August: BFA Holding Beach Soccer Tournament

August 11, 2015

The BFA will hold a Community Beach Soccer Tournament on 22 August at Horseshoe Bay starting at 11am, and are extending an open invitation to interested people to submit teams into the tournament.

“Teams are comprised of a goalkeeper and 4 players on the pitch with unlimited roll on/off subs. The format will be group stage matches then playoffs to the Finals. Each team will have a minimum of 3 matches during the tournament!! A match will comprise of two 12 minute halfs,” the BFA said.


  • Categories:: Youth Boys – Ages 13 to 15 & Men’s – 16 and Over
  • No of players: Maximum roster of 10 players
  • Entry Fee: $25 per team.
  • Rules: Modified Beach Soccer Rules which the BFA said they will make available later.
  • Uniforms: Bring your own kit [shorts/shirts] – no footwear allowed.
  • Entry Forms: Please email or for an entry form. Entry forms and fee to be submitted by Wednesday, 19 August 2015 to BFA office.

The BFA added, “Also, there will be a Women’s Exhibition Beach Soccer game with the BFA Women’s National teams playing beach soccer. Come and have fun playing Beach Soccer in Bermuda. The BFA reserves the right to accept or reject any team entry into the BFA Beach Soccer Tournament.”


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  1. FOR REAL says:

    so tired of the sexism. why not a youth girls and women game integrated into competition schedule. how about having one open game for tourists to participate in event as well. sometimes i feel like my 15years playing ball in bda were a dream. GIRL ROCK BFA. GIRLS MATTER!!!!

    • PBanks says:

      Wow, it is indeed a surprise there’s no women’s/girls category here. Come on, BFA, rectify that, pronto.

    • Antoine says:

      If you want to put in a women/girl team go ahead.. we can have a game with Ladies too. its not about sexism. Yes I’m part of the team in bring beach soccer to bermuda.