Bitcarbon Company Lists Multiple Job Openings

December 15, 2018

“The work which the Bermuda Government has put into fintech development in Bermuda is yielding results,” Premier David Burt said, as he congratulated Bitcarbon as they begin to advertise job openings.

The listing of ‘current and near term job openings’ at either Bitcarbon [a diamond commodity manufacturer and market maker], and Diamond Standard [an electronic diamond exchange] listed in ‘Hamilton’ include the Assistant to Executive Team, Technical Support / Facilities, Head of Settlement Services, Client Support Staff, Receptionist, Head of Client On Boarding and Training, Head of Client Management, Head of Arbitration, Exchange Supervisor, Exchange Operations, Staff Accountant, Controller, AML/KYC Analyst, Customer Support Manager – Financial, Customer Support Manager – Consumer, and Chief Operating Officer.

Screenshot from the job listings page:

Bitcarbon & Diamond Standard Careers - Google Chrome 12152018 50429 PM

The job listings state, “Bitcarbon is the first diamond commodity. It’s powered by the Blockchain , and is being purchased by some of the largest ETF and asset management companies. Some of them are our investors.

“The platform is mostly built, and we expect to launch in Q1 2019. We’re seeking experienced professionals across multiple disciplines who want to be a part of a rapidly growing, funded startup and industry pioneer.”

It also noted that “The Diamond Standard is the first electronic diamond exchange. It’s regulated, owned and controlled by the Diamond Industry.”

The company lists over 50 full time jobs in total, including in a number of other locations such as New York, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, San Diego, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Seoul, and Miami.

Premier Burt tweeted, ”The work which the Bermuda Government has put into fintech development in Bermuda is yielding results. Congratulations to Bitcarbon as they begin to advertise jobs on available to Bermudians.”

Speaking later, the Premier told Bernews, “There is a particular company called Bitcarbon which has put out advertisements for 16 jobs that they’ll be hiring in the first quarter of 2019, and those applications are currently online and people can find them at

“I think that this is something that is a positive step in that direction, and we expect they’ll be many more to come.”

Both BitCarbon Holdings Ltd. and BitCarbon Technologies Ltd. are listed on the Bermuda Registry.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Good start, looking forward to many many more!

    • Mark says:

      Got your cup ready for the Koolaid?

      • Lol@The OBA says:

        Yea the 2000 jobs Koolaid given by the OBA turned into poison. At least the PLP is delivering what has the OBA done that they promised they would do? I’ll wait for your non-response

        • Question says:

          The PLP has not delivered one single job. Idiot.

        • Mark says:

          Here’s a response. You probably have no idea what the Koolaid reference actually implies. As a mindless sheep you’ll probably be at the head of the line. You are BLIND to the truth that the downward spiral commenced under the PLP will only accelerate (that means pick up speed).

    • Lol@The OBA says:

      Yes indeed. You must be a young Bermudian like I cause it seems like only the young lot are paying attention and see the benefits of this…yes many many more will come we have over 50 registered companies in fintech. Changing the banking legislation was the smartest thing Bermuda did. The banks are SWEATING right now because they have been getting away with murder for years. You are going to see more Bermudians being able to qualify for loans for homes and building businesses. But the lying trolls are going to come on my post and spew nothing but lies with no facts to back them up. Let the lies begin

      • Mark says:

        Your doing quite fine with the lies all by yourself. Well done though with actually typing with big boy words.

      • 2 Bermudas says:

        If you think banks are sweating you are very naive. Titty milk gone to ya head. Ha ha ha!!

  2. 2 Bermudas says:

    Yup, we’ll take their money. I’m curious if employees will be paid in crypto currency or fiat currency??? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm….

  3. eyes wide open says:

    Wonder how many Bermudians will qualify or even if they do,will actually get any of these advertised jobs.
    I smell Spin Doctor Propaganda for the green brigade.

    • Lol@The OBA says:

      Have you read those jobs and descriptions cause clearly you didnt. Those are pretty general jobs that us Bermudians are more than qualified to do…more hatred from the oba trolls still waiting on them 2000 jobs the OBA promised

      • Mark says:

        Bet you wouldn’t qualify!

        • mixitup says:

          You really sound like you would support a failing Bermuda out of your hatred for a Black Lead Gov’t… Yes I’ll speak it like I see it..Anyone who will attempt to squeeze negative out of this positive news needs to stay out of the way, as a matter of fact, take it elsewhere.

  4. Question says:

    How will they pay employees, with no bank account?

  5. 2scoops says:

    If the Bermudian people don’t get the E D to get schools
    to educate our children there is no point trying to create
    jobs. Lets have a march.