Nike Golf PGA Event To Be Held In Bermuda

August 19, 2015

The inaugural Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada is heading to the Bermuda’s Mid Ocean Club.

This newly created and unique championship sees two PGA of Canada professionals pairing up with the partner of his or her choice Oct. 26-29.

“The Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada marks a new and exciting chapter in the association’s proud history of national championships,” said PGA of Canada president Constant Priondolo.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be heading to the beautiful island of Bermuda and the iconic Mid Ocean Club.”

Nike Golf PGA Team (1)

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Fairmont Southampton will partner in the inaugural championship,” the PGA said.

“Ranked the 47th best golf course outside of the United States by Golf Digest, The Mid Ocean Club was designed by world-renowned architect Charles Blair Macdonald and first opened for play in 1921.

“The club has played host to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in 2007 and 2008, and has hosted such heads of state as Presidents George H.W. Bush and Dwight Eisenhower; Winston Churchill, The Duke of Windsor; former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; as well as baseball icon Babe Ruth.”

“Our vision for this event from its inception was to create the most memorable and unique experience on the PGA of Canada schedule,” said Nike Golf Canada’s director of marketing Tyler Keenan.

“We are confident our plans for Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada will deliver just that.”

Nike Golf PGA Team (2)

“With a different team format each day—fourball, scramble and foursomes—this 54-hole national championship sees teams from across the country compete for the championship title and a share of the $90,000 purse.

“A Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada qualifier was held [or will be held] in each PGA of Canada Zone this summer with the top teams booking their ticket to Bermuda and The Mid Ocean Club.

“The winning team from the Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada will also receive an exemption into the PGA’s of Europe International Team Championship in November to represent the PGA of Canada.”


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  1. wait for it says:

    The Opposition will demand full information on how this possibly could have come to Bermuda.

    Horrors, the world coming to Bermuda, bringing foreign currency, employing Bermudians while televising the beauty of our Island.

    Say it isn’t so—-

    Time for a town hall and a march!!!

    What a circus!!

    • Dennis says:

      Wouldn’t a simple “Well Done” have sufficed? This island is sadly divided by politics.

    • What went wrong says:

      Just to let you know, this event is NOT televised.

      And this is the PGA of Canada, not the actual PGA!

      • Regina says:

        And there we have it. Only took a few comments before someone had to sh*t on this good news. Well done Buddy, could you possibly be more miserable in your life? #sadsoul

        Congrats MOC – you are obviously doing something right.

    • impressive. says:

      childish comment.. Do you want the opposition to just sit in the House of Assembly and collect paychecks for not holding the government to account on any policy??

      • serengeti says:

        It would be nice if they told the truth about something once in a while.

        • @ Serengeti. Very simple they can’t, and they know it. Lies, deceit, misinformation, divide to conquer, etc.

  2. keeping real 100% says:

    Can someone help me understand why we couldn’t have this on our own golf course? Port Royal!

    • PBanks says:

      No idea, maybe Mid-Ocean Club itself put up a bid, or had certain connections to get PGA Canada’s interest?

    • keeping real 100% says:

      Well done?? When was the last time your boss told you well done? you are paid to do a “well done”job and if not they will replace you.

  3. King says:

    This has nothing to do with politics they wasn’t involved in this and we’ll done to my job for the chance to host this event.

  4. yahweh says:

    Who cares? Canada has one player in the top 100 (Graham DeLaet) at 97, and not a single well known player in the top 300. Mike Weir rarely plays and hasn’t placed in the top 10 of a major in almost 10 years.

    If people wouldn’t go to Somerset to see Rory play Bubba, they aren’t going to Tuckers town to see 2 nobodies play with their mates.

    How about a masters football event to rival the rugby? At least people woukd show up (in their thousands).

    • Gail says:

      My friends and I had tickets to see Rory and Bubba play last year at Port Royal and couldn’t get there because of the storm. So,in your opinion that comment is unfair.

  5. What went wrong says:

    We replace the PGA Grand Slam with this.

    PGA Grand Slam Purse: $1.3 Million
    Nike Competition: $90,000

    PGA Grand Slam: Televised around the world
    Nike Competition: NO TV

    How does this help Bermuda Tourism exactly, except for the people who come to stay here for this event, which will be a drop in the bucket. I hope the people at the BTA have done their ROI.

    • Not exactly says:

      PGA Grand Slam cost us $26M (thanks Zane!) and brought in how much? i’ve heard $30M, but I am not sure if that has been validated. Grand Slam had TV coverage which was good but brought down only 4 players per year and almost no attending public (had to give away tickets for locals to go). If it is ROI that you are worried about, it would be hard NOT to beat the Grand Slam’s.

  6. Alex Madeiros JP says:

    People, no, the Grand Slam was not replaced by this.

    This is a Mid Ocean initiative put together and influenced by the Golf Professionals. Well done to Mid Ocean. Port Royal has the NFL Classic which is going to be dynamic in 2016; Turtle Hill has the World Par 3; Belmont has the Goslings, see where i am going?

    If each course focuses on driving events that encourage overseas participants then we will all succeed. The Goodwill this year is already showing signs of improvement which means people are traveling again.

    Again, well done MOC, no doubt you will provide an exceptional experience.

    • High road says:

      thank you Alex for helping those who do not have the ability to comprehend. Why can’t people see the positive …geeesh

    • PBanks says:

      While a regular PGA Tour event or big-time pro golf tournament may be out of Bermuda’s reach for the near future, I’m encouraged by the efforts of the people associated with Bermuda golf to spread their product and attract overseas interest, especially the ventures you mention Alex M.