want help with the movements of the blk car if we dont kno who was driving?

    • Watcher says:

      I was wondering the same thing! All we have been told is that is was a black car that was possibly a Kia Picanto or larger. No confirmation of make, model or license number. How are we supposed to know if we saw the car or occupants before this tragic event? At least we have a name for the person who was allegedly driving the white van as he has been charge. The BPS Are asking the public to be bold, but it looks like they also need us to be psychic.

    • Onion Seed says:

      Innocent until proven guilty. Family, friends, acquaintances of the driver of the vehicle may be able to help. Up to them and their conscience if call CrimeStoppers or contact the police directly. Running from scene eliminates many. Coward, or something to hide.
      Hopefully friends are made of stronger stuff, takes guts. Also need more taxis at night or low cost transport.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Didn’t they arrest a woman as the driver of the “black car”??

  2. Trajic says:

    The driver of the black car is no less guilty of the man driving the van. The man driving the van did begin the chain of this tragic event. However, that woman had to have known what she had done and continued to keep driving…Everybody involved in this accident I feel for…but with that being said, both driver had a responsibility to the victim, and both were irresponsible. RIP Lanae

  3. ThinkingOutLoud says:

    Why won’t they release the name of the woman? They had the guy, as they should, blasted. A picture of him, the truck, his full name…yet we know nothing about this woman. Talk about double standard.

    • Varied says:

      I suspect that if she was identified as the driver then they may release her name once she’s charged with the relevant offenses. As of now we probably have to wait a little longer to know who the culprit truly is.

  4. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    I appreciate the difficult job the police have to do but come on when doing a press release make it make sense. These are the questions I have.
    1. Did the 37 year old male rider make contact with any of the females? I ask this because the police stated that this male rider tried to avoid the females that lay injured giving the impression that he may have struck one of the females.
    2. The police state that the black car struck one of the females that lay injured and then struck the 37 year old male rider, what made them later arrest that rider of the only role he played was thankfully avoiding the females to only be struck by the black car that fled?
    3. The police state that the incident was captured on CCTV, so why not state if the driver of the van either stopped at the stop sign or if he ran the stop sign which may have directly resulted in this man striking the unsuspecting females who by the police statement appear to have been on the main road minding their business.
    4. Why not release the CCTV footage?
    Such a tragedy. I pray that the injured female has a speedy recovery. My condolences to the friends and family of the deceased lady.

  5. Legal Eagle says:

    Bizzare request by the BPS!! How is the public supposed to assist you with info re the ‘before+after’ movements of the black car a/o occupant(s)–if you don’t identify either! Geez-basics!!!

  6. bob13 says:

    If the driver of the van left the scene, how was he charged with ‘driving whilst intoxicated’ if no breathalyzer was done at the time of the accident?

  7. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Didn’t they arrest a woman as the driver of the black car??