Photos: Car Crashes Into Wall, Lands Overboard

May 16, 2013

[Updated with slideshow + video] Early this morning a car driver crashed through a wall on Harbour Road in Paget, resulting in the car landing completely overboard, and the driver escaping unharmed.

Car Overboard Bermuda May 16 2013 (9)

A police spokesperson said, “At approximately 4:10am this morning [Thursday May 16th], police responded to a report of a road traffic collision along Harbour Road in Paget, in the area of the Lower Ferry Dock.

Car Overboard Bermuda May 16 2013 (3)

“It appears that the driver of a car struck a stone wall resulting in the vehicle landing the water. The male driver escaped unharmed and an investigation into the collision has commenced.


“There is a significant portion of the wall that is missing and Works and Engineering staff are due to put up temporary barriers in the area in short order. In the meantime, motorist are asked to use caution as they drive/ride in the area.”

Update 4.34pm: The car has been removed from the water

Car Overboard Bermuda May 16 2013 (12)

Car Overboard Bermuda May 16 2013 (13)

Update 5.58pm: Quick video of it being brought onto land

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  1. swing voter says:


  2. Kia says:

    Drive, drive, drive your car
    and SMASH through a wall!
    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    reach the ocean floor!

  3. O'Brien says:

    Nothing good ever happens at 4 in the morning.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Oh., i don’t know about that….

      • ABM says:

        LOL!!!!!!!! I too know several GREAT things that hanppen a that hour!!

  4. Um Um Like says:

    Poor guy probably swerved to avoid oncoming traffic. That road can get pretty busy at 4am.

    Hope no fish were harmed as a result…

  5. Ole says:

    – taking a day off from pre school?

  6. Onlooker says:

    Ooops and oops again. Don’t suppose speed was involved (said with a note of sarcasm) or any substances come to that??…………

  7. Cyclist says:

    Possibly drunk (4am) and clearly driving too fast. Assuming that the police checked his blood alcohol level, so hopefully one less bad driver off the road.

  8. sminks says:

    Short cut to Hamilton

  9. Haha says:

    Non drivers I tell ya! Smh.

  10. Is he different says:

    My mother used to say only three things open after 1am. Bars, police stations and legs

    • Always Watching says:

      maybe a combination of two of the mentioned hahahahaha

    • troof says:

      You can add walls to that list now.

    • boo says:

      and ice queen to add to the list.

  11. Truth is killin' me.. says:

    These drivers should be banned for life!!!!!!!!!!!They are a menace to the roads!!!!!!If the Government doesn’t come down hard on them and do something about these careless drivers I’m voting against them the next time around!!!!!!Believe me.

    • Question mark says:

      Oh, trusss me, I believe you! But seriously… that’s your logic behind voting? Flawed would be an understatement.

    • Paul Clarke says:

      You should reserve comment until you have the full facts as to the circumstances surrounding this accident. We can all assume that there was some wrong doing but, there is still the possiblity that it may not have been human error. I’m just saying…….

      • Franklin jr says:

        Yes, but VERY slight… Bermuda is the only place I’ve ever seen so many people “lose control” as if their vehicle was a barely-tamed wild animal

        • Just One says:

          Nicely worded and I totally agree ;-) It’s very sickening all this “loss of control” and so called “accidents”… someone, if not the driver could have been seriously injured here… tsk tsk

  12. C quality says:

    Not surprised….

  13. Elizabeth Von Trumparani says:

    He could’ve been heading for White’s Island.

  14. Doug says:

    That took some talent!

  15. Y-Gurl says:

    Oh boy now we will have a W&E mobile home, traffic lights, 8 guys for a month to fix the wall!..ill take Middle Road

    • Ride says:

      I hope they wait until after the 24 May races to start this work. Humm … is Harbour Road to be used in any of the Island Games races?


  16. Between de lines says:

    Swim season is starting early this year I see. Couldn’t wait til the 24th?!

  17. Why says:

    G****!!! Are you serious lol I know G**** is pissed!

  18. Johnny Boy says:

    It’s a Hyundai Tiburon, Spanish for Shark.. I guess it wanted to get back in the water,,,,,,

  19. LOL says:



    • Panty raider says:

      I think your suppose to say it after the accident…

  20. eh says:

    and yet alcohol is legal, killing millions around the world, possibly causing accidents like this one, driving 4,000lbs machines while having no concept of reality thanks to booze….and marijuana is illegal? Weed does not do these retarded things to you, has never once killed anybody as confirmed by the FDA, and enhances safe driving skills.

    but oh, i guess cuz the old fogeys love booze so much and are too ignint to legalize herb that we will continue to see BROKEN WALLS every half mile of road, and cars tipping into the ocean every other day.

    Just wait until a child gets run over cuz of a drunk twit. Will you old fogeys start to realize you have been dumb and wrong for so long?

    alcohol is LITERALLY a poison, and all it does to you is poison your body and brain to retard it. but you all love it to death – literally.

    Drugs are supposed to be illegal due to their
    a) damage to the body
    b) damage to society

    Look at alcohol…. it kills you and does damage to society!!


    a) kills cancer, heals and treats over 200 diseases etc
    b) has neutral or no impact on society, only beneficial artistic and philosophical

    next time you are behind some wad who is swerving everywhere cuz he had a few totties, consider how you could die because of him drinking a poison…which is legal.

    • Enough says:

      “Enhances driving skills”?! Because I’m sure having people driving high on Bermuda roads will lessen accidents. Lay off the ganja for the rest of the day cause you’re obviously high right now!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      That’s bull.

    • LOL says:

      “kills cancer”?!?

    • Paul Clarke says:

      This is the wrong place to stand on your soap box! Think about your argument and whether it is valid in this case. Unless you are indubitably certain that alcohol was the culprit in this instance, i might suggest that you pursue a different avenue for your arguments. Just a thought.

    • Frustrated... says:

      Google “Run from the Cure” and see what this natural product can really do. If it legal to consume the product when you are dying, why is it illegal when you are not. Think about it…

    • jOe says:

      Ok. You’ve just made the politicians want to make alcohol illegal. Me thinks you are an idiot.

      And if this statement were true (“kills cancer, heals and treats over 200 diseases etc”) do you really think there would be a worldwide ban on the stuff? It doesn’t kill cancer. It doesn’t heal diseases. But let’s not let facts get in your way…

      • Come Correct says:

        I agree with Paul Clarke, this really isn’t the article for it but… You say “And if this statement were true (“kills cancer, heals and treats over 200 diseases etc”) do you really think there would be a worldwide ban on the stuff?”. There isn’t a worldwide ban but the answer is yes. Lets say it does do these two things for arguments sake. How would a pharmaceutical company lay claim to a natural plant? Plus there is no profit in cures especially ones anyone can grow themselves. Studies have found that marijuana can replace over 400 synthetic medications. Pharmaceutical companies would lose billions in the legalization of marijuana which is why they spend millions a year lobbying against it.

        • jOe says:

          Believe what you want to believe but most right-thinking individuals know that weed doesn’t cure cancer/any other disease. It might help make the pain more bearable… but smoking a joint doesn’t magically make it dissapear.

          And look at bottled water companies… If people can make a profit off of water, people can make a profit off of a plant. Or look at farmers. Or coffee growers. Etc. Etc.

          Conspiracy theories are never true!!!

          • Just One says:

            Well said! Anyways, swapping pharmaceuticals for marijuana is like swapping a handgun for a blow-torch, won’t kill you instantly but it will still fry your brain! Also, we don’t know if this driver was drunk, high, both, or none of the above…

            • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

              why do you talk when you are absolutely oblivious to the truth..?

          • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

            @jOe you are just an a#z, shut the f#@% up until you become educated!

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      The reason marajuana is used to help cancer patients isn’t because it kills cancer, which there has never been any evidence from any study that it does. It is given to cancer patience because it provides a cobination of beneficial effects for patience who are undergoing regular cancer treatments that more often are harsher than the disease. Marajuana’s proven benefits of pain relief, anti-nausea and appetite stimulation all help patiences maintain a greater degree of normality when undergoing treatments like chemo and radiation, who harsh side effect can derail their treatment plan, especially in cases where the treatment is rigorous. This ability to be able to maintain a more regular treatment plan will greatly increase its chance for success, than if a patient has to delay a treatment if they are too sick or weaken from the nausea and inability to eat their last treatment. Marajuana does not cure cancer, but it can help people in their fight against it, that is why some places have legalized it for medicinal purposes.

      It also does not help with your driving skills, like accessive alcohol it severely inhibits your perception, decreasing your reaction reflex skills.

      Medicinally and recreationally, marajuana isn’t a dangerous substance, except when people abuse it. It is not an addictive substance, it’s effects are and this addiction develops from it abuse to escape from a reality a person wants to escape. Drugs like cocaine or heroin, create an addiction through messing with body chemistry, while marajuana will eventually mess with your body chemistry only if you are abusing it first. Like alcohol, if used in minor moderation it can be beneficial and the only time you should use it for anything more than occasional, is as part of a medical treatment. Medical and not psychological.

      On a last note, there are those who can easily become addicted to, well most anything, and they typically come from a family history of sustance abuse of some substance or another.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Wait, people actually believe marajuana “kills cancer”? Tell me again what did Bob Marley die from?? Who smoked more then he did & it didn’t help him now did it?

  21. here's a thought.... says:

    let me guess, now we have to shore up our walls etc because it’s the wall’s fault. not the driver. not operator error.

    all i know is i don’t speed and i manage to avoid going through walls and landing in the harbour. i really hope insurance does NOT pay this.

    and that guy should pay to rebuild the wall, too.

  22. Wayadrunk says:

    If he was drunk while driving I’m sure he sobered right up wen dat car hit the water. #yalifelikeamovie

  23. Family Man says:

    Looks like everybody wants to get into the water taxi business.

  24. Elizabeth Von Trumparani says:

    These walls that jump out at cars and bikes have got to be stopped!!!!! Where are the Police I ask you? Its as if Government doesn’t care.

    I’ve said time and time again that if Government took down all our walls, that accidents like this simply would not happen. But OBA are doing nothing – same as that other lot.

  25. Joonya says:

    You people are dopey bie. You didnt hear Hyundai were testing their new amphibious vehicle for the Bermuda market this week???
    Obviously, testing was performed at this hour because you know how we Bermudians get when passing by something unusual on de roads…

  26. JMad says:

    That bie took Harbour Nights a little too literally…

    • uguyshavejokes says:

      LOL! The best comment yet!! LOL

  27. Novel idea says:

    The unionised wall must have been tired of working and allowed the car driver to pass through to the harbour. I guess another EMERGENCY meeting will be called next week sometime (on a business day; probably the day the next mega ship arrives) to discuss working conditions and insufficient pay. Gotta love the Backward Idiot Union!

    • frank says:

      the union has nothing to do with this car going through the wall why must you be so damm stupid

    • Where's the money? says:

      Another one smoking way too much GANJA! How the hell can you blame the Union for this accident? I guess this was a way too keep W&E boys working (SARCASM). You Stoopid!

  28. Joonya says:

    He was definately burnin alright. Car is facing the entry point, meaning he was in the process of a spin when breaking thru the wall.

  29. Johnny Boy says:

    Damn that was a nice car too,, guess it might have some rust issues now,,,

  30. Hand Claps ! says:

    Someone Woke up in a NEW BOATGATTI !

    • Panty raider says:

      Finally a decent joke on here. I would give you points if I could.

  31. Not a Mooncricket says:

    Is that the new submersable car? You know its a copy from them james bond movie.If he was drunk when he went in the drink I bet he wasn’t when he came out

  32. Mark says:

    swimmin or what kidd grand theft auto action kiddd!!!!

  33. Sherlene says:

    If you ever seen God & His Angels at work, you have seen it now. They should be at the HALTER of GRACE Thanking God for saving their life.

    • Panty raider says:

      God saved this man from a 8 foot drop into shallow water?

    • Ya mon says:

      Go home Sherlene, you’re drunk!

  34. awkward says:

    come on now, everyone knows ya boy was goin for a quick mornin dip!

  35. Jussayin says:

    There was some oil in that area the other night …. I’m jus sayin…

    • Franklin jr says:

      There was also a muppet in a Tiburon

      Unlikely the two are related

    • Joonya says:

      Then why was he the only one..?

  36. Naive Observer says:

    Mooncricket, you nailed it. It is a submersible car. The problem is, it can only do it once… Glad the driver was not killed. So how long to fish that car out? All the gas, oil, and grease is not good for the marine environment!

  37. Oh no says:

    Gosh. Glad the driver made it out ok.

  38. pah-ha says:

    To all: just for a point of clarification. He was not drunk, he fell asleep at the wheel.

    • Jael21 says:

      That makes sense. Most Bermudians know how to drive drunk.

      • Jael21 says:

        Also it is proven that sleep driving is worse than drunk driving. Google it.

      • longtail says:

        If he was asleep it is unlikely that the car would have been in a spin (as it obviously was to end up facing the direction it came from!). Full marks for the driver though – if he was full hot then it appears he was trying to take a cold bath to sober up!

    • Fed up says:

      Dats d best excuse u have n***a just cant drive lol

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ahhhh…I see, he PASSED OUT.

      Falling asleep while driving usually occurs on straight, quiet, boring roads. Such roads do not exist in Bermuda where one must always be alert for the next bend.

      Drunk driving & passing out is something else.

  39. Truth is killin' me.. says:

    @ pah-ha Yeah ok…and my mother’s a cow polley!

  40. WOW says:

    boatgotti that killed me! glad the driver wa sunscathed!

  41. troof says:

    I guess the new “Q” isn’t as good at making Bond cars as the old “Q” was.

    • Elizabeth Von Trumparani says:

      “I never joke about my work double oh seven”.

  42. underwater fire prevention says:

    This water taxi idea got everyone jumping onboard, …….well overboard

    • I have to laugh at this one,its good but I would add to it and say,this is another business venture trying to show Bermudains we can utilize the resources around us.

      Why go to bull’s head car wash when you can go through a wall and over board to get your car washed.with all this free publicity from Bernews this guy is really on to something and in the money now,anyone anyone half price cars are sliding in fast just for a wash/rinse and dry,almost sound like going to the beauty salon for a day of beauty.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Epic fail (at a joke)!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Did that novel have a punch line in there somewhere?

  43. a swimming onion says:

    No matter what the cause, he was fortunate that he was not serious injured or killed! Meanwhile if that is his car, his insurance or the actually owner’s just went seriously up as that is a write-off & looks like it might have not been that old too!

    • Wow this is another great venture,never thought driving overboard could give me some money in my pocket from insurance coverage,wait a minute I know someone that did that years ago they went to prison,but what the and a hotel stay.AWESOME.

  44. Theresa Tannock says:

    These jokes on here r funny!!!

  45. Malachi says:

    …it’s just the new water taxi!

  46. No Justice says:

    Started from the top now we here!

  47. Bermy says:

    *** Breaking News! ***

    BUEI is excited to announce a new reef on Harbour Road!

  48. Fed up says:

    Cedarhillians can’t ride NOR drive! Lofl

    • Fed up says:

      G u need a crane truck? lofl get d crane from over d farm. Lllllllloooooooolllllllllllllll

  49. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    he got HOT!
    went to cool off.

  50. George says:

    Yah boy was testing out his new water taxi – forgot to wind up the windows though!

    Amateur mistake!

  51. Judge Dredd says:

    Now I know some people like to speed but that’s just going overboard.

  52. 101 says:

    wa goin do wit them rim bra , for sale??’

  53. Honesty says:

    oh this is an easy one, someone texted him photos of the girls in the miss bermuda pageant. it is to my understanding that what he saw made him say “bie no, dis cant be de bess” causing him to crash

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      After all that alcohol & they STILL don’t look good???? Maybe he was puking & the wheel slipped out of his hands.

  54. ex bermi chick says:

    Bermudiots! So glad I left that pathetic fish bowl…. After scrolling down through the whirlwind of ignorant comments, all I can do is be proud of myself for taking my child an leaving that place…. You people need to grow up, get some education, travel the world, read a book; do anything besides making yourselves look so illiterate….

    • Joonya says:

      did they manage to get that broom handle out of your @$$ when you left through airport security?

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Oh you had left?? We didn’t even miss you…

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Why you letting the door hit you on the @$$ on the way out? If life is so great where you are, why you on a Bermy website? Oh I get it, you seek self validation through pretending to be intellectually and experientially superior to the people on de small island in de sea. You SO need us. Without us you have no purpose, no podium to prop up your inflated sense of self worth. Bwaahahaha. I’m afraid you are still psychologically stuck on the rock. This, while you’re probably freezing your onion arse off in Siberia. Bwaaaahahahahaa.