Five Students Receive Arts Council Scholarships

July 9, 2015

The Minister of Community, Culture, and Sports Pat Gordon-Pamplin presented Bermuda Arts Council scholarship awards to five students studying performing, visual and fine arts in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada; with Miles Dill, Julia Frith Quinn, Alexis Smith, Hayley Francis Cann and Dezjuan Thomas all receiving the honour.

The Bermuda Arts Council awards financial scholarships to ensure that Bermudian students who are studying careers in the arts are provided with the support needed. The primary objectives of the Bermuda Arts Council are to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the arts and to increase the accessibility of the arts to the public.

In presenting the awards, Minister Gordon-Pamplin stated, “Today we are presenting grants totaling $40,000 to five young Bermudian students to aid them in their educational pursuits.

“This is a tangible demonstration of this Government’s commitment to our youth in the visual and performing arts. We believe in and appreciate the value of the arts in our island home; and understand the importance of sustaining the arts through a variety of ways including supporting students of the arts.

Left to right: Alexis Smith; Karen Thomas [mother of Dezjuan Thomas]; Julia Frith Quinn; Minister Gordon-Pamplin; Miles Dill; Tona Symonds, Chair of Bermuda Arts Council and Hayley Francis Cann


“I am very pleased to recognize this year’s worthy recipients of the Bermuda Arts Council’s student scholarship grants.

  • Miles Dill is a Junior studying at Savannah College of Art and Design; and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Sequential Arts and a minor in Illustration. The scholarship grant being awarded to Mr. Dill is $15,000.
  • Julia Frith Quinn will begin her studies at Rose Bruford College and will study the performing arts. She aims to complete her studies by 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Ms. Frith Quinn will receive a scholarship grant of $10,000.
  • Alexis Smith will be attending The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; her major will be the Performing Arts. She intends to complete her studies by 2019 as well, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Ms. Smith will receive a scholarship grant of $5,000.
  •  Hayley Francis Cann is a Junior at Acadia University and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Music Therapy degree programme. The scholarship grant being awarded to Ms. Francis Cann is $5,000.
  • Dezjuan Thomas is currently a student at Ryerson University. His area of study is the performing arts. Mr. Thomas is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts and aims to attain this degree in 2016. Mr. Thomas will receive a scholarship grant of $5,000.”

Concluding her remarks Minister Gordon- Pamplin stated, “Bermuda has a thriving arts community in part due to the valiant and dedicated efforts of committed community organizations that showcase the extraordinary artistic talents of our students and residents.

“I am confident that these five young people will contribute in a significant way to the development of the Arts and ensure that the Arts continue to flourish in Bermuda. The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs will continue to work in partnership with arts organizations and individuals such as the grant recipients here today to promote and support the Arts in Bermuda.”

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