Photos: BBA Cycling Winners Edge Criterium

July 10, 2015

The Winners Edge Criterium took place in Southside this past weekend.

The Adult A Division race was won by Dave McComas clocking 37:46.4, Mark Hatherley finished second with a time of 37:46.74 and crossing the line third was Mario Brooks clocking a time of 37:47.1. Wenda Roberts won the Women’s Open race clocking a time of 28:23.9, Tristan Narraway finished second clocking 28:24.4 and Penelope Butterfield finished third clocking 28:25.0.


Adam Hopkin won the Adult B Division recording a time of 38:59.5, Chad Townsell was second with a time of 39:00.0 and Rico Smith finished third clocking a time of 39:00.6. Ricky Smith rode to victory in the Adult C Division clocking 28:26.8, Terry Thomas was second in 28:26.9 and Malik Joell finshed third with a time of 28:27.6.

The Junior A Division was won by Nahje Smith who clocked a time of 29:29.5, Micah Cook was second in 30:13.2and Zander Miller finished third with a time of 30:18.0. The Junior B Division winner was Ziani Burgesson who clocked 17:52.0, Enshe-Nico Davis was second in 18:49.4 and Caleb Ingham was third in 18:49.7. Jerico Sealey won the Junior C Division with a time of 14:53.5, Blake Oliviera was second in 15:17.6 and Adrian McPhee was third in 17:01.3.

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