Man Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For Incest

September 1, 2015

In the Supreme Court today [Sept 1], Justice Carlyle Greaves handed down a fifteen year sentence to an ex-policeman who was convicted of sexual exploitation and incest.

The Court heard that the victim was his daughter, and the criminal acts had occurred over a period of years.

In June of this year the police confirmed that the 37 year old man, who had been a police officer for some years, had been discharged from the police service with immediate effect.

Justice Greaves registered his strong displeasure at legislation regarding punishments for sexual offences. Justice Greaves said that the maximum sentence for sexual exploitation was 25 years, while the maximum sentence for incest was 7 years, which he described as unbalanced.

Justice Greaves said: “I invite Parliament to consider revisiting sex offence laws and punishments, in particular those related to incest and bring them into line with other parts of the law that relate to these types of offences.”

The convicted man, who cannot be named for legal reasons as the victim was his daughter, was sentenced to various terms for the different offences, which made a total of 15 years.

Time already spent in custody was to be taken into consideration.

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