Govt Legislation To Ban Dark Helmet Visors

November 13, 2015

bermuda-helmet-with-dark-visor-THUMB GENERIC 23423The Government will introduce legislation to ban dark helmet visors, it was announced in this morning’s [Nov 13] Throne Speech.

The relevant part of the Throne Speech said, “The Government will introduce legislation to ban dark helmet visors. The aim of the legislation will be to minimise and ultimately eliminate the use of dark visors.

“A ban will help law enforcement by removing an article that has been used by criminals, sometimes in the commission of violent crime, to hide their identity.

“Steps for the implementation of a ban will follow consultations with stakeholders. Public safety is a Government priority and a dark visor ban will contribute to a safer, more secure Bermuda.”

You can view our live blog of the Throne Speech here, and all our coverage of the 2015 Throne Speech here.

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  1. game over says:

    Well.. Well.. I have a half dark visor on my Nolan. It is to to protect my eyes from sunlight, I hope half visors won’t be banned.. Well its not even a hope, it doesn’t matter! I will still wear it.

    • brigadooner says:

      wow what a rebel!

      • umok says:

        Are you dumb? Game Over makes a good point.

        • Onion Juice says:

          So are the cycle shops gonna give a discount on the legal visors after everyone gets rid of their dark visors that they had for the last 20 years, and chances are that they don’t sell those visors for the old helmets so that means that people would have to buy new helmets with legal visors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rock Paper Scissors says:

            If this passes OBA now your going to force all the young people who have tinted/dark helmet visors to purchase new $250 helmets. This will win you more votes for the 2017 election. Yea RIGHT!

            Just make it a law that no one can wear helmets in local establishments. “win win situation”

            • Nanny Pat says:

              Hey – all of you “young people” with dark visors should send your crime-committing-fellow-dark-visor-wearing-thug friends a thank you note! Thanks to them, laws like this have to be enacted. Don’t hate the law, hate the law-breakers.

              • Betty Dump says:

                I am not a “young person” with a dark visor that associates with thugs. I am a responsible, contributing member of society that uses the safest form of head protection while riding to my place of employment.

              • umok says:

                NO…Laws like this DON’t have to be enacted.

            • Betty Boop says:

              It amazes me that people don’t pay attention, most establishments have signs on the doors that no helmets allowed, so they already have that, but guess what, yes, they will have to buy a new helmet or get a new visor, which probably makes more sense, but I’m sure you didn’t think of that, HUH?

              • sage says:

                Many people wear helmets with clear or no visors that do not conceal the wearers identity in any way, yet they are compelled to remove the helmet in shops for no good reason, a rule as stupid as banning dark visors. Criminals don’t care and just waltz right in and do whatever they like usually, if accosted by a cashier to remove the helmet, they more than likely wouldn’t comply and may turn on the cashier who isn’t paid or trained to do security. Free tip to store owners: instal HD cameras at waist level looking up, then you may actually be able to identify criminals in a helmet.

            • HAHA says:

              It’s already against the law dummy. That is the point! People still do it but now at least when you see someone with a dark tinted helmet you’ll know they are up to no good.

              • Rock Paper Scissors says:

                It’s not against the law, nothing exist were the police can fine you or throw you in jail Dummy. Put up or shut up! Show me some legislation saying it’s a crime to wear helmets in establishments! No wonder your name is HAHA

                • HAHA says:

                  Ypur skull must be as thick as a rock! You big dense dummy. It’s the law now! HAHA!!

            • Tolerate says:

              To be honest; if peoples votes are hinged on this, than they was never voting for the government in the first place. I too am not for the ban, but when it comes to voting I personally will NOT be making my decision on this piece of law the OBA are trying to pass.
              Governments will never be able to live up to ALL peoples expectations ALL the time; but responsible voters use their heads.
              Be a responsible voter Bermuda, don’t vote off of emotions only.

            • navin johnson says:

              I would guess most local establishments already have signage that says no helmets…certainly the people going to rob them will abide by the sign…people intent on committing crimes will wear them with or without a law.

          • HAHA says:

            Why the hell would they? People with tint on their car windows just had to waste them by removing it and flushing hundreds of dollars down the toilet! I think you’ll survive by replacing a helmet.

          • not a crab says:

            hey Onion dreamer its for your benefit a$$ well or are you just stupid. Best bet would be REFUSE entry for ANYONEb with head/face OBSCURED or is that to big a word for you?????????

          • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

            Good. 20 year old helmets are most likely not even up to the standards of todays helmets.

            you should get a new one anyway.


    • Come Correct says:

      Good thing I like a mirrored visor. Stupid legislation. Before you could arrest someone for wearing a goodie. You could force someone to remove a scaf from their pocket. Have the police thought about stopping anyone with all of the above? Why ban it when they can give themselves away? If this stupidity passes I don’t vote.

      • Come Correct says:


      • CoffeeCoffee says:

        A mirrored visor would probably be banned under the legislation, too. I imagine any legislation introduced would ban visors that obscure your face.

        • Come Correct says:

          Yea that worked well with the first seat belt and cell phone legislations. Didn’t both have to be revised?

          • Walk in their shoes says:

            Indeed. The former, they didn’t think on it enough, the latter they tried to get cute and over-thought it.

    • Solution says:

      Too bad you dont own a pair of shades…could of been an easy substitute

      • Lois Frederick says:

        What is wrong with just using shades instead? That’s what I use.

        • r u serz. says:

          Some of us don’t do shades and only require tinted visors in certain locations. Here we go again. Punish the crowd for a certain few.

          • FYI says:

            Lolol, looks like shades it will be!!!!! About time for this law!!

        • george says:

          some of us with eye problems must wear glasses.
          prescription shades are cost prohibitive. insurance barely covers the cost of regular prescription glasses, let alone a second pair just for sun protection while driving.

          this is a dumb law that hurts innocent people.
          criminals won’t stop doing crime with tinted visors just because the law asks nicely.

    • Betty Dump says:

      There needs to be a petition done up on this real quick.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Why should a petition be put up ? A very recent poll conducted ‘somewhere else’ elicited 6955 respondents where 74.2% were against and only 2.5% were unsure .

        As usual it seems that the vocal minority think they’re the majority .

    • umok says:

      I am a law abiding citizen, and I’m not replacing my visor on my Nolan. My tinted visor on my helmet blocks the sun and I will NOT be replacing it to wear a pair of sunglasses with a helmet.

      Banning tinted visors is not a fix for the crime in Bermuda. Now if the OBA created the 2,000 jobs like they were supposed to then people wouldn’t have to resort to crime just to survive.

      • sage says:

        Well, of course banning dark visors will automatically cause 2000+ criminals to immediately seek gainful employment, since it will eliminate all criminal activity the minute it is enacted, brilliant strategy OBA!

        • umok says:

          Creating 2,000 jobs would have a better impact on crime than banning tinted visors. Criminals don’t obey laws or did you forget that?

      • Keep the visors! says:

        THANK YOU!!! It’s also impossible to wear shades with a full face helmet, which happens to be the safest kind of helmet.

  2. chris p bacon says:

    dumb af

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Use sunshades and deal with it,(the change in the Law)
      Until it’s you or a loved one that’s assaulted or robbed you seem to be content as many others at this point…As long as it’s not you you’re quite satisfied in seeing others attacked etc. :-(

      • Burn the bridge I can swim says:

        Some one robbed me at gun point with a bandana on their face…Are they going to ban those?

      • Free Thinker says:

        It’s a dumb law even if it’s being passed by your infallible Gov. If banning guns in Bermuda haven’t stopped gun violence, how’s banning dark visors going to stop gun violence? Even if the Cops ask for this law, doesn’t make it a wise law. Fact is, there’s no evidence that banning a tool of crime stops crime.But then again, why do we think that debaters and bean counters, are inclined to use wisdom in the making of any laws. Why not ban motorbikes, they use a lot of motorbikes as a means of transportation, in the committing of these crimes. Bottom line is, it’s a dumb law, suggested by dumb people and supported by dumb people. I don’t ride a bike so I have no stake in this dumbness.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          Total BS comment – if guns weren’t illegal I would probably have one or two and could see myself popping off several times a week in the parking lots around town. Stupid people allowed to have guns use said guns to kill stupid peole that tick them off.

          (Yes, I would be stupid with a gun – untrained=stupid).

        • HAHA says:

          Murder is also against the law yet people still do it. Are you suggesting we make it legal since people are going to do it anyway? You people and your retarded logic.

          • TMT says:

            Having a tinted visor actually serves a purpose for law abiding citizens (shielding eyes from sunlight when riding a bike). Having a gun doesn’t serve any purpose…

            • HAHA says:

              Who cares? You all abused it. I suppose those in cars don’t need to be shielded from the same sun? Yet they banned everything for cars. Get over it. This is long overdue. You don’t need limo tint to block out the sun! We need to see your faces.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonderful! What next? Ban people who go skiing bringing their ski goggles back home till next time? Why must the law abiding people always be inconveienced by the criminals? The thugs are going to hide their identity one way or another. Lets ban hoodies. Lets ban halloween masks. Lets ban sun shades.

    Lets come down heavy on the criminals. Oh no, can’t do that.

    • Come Correct says:

      We should ban bikes too, they’re almost always used.

    • Onion Juice says:

      With the decisions these Dreamers have been making for the last 3 years, you’re not surprised are you?

    • Come Correct says:

      Don’t stop there, I can conceal my identity with shoe polish. Ban it! If I was gonna commit a crime I’d dress as a Muslim woman. Ban Muslims! If I was gonna commit a white collar crime I’d dress as a lawyer or politician. Suits are banned too. Found this saxy ding at the club the other night, when I woke up it weren’t De same ding from the club but her mask was on my pillow. Make up banned, sorry kangabats.p

  4. Vote for Me says:

    I am a strong supporter of law and order but I question the practicality of the proposed new regulation as a bike rider.

    From a research perspective, how many crimes remain unresolved as a result of the perpetrator wearing a dark visor? Note that they typically wear dark clothing. Will dark jeans and tops be banned soon?

    In addition, will there be a ban on possession, importation or selling of the dark visors? And what about those who already have the dark visors? Will government offer an effective replacement program whereby I bring in my existing visor or helmet to be exchanged for a new one?

    What will government offer as legitimate eye protection for daytime sunlight? Can I have a lightly tinted visor?

    Whilst I am at it, will there be a law to ban bike racks on the rear of cars? Why do I ask? Because most bike rack obscure the rear licences plates on cars.

    • Solution says:

      There should definitely be a trade in program. Then the police can write down all the peoples names and start cross checking. Great idea!

      No but seriously, they should offer a $10 or whatever it is is for a replacement visor.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *What will government offer as legitimate eye protection for daytime sunlight? *

      Why should ‘government’ offer anything ? People really are becoming more stupid by the day on this island.
      When I started riding motorcycles daily 43 years ago I invested in good optical quality polarized sun shades. I now wear prescription polarized sun shades. 2 things that no visor can offer.
      What’s so frikkin hard about that ?

      *Whilst I am at it, will there be a law to ban bike racks on the rear of cars? Why do I ask? Because most bike rack obscure the rear licences plates on cars.*

      I rarely see an obscured license plate due to a bike rack . What a bike rack does do , if you want to be pedantic , is that if installed on the largest TCD class of car , which most seem to be on , it takes the car into an oversized rating.

      If I were you I’d be more annoyed with the thousands of people driving around with illegal ‘customized’ plates that TCD will not pass and police seemingly ignore even though a huge percentage of them appear to be intentionally illegible .

  5. Rock watcher says:

    Do they seriously think this is going to stop crime ???? I doubt it yet again the innocent suffer for the guilty……is there not bigger issues to deal with ??

    • Solution says:

      Its not about stopping crime. Its about being able to identify people. If you are going to commit a crime you are going to hide your face…plane and simple. Its a shame a certain few bad apples had to ruin this.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        So if you’re able to identify an individual with a firearm, do you think you’re going to be left to be able to incriminate him? Greater chance of the individual now using that firearm then not. Besides, no criminal is going to just run up on you without some form of disguise. All that will happen is one form of disguise be substituted for another & it shall still be the same rates of crime.

        Try enforcing the laws that are already on the books then there would be no need for knee jerk solutions such as this which have zero over all impact of the broader issue.

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Just wear shades with a clear visor! HAHAHAAA!!

  7. Cow Polly says:

    A somewhat slight overreaction from our bloggers today. I doubt tinted visors will be banned, only the really really dark tinted visors – you know the ones where you have to wonder whether anyone can see out of them. It was the same for the cars and no one was blinded when they had to lighten up the tint. Come on now, lets be sensible and rejoice that we can at least look our attackers in the eyes when they rob us.

    • George says:

      there aren’t multiple shades of tinted visors on the island. Even without the dark visors, you can still get rolled up on with a ski mask. There isn’t much difference. Pointless legislation

      • Cow Polly says:

        Funny, my daughter has a Nolan with a visor and then a dark visor to go over it which isn’t as dark as the visors I see where you can’t see people’s faces. So may be you should change your brand of helmet if they don’t offer various shades of tint :-)

  8. Anbu says:

    So i take it that gov will foot the bill for my prescription sunglasses then right? Anyone who lives weat has sun in their face otw to and from work. God this gov is so weak. Stupid idea after stupid idea with no end in site. Make the majority suffer for the irrisponsible actions of a few. Smh

    • Solution says:

      Dont blame the Govt, blame the individuals who ruined this for us.

      • umok says:

        Nah.. We blame the OBA. This was in their thrown speech.

        • Lois Frederick says:

          The plp will give full support as they were the ones advocating for it after the Warwick robbery. Just wear shades. It’s easy.

          • umok says:

            Ummm No. It should be my choice whether or not I want to wear a tinted visor or not. I don’t care if the PLP support it. I didn’t support all of their decisions in the past.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              Of course it should be your ‘choice’ , ‘wish’ , ‘right’ ‘desire’ , call it whatever you want, to wear a tinted visor or whatever the case may be for a harmless object designed to be used properly for what it was supposed to be .

              The problem is, many individuals have chosen to use them for what they were not intended. So now everyone must suffer. Refer to my post elsewhere on this thread how many other things have been taken away from us over the years.

              Don’t get mad at government , get mad at the fools who foisted this on you because the first role of any responsible government is to try and keep its citizens safe.

              Anyone would think it’s the end of the world over this issue what with all the whining and completely ridiculous oversimplification using other examples of what should be banned. (bikes, dark clothing , hankies etc)

              Where are all of these full face tinted visor riders anyway ? Today I did an 18 mile round trip drive at the peak of sunlight hour and counted 88 bike riders and not a single one had a full face obscuring black tinted visor on. Not one !

    • serengeti says:

      wow, you have a prescription tinted visor?

  9. Just a matter of time says:

    This is an asinine piece of legislation and a waste of time. This one hopefully will be thrown out for sure. They could just wear a ski mask or shades or something underneath the clear visor. Need to address the root of the problem of these crimes not these quick fixes which are obviously not well thought out.

    • Solution says:

      If you are driving down the road wearing a ski mask you will stand out. If you drive down the road after a crime is committed and the description is “dark visor” you blend in. how do you not see this?

      • Come Correct says:

        If you drive down the road with the ski mask rolled up like a beenie only to pull it down before the crime…how do you not see this.

      • JM says:

        Standing out…? The criminals that would be riding in the ski masks already stand out because they are likely riding a bike with no license plate and dressed in black from head to toe.

  10. TMT says:

    All criminals wear clothes. Let’s ban them too! Afterall, they “hide the identity” of those commissioning crimes (by concealing tattoos, scars, burns, identifying marks, skin colour, etc.). Why our politicians so dumbbbbb?

    • Solution says:

      Not dumb, you just dont get it.

      • Burn the bridge I can swim says:

        I got robbed at gun point and no one had a dark visor they had on bandanas….. Can they ban them aswell please

      • Bermie says:

        We get it. You don’t. This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with catering to mass ignorance in the hopes of garnering a few future votes in the process.

  11. hmmm says:

    If people can see their faces, then will be more of a deterrent. Once the law passes, if you see someone with a dark visor then report their bike number to the police and where you saw them.

    I personally think we should chip/microdot all criminals who have committed crimes against society and against the person.

    • WarwickBoy says:

      Then I guess we also have to ban people using incorrect license plates on their bikes (as happens quite often) and ban people riding stolen bikes. Oh wait… those acts have been banned and yet it still happens. I wonder why that is?

      Let’s not forget that only law abiding citizens adhere to the law. Criminals are not law-abiding citizens.

  12. Suck on stupid says:

    Like guy wont use something else to hide their faces. Im guessing the need to put a ban on halloween mask too

    • Solution says:

      Right, because a criminal wants to stand out.

      Victim: “Officer, I just got robbed by chewbacka…”
      Police: “say no more”

  13. George says:

    You must be foolish if you think I’m taking my dark visor off my fresh n33! #ridingdirty

  14. Toodle-oo says:

    Dumb irresponsible people are the reason why we no longer have Guy Fawkes night in Bermuda.

    Dumb irresponsible people are the reason that Halloween’s format has changed so much over the years to a nearly all inside private party system

    Dumb irresponsible people were the reason that motorcycles were restricted to 100cc and smaller for 30+ years .

    Dumb irresponsible people are the reason we have a ban on pit bulls.

    This is just a by product of living in a small place with so many dumb irresponsible people , so get used to it . There’s more of them now than ever and they’re multiplying like rats .

    I hate to think what innocuous object that poses no problem anywhere else in the world is next on the list .

    • Solution says:

      well said

    • Impressive says:

      you are correct with you analysis to a certain degree, but your post implies that only Bermuda has dumb irresponible people which is narrow minded at best.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Why should you bring up other places ? I’m talking about HERE .
        Of course other places have idiots as well , we just seem to have a disproportionately high percentage of them .

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No, Bermuda just has more than average places when it comes to the numbers of dumb irresponsible people.

  15. stunned... says:

    indeed a stupid waste of time. how about trying to find 168 more tourists to come to Bermuda. the BTA needs all the help it can get…

  16. Why says:

    The visors aren’t the problem it is the people doing the crimes. They will just find something else to cover their faces. Why punish the whole of Bermuda for the act of a few. What about those with half visors? Summer time you really expect the whole island to obey this new legislation? Good luck arresting us all.

    • Solution says:

      Because the last 50 crimes they have used dark visors….Dont blame Govt, blame the idiots. Or better yet, turn them in

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        They also used bikes, should we also ban those?

      • Why says:

        Yea they also used dark clothing, want to ban that too? The govt would be the ones implementing this so yes I would blame them. I don’t blame them for the crime I blame them for this stupid legislation.

    • Impressive says:

      What do you expect? Its similiar to the concept that if you hire more police then crime statistics will decrease.. What is frightening is that its educated people who view things in life in this manner..

      Until the community/government/general population address the things that breed the mindset which makes one want to commit a crime, we are all just puting icing on a cake that tastes terrible..

      If fires kept starting up all over the place in significant amounts, would you expect the fire department to hire new firemen/women or would you expect them to use their resources to determine whats causing the fires??

      I know that with regard to the concept of crime, we are dealing with people and the issues may not be as simplistic as dealing with the causes of a fire etc. but I find it astonishing that so many members in our community, including our leaders can have such an aloof perspective on reality.

      Criminal 1.. – This guy has to lay down, he been disrespecting our hood and we can’t have that.. We going deal with him tonight.

      Crimina 2…. Yuh buh, but we can’t wear visors tonight

      Criminal 1.. oh man, what you think then?? Do you think we should wait to another time??

      Criminal 2.. Are you dumb or what??


      • Impressive says:

        Which leads to another perspective.

        How much of the GDP is directly related to Crime??

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          Depends, are we talking white or blue collar crime here?

  17. sage says:

    What happens when stupid people won’t try to think something through.

  18. planeasday says:

    They will now simply use a “mirrored” visor instead – like the iridium lenses you see on Oakley shades and goggles – the film can be installed on a clear visor in under 20 minutes and be legal – the legislation should have read “visors banned that completely conceals the face of the rider”

    this is stupid…as governments do…and please top using the word “stakeholders” whoever the **** they are…

    • Solution says:

      you really think that “mirrored” visors will not fall under that catagory? It will be a blanket statement that said “visors must have 80% transparency” or something along the lines of that

  19. Really says:

    Is the Government stupid?? Do they even think?? So on November 6th 2015 they passed the law to allow darker window tint on cars. 35% in the front is dark enough not to see who is in the car. 24% in the back is really dark and you cant see anything. My point is that they put a ban on dark helmet visors so criminals wont hide there faces when they getaway from a crime but now they can drive away on 4 wheels and no one will see who it is if they remove license plates and what not…

    • umok says:

      Yes both political parties are not that smart. They don’t always think things through.

  20. jeremy deacon says:

    Rather hear about initiatives to get the young people a job:

  21. San George says:

    Ban two guys on a bike while they are at it. Invariably that is the description of the culprits.

    • Solution says:

      Two guys, one bike? Sounds like another video i’ve seen

  22. blinded says:

    So rather than have a safety approved shatterproof dark visor 2 or 3 inches from my eye the government want me to have a clear visor and wear unsafe sunglasses 1/2 inch from my eye for my own safety to protect my vision in the sun?

  23. Sigh says:

    This quick fix won’t make a difference. It’s unfortunate that Gov does not see that. Criminals will be criminals regardless – stomp out the criminals!! Get hard on them, if they are in possession of dark visors now do you really think they will just throw them away now. Give me a break, let’s do better please

  24. Dangel says:

    Banning visors would not stopped the problem. It is only a band aid approach. The root social causes has to be looked at it! Curious though as to which company/ies would be affected with the banning of the visors (decreased revenue) and which company/ies stands to gain/profit. Any Company introduced or soon to be introducing new visors?

    • Come Correct says:

      I put 2 bandaids on today on the same cut…Both didn’t stick for long.

  25. Burn the bridge I can swim says:

    Everyone will buy mirror visors they are not dark and will do the same thing!

  26. Rosie says:

    Passing this CRAZY A** Law BUT yet we STILL wait for a sex offenders registry……Hmmmmm…..go figure….

    • Rosie says:

      Oh wait……I guess dark clothing will be next…..After all the majority of offenders were wearing “dark clothing”……

  27. Time Shall Tell says:

    Last time I checked, guns were banned. Hows that working out for all these violent crimes being committed as of late with fire arms? Scroll back a couple weeks ago & I do remember that of the armed robberies listed there where more individuals wearing ski masks, scarfs, etc. so should we be expecting a ban on those articles of clothing as well? Such a knee jerk society we live in, try enforcing the bans that are already in place then there would be no need for any further bans.

  28. Star says:

    I don’t think that the point of banning the tinted visors is to stop gun crime all together, I think it’s being used as more of a deterrent or a hindrance to criminals. How many times have you read in the news that the assailants were wearing dark tinted visors?? These dark tinted visors are being used as a mask and makes the criminals getaway easier considering they would already have their helmet on. The persons that killed my family member had on a dark tinted visor which made it “almost” impossible to identify the assailants. I’m all for any forward steps that government is taking to make criminals uncomfortable even if that means that I will feel uncomfortable too.

    • JM says:

      Why do you think this law will be a deterrent to a criminal? Someone that is about to commit a pre-planned violent crime against another person, who feels the need to hide their identity will not simply change their mind because dark visors are illegal. I mean, after all that criminal is using an illegal weapon and probably travelling on a stolen bike to commit the crime…

  29. Sorry Sir says:

    Welcome to the nanny state…

  30. Triangle Drifter says:

    For the time being you can buy them. Can’t see Government say ‘no more tinted visors after 2016′. Can’t make suppliers destroy existing stocks or cancel orders on the way.

    They will have to let them go till whenever. Had the same helmet here for at least 8 years. Less than 6000 miles on the bike in that time. It is not used much. That helmet will last many more years.

    Dumb legislation. That is all there is to it. If they must, make commiting a crime while wearing a concealing visor an additional offence.

  31. What next says:

    This is madness. Removing dark visors will not deter criminals to commit their crime. I use a dark visor in summer for eye protection. And for the people who say “wear sunglasses” – my preference is the visor. Personal choice. The government is now punishing the innocent.

    • george says:

      it’s more than just personal preference. for some, sunglasses are not an option.
      i can’t afford prescription sunglasses. the only affordable option to protect my eyes from the sun is to use a visor.

  32. DUMB!! says:

    Now you’re gonna have a bunch of fools who support this legislation who don’t own helmets with tinted visors and probably don’t even ride a bike.
    They might as well make riding bikes altogether illegal too since that seems to be a tool that criminal are using to get away!!

  33. colombia jack says:

    I think they should do what parts of Colombia has already implemented that two males can not be on motorcycle after a certain time period

  34. HAHA says:

    Great news. If I can’t have tint on my car windows and my leather seats have to be destroyed by the raging sun in this tropical hell we live in then neither can you criminals on bikes. Deal with it like the rest of us.

    • Blame Oprah says:

      We all know those seats aren’t genuine leather so shut ya mouth. Ridin round here in your lil ol’ fiat punto….lol jokes I agree with her.

  35. Terry says:

    Did anyone read the comments here on this thread/post.

    Bermuda is doomed.
    Never read so much garbage on BERNEWS.

    Read the comments and reflect.

    And that’s one topic.

    Do you finger people have jobs? Or are you party of the problem.

  36. Coffee says:

    While at it , let’s ban cigarettes and alcohol as well.

  37. Triangle Drifter says:

    As much as some would like to blame the OBA for this dopeyness, it is not them. Try blaming the Road Safety council or the higher ups in the BPS. They are the ones who come up with stuff like this then convince the politicians that laws need to change.

    Blame the politicians for picking up dumb ideas & running with them.

  38. Government needs to look at banning motorbikes with too high noise-volumes. It is an irritant, especially in residential areas. Many of those who blast their bike noises, have NO consideration for those in peaceful neighbourhoods.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      WE have peaceful neighbourhoods left here ? ?

      The problem is that there ARE noise laws . Both for bikes and , yes , noisy cars too , of which there are plenty . And let’s not even start on the intentionally and obnoxiously loud booming car sound systems .

      We all see and hear them every day . Day in and day out . Why no enforcement of the laws ? Mr Commissioner , are you there ?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Noise enforcement should be easy, especially the booming sound systems.

        Trouble is, if the BPS started enforcement of noise laws there would be howls of protest over only a certain segment getting booked.

        Well…Yeah…. If you drive around going ‘boom boom boom’ & you happen to look like a bunch of others doing the same thing who are getting booked then too bad. Turn it down & the cops won’t bother you.

    • Walk in their shoes says:

      There are laws on that right now, I believe, just a matter of actually enforcing it (like many other things on the island)

  39. Y-gurl says:

    Damn idiots, are they going to ban scarves, bandanas and gloves next? Any excuse for their inability to catch criminals

  40. BermudaBlue says:

    Maybe they will outlaw firearms next. Oh, right! they already did that. Well a lot of these crimes take place with people riding black motorcycles. How about outlawing those? Or we could JUST PUNISH THOSE PEOPLE THAT MISUSE LAWFUL ITEMS FOR ILLICIT PURPOSES!

  41. Learned Truth says:

    Why don’t they just ban guns, or robbing people should be illegal. This is so dumb. Better still they should make a law that you can’t wear a helmate.

  42. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    The Police Motorbike Riders have tinted visors by Nolan Helmets,so do I and at over $300 for a helmet I’m NOT going to stop wearing mine either!

  43. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Once again ya’ll be playing the OBA piñata game.
    I recall many of you demanding the ban of tinted visors in months gone past…Now they’re trying to please you BUT…
    NEXT it will be cameras at every turn you make…WILL you b!t@# n moan about that or…?
    As the saying goes…”Be careful what you wish for…because you just might get it”.

    I don’t care about tinted visors BUT the law should be NO HELMETS INDOORS!
    So if you wanna wear your helmet indoors then ALL eyez on you bruh!

  44. Sara says:

    All you people complaining, get the **** over it! Nobody cares that you just bought a helmet or it protects your eyes! People are being robbed at gunpoint in a country where pepper spary and tasers are illegal! Some freedoms must go! Get some sunglasses with polarized lenses and DEAL!

  45. Clever guy says:

    This is a pointless decision if passed. These thugs will continue to use a dark visor to commit the crime. or a mask, or scarf.

  46. 235 says:

    This is foolishness. Does anyone believe the criminals will stop using tinted visors? It’s a reason we call them “criminals”. Another dumb law.

    • smh says:

      As long as they cant catch criminals they would put the blame on everything except the fact that the BPS is Garbage!!

  47. Rhonda says:

    Not only should dark visors be banned, but dark clothing and motor bikes on the road after dark…. without or with license plates… and guns… Oops that one is already illegal…

    This is OBA appeasing their base, nothing more….. PLP it works, pay attention, sometimes you have to do the little stupid stuff… it buys you political capital…for the big things…..

    Functional Unity….

  48. Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

    tinted visors are unsafe during for riding at night.

    they serve a purpose during the day, shielding from sun and debris, but what are you going to use at night to shield your face from debris, such as roaches, other bugs and rain?

    i couldnt see a thing at night with my tinted visor down so had to keep it up, rendering it useless.

    clear visor, pair of shade during the day or those ones that flip down from the helmet.


  49. Seller says:

    Visit for your new helmet prices start at $80 and go up.

  50. Name says:

    Lol another way to steal the peoples money..the shooters arent going to care. I mean they are carryin weapons so im sure a lil illegal visor isnt going to worry them!

  51. just asking says:

    Bout dang time they officially look at this. and for those that do t know this was first looked at by the former government which banned companies from selling the full faced tinted visor as an accessory which gave way to the half and mini visor. It is only with the past few years that this new phase of helmet has been introduced that the loop hole was found.

    For all those against this law being past I think you will change your mind once 3 young men enter your work place and decide to hold it up for money and when the police ask for a description you say “well his helmet was nice and dark”

  52. Buldog says:

    Section 315G of the Criminal Code Ammendment Act already gives the police the authority to stop persons to ascertain their identity when it is obscured. Why such a specific ban? This is nothing but a “feel good” legislation that will only affect law abiding citizens. Do you honestly think that criminals are now going to get rid of their tinted visors because they are illegal??? Really???

  53. Buldog says:

    The BPS is garbage SMH? The BPS has one of the highest catch and convict rates in the world!! No country can arrest their way out of the challenges facing Bermuda and I might add practically every other country in the western hemisphere. What it is going to take in the return of being our brother’s keeper. Making sure that everyone in our neighbourhoods has guidance. We don’t even know our neighours. That is one of the major problems…

  54. Mirror Visor says:

    This law will be the dumbest law known to man, if guns are illegal and people still get shot what in the world would make the OBA ban dark visors? People will still get shot !! Maybe if they cracked down on the police to do their damn job and stop riding around collecting a large pay check every month for doing nothing just maybe they will catch some of the shooters….. The helmets aren’t the problem, the guns are… The police and the government are just too lazy to go out on the street and find out who are shooting… We are faced with many problems as to why they don’t because if the police arrest your family member today chances are you will see him in a couple days and/or weeks, the police are just showing the public that they themselves are not in control of the country…. Ban all dark visors and I bet we’ll have a new government at the next election next year because the same people who will suffer will also have a voice through voting! Bunch of snakes hiding behind their power smh

    • Walk in their shoes says:

      To be fair I don’t see the helmet visors being the breaking point for the OBA, there are far bigger issues that will decide the next general election.

  55. MacDad says:

    Lol sooooooo you ban dark visors thinking it will combat the problem that the government controllers (help to create years back) just for those same ppl to take up another form of facial concealment like a scarf etc etc.. you gonna ban them too??!

  56. Whistling Frog says:

    Why not ban everything. Ban helmets, ban bikes, ban clothes, ban tires. Shoot, ban money and ban going to work, ban daylight saving time. And while your at it, ban the government too… We’ve already banned X number of dogs. Ban lazy teachers and parents who don’t give a damn about their children. Ban alcohol. Ban greed too… Ban these expensive doctors, dentist and high cost medication. Ban all banks with their ridiculous interest rates. Ban cigarettes. And last but not least, ban stupid people who go around with their brain in their shoe.

  57. Oh,I see now says:

    Do not use the excuse of keeping the sun out of your eyes just buy polarized sunglasses my guess better/safer for your eyes anyway.

  58. Oh,I see now says:

    If someone walks into any establishment with a scarf wrapped around their face with a helmet on and it isnt cold out they aren’t selling girlscout cookies boss.

  59. bermyburner420 says:

    And because a dark visor is the only way to hide your identity….. damn me you can buy a beenie and make a ski mask outta it! O well

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