Hulk Hogan Wishes Bermuda U19 Players Luck

July 16, 2015

Bermuda’s link to World Wrestling Entertainment superstar John Layfield, who lives on the island, has resulted in a very unique opportunity for our U19 rugby players, with wrestling legend Hulk Hogan wishing the squad good luck at the ongoing 2015 U19 Championships in Orlando.

In a tweet sent out to his more than 640,000 followers on Twitter, Mr. Layfield said, “HulkHogan to take time from WWEToughEnough to wish Bermuda’s U19s good luck in Rugby NACRA.”

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Besides the unique meeting, Mr Layfield has also shown his support by providing commentary on the Bermuda squad’s matches in the competition on social media, saying in a July 15 tweet that he was “proud of our Bermuda young men.”

Mr Layfield is very involved in youth rugby, and is also a big supporter of Bermuda in general, including working with Beyond Rugby Bermuda, a partnership between the Family Center and Bermuda Rugby Football Union, to give children a better environment in which to succeed.


The former wrestler’s benevolence toward Bermuda’s youth has also seen him undertake a global quest to climb the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents in order to raise money for the island’s children in need, which saw him plant a Bermuda flag atop Africa’s legendary Mount Kilimanjaro. “I’m really honored to be climbing mountains and raising money for these wonderful kids in Bermuda,” Mr. Layfield said at the time.

John Layfield contends with Charlie Haas in WWE action:

The U19 squad that was greeted by Hulk Hogan included Anthony Sousa [Cedarbridge Academy], Nick Da Costa [Saltus], Grenville Lines [Overseas], Jahniko Francis [Berkeley Institute], Azzi Mayes [Bermuda Institute], Kelin Williams [Home School], Mikai Johnston [Bermuda Institute], Payton Iris [Cedarbridge Academy], Cedric Ennis [Cedarbridge Academy], Milvin DeRosa [Berkeley Institute], Calum Maule [Saltus], Daneko Cann-Hayward [Berkeley Institute], Jordan DeShields [Warwick Academy], Asante Darrell [Berkeley Institute], Chakote Wainwright [Home School], Mikle Dill [Cedarbridge Academy], Nick Pell [Saltus], Dennis Walker [Home School], Jahmali Bridgewater [Berkeley Institute], Rory Crofts [University of Queensland], Aldon Campbell [BHS], Laurent Wellman [Berkeley Institute], Camren Caines [Bermuda Institute], Raguel Dill [Berkeley Institute], Head Coach Christopher Stafford, Assistant Coach Lawrence Bird, Assistant Coach Patrick Calow, and Team Manager David Crofts.

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  1. Starting Point says:

    This foreigner has a lot of nerve trying to support and mentor our Bermudian I right PLP brothers and sisters?

    go back to where you came from with your millions, hours of community service, dedication to reducing gang recruitment, international awareness, countless fund raising efforts, continual use of restaurants, hotels for friends, grocery stores, maintenance for your home etc. etc.

    • justobserving... says:

      O shut up and stand aside! Something positive is been said and done and your negativity is a poison and trying to stop this positivity and talk s***

    • Born Here, Raised Away says:

      Justobserving and Sigh…@Starting Point was being sarcastic in what he/she wrote and definitely a pot shot to those PLP/Anti-OBA who refuse to accept that a “foreigner” is giving a positive shout out to your Youth who are competing overseas on the National Stage.


  2. Sigh says:

    Smt..step away from the keyboard @Starting Point