Govt House Opens Up Queen’s Birthday Party

May 4, 2015

The Governor, Mr George Fergusson, has announced that this year’s Queen’s Birthday Party, a traditional feature of the annual calendar, will be opened up to a far wider range of the community than in recent years.

The Governor said, “This is an occasion which is marked not just in Bermuda but right across the Realm of the United Kingdom and in many countries around the world. I hope that anyone who would like to attend the Queen’s Birthday Party at Government House will consider applying to come.

“Sadly, the numbers can’t be unlimited but we shall make a good proportion of invitations available to those applying. By tradition, a number of senior public officers and members of the Houses of the Legislature and Judiciary are invited. This will be an occasion to enjoy the Gardens of Government House, and the Band of the Bermuda Regiment.”

“The Garden Party for the Official Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen will be held at Government House on Friday, 12 June 2015 between 6 and 8 pm. A Government House spokesperson confirmed that anyone interested in attending should visit the Government House website to download the relevant application form,” the statement from Government House said.

“Otherwise, forms can be requested by post from: the Social Secretary, Government House, 11 Langton Hill, Pembroke HM13. The completed application form should be returned to Government House, either by post to 11 Langton Hill, Pembroke HM 13 or by email to by Friday, 15 May 2015.

“Names will be selected by random draw from the applications received by the cut-off date. Successful applicants will be notified during the week of 19 May 2015.”

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  1. SMH says:

    What is the relevant application form on this site? the options are

    Queen’s Certificate Nomination Form PDF document
    FCO Honours Nomination Form PDF document
    FCO Honours Nomination Guidance Notes PDF document
    FCO Honours Nomination Guidance Notes Pt2 PDF document

  2. Kangoocar says:

    If Alvin Williams and Mockinjay need any help filling out the online invitation, I would be happy to help them for free!!! I would not want them to be disappointed!!!!

  3. Mockingjay says:

    Are the Gombeys gonna be there ?????????????

    • campervan says:

      Government house, celebrations for the Queens Birthday, and the Gombeys are ALL a wonderful part of Bermuda’s cultural heritage.
      As Bermuda matures and grows as a Country in its diversity and complexity I see a vision of new traditions taking hold in the future too.
      Filipino festivals and restaurants.
      Perhaps a few of the African accountants (Kenyan, SA etc) currently working on the Island will stay on and add their own particular brand of culture into the melting pot that is “diverse Bermuda”
      Jamaicans, Bajans, South Americans, Europeans, Antipodeans, Asians. Wow the possibilities are so exciting.
      Bring it on!

      • Bermudaguese says:

        It baffles me as to why Gombeys a Caribbean/African tradition is considered a big part of Bermuda’s cultural heritage but Portuguese traditions aren’t. The Portuguese have been in Bermuda since the 1840s and are the ones who revitalized Bermuda’s landscape that was made barren by the shipbuilding industry. Without them Bermuda would not have been the Beautiful tourism attraction that it is. They faced persecution and prejudice up to the early 80s but remained humble and faithful to the island despite receiving little recognition for their many contributions.

        • Mockingjay says:

          That’s because Africans played a big role in Bermuda’s History, Portuguese were considered after slaves were Emancipated and sought for equal rights and justice and refused to be treated as sub servants.
          As a matter of fact it was African Bermudians that fought for the rights for Portuguese, like Lois Brown Evens and when Bermuda was protesting and fighting for rights where were the Portuguese, I haven’t seen them fighting with African Bermudians but now the white elite have excepted them in their circle and African Bermudians are still treated like third class citizens after the Portuguese.
          And further more the Portuguese have a bad record with Africans if you know your History and Africans are discriminated in Portugal as we speak.

          • Bermudaguese says:

            What you have typed is a matter of fiction not fact. Lois Brown Evens never fought for Portuguese rights. Until the early 80′s by law Portuguese were not allow to gain work permits as anything else but menial labor even if they had a university degree while African descended people could get a work permit in any field they qualified for. The majority of African descended Bermudians do not have relatives that were slaves in Bermuda and instead are immigrants from the West Indies who came after emancipation. These West Indy immigrants easily received Bermudian status while Portuguese even after working for decades on island would be kicked out at the drop of a hat. Portuguese were liked out so frequently that the population never rose more than 10% while the African descended population is 70% most of whom are decedents of immigrants who came after many Portuguese. If Portuguese have been excepted by your so called, “white elite” why is it that there has never been a Portuguese premier and there are more African descended people in elitist positions in Bermuda than Portuguese? Your “white elite” theory is a fallacy that allows the week minded to be controlled by African descended people in elitist positions and there are loads of examples of these people who will scapegoat whites to achieve their agenda.

            You’re suggestion of the mistreatment of Africans in Portugal is a load of crock. Portugal has helped the people in their former African colonies ever since they’ve been independent. They have done this despite the killing and maiming African born Portuguese in these countries. Portugal has even given status to many African descended people. Much of these refugees that come to Portugal are limbless because of the atrocities inflicted by their own countrymen but Portugal still excepts them and pays for their living since they are disabled. Africans are treated as equals in Portugal and if they are former colonist are considered Portuguese.

            I know Portuguese history far more than others and I know those Portuguese who participated in the slave trade were a extreme minority compared to amount who didn’t. These were sailors who had ties with African partners who assisted them in acquiring the slaves through abductions done by waring tribes. This partnership started after Portugal won their own freedom from a large group of Africans who conquered and enslaved the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians for over a thousand years. Since when has a Portuguese person used the enslavement of their ancestors by Africans as a gripe? In fact Vasco da Gama’s son later brought troops to Ethiopia to help push back this same African group that tried to conquer the Ethiopian Emperor. Cristóvão da Gama was captured tortured and killed by the invaders for defending Ethiopia.


            • Come Correct says:

              That isn’t in mockingay’s plp text book. It was poorly written like most of their legislation. Speaking of poorly written, has that proposal for the commission of inquiry into Tuckers Point been revised and resubmitted yet? Or was that all about a pathetic attack on the governor?

  4. Christopher Notorius says:

    Portuguese culture should be more recognized in Bermuda for sure. Mock as usual doesn’t have a clue and has tunnel vision. Pathetic Loser Party is only place that will entertain his ignorance and foolishness.