Latest First, Premier Division Stats & Standings

November 18, 2015

Following this weekend’s First Division and Premier Division action, the latest standings are below.

First Division

The First Division leaders are St. David’s they have 13 points, Young Men Social Club are in second on 10 points, Flanagan’s Onions and St. George’s Colts both have 8 points. Clay Darrell from the Young Men Social Club is the League Leading goalscorer with 7 goals, while Nathan Rego from Somerset Eagles has 5 goals, Henry Santucci from Ireland Rangers has 4 goals on the young season. Robert Rawlins from Young Men Social Club, Khanai Fray and his teammate Anwar Telford, as well as St. David’s teammates Shea Pitcher and Allan Douglas Jr. all have 3 goals on the season.

First Division

10 St. David’s
10 Young Men’s Social Club
08 Flanagan’s Onions
08 St. George’s Colts
07 Somerset Eagles
07 Wolves
06 BAA
04 Ireland Rangers
01 Paget Lions
01 X-Roads

First Division Leading Goalscorers

7 Clay Darrell – Young Men Social Club
5 Nathan Rego – Somerset Eagles
4 Henry Santucci – Ireland Rangers
3 Robert Rawlins – Young Men Social Club
3 Khanai Fray – Somerset Eagles
3 Shea Pitcher – St. David’s
3 Allan Douglas Jr. St. David’s
3 Anwar Telford – Somerset Eagles

Premier Division

The Dandy Town Hornets remain on top of the Premier Division with 13 points, Robin Hood are in second with 12 points, the Devonshire Colts and the North Village Rams both teams having 9 points.

Tomiko Goater from the Dandy Town Hornets is the League’s leading scorers with 6 goals, while Antwan Russell and LeJuan Simmons from Robin Hood, Donovan Thompson from Hamilton Parish, Keishen Bean from the North Village Rams are in second with 5 goals each. Lozendro Symonds from the Devonshire Colts, and Akale Bean from the Southampton Rangers both have four goals on the season.

Premier Division

13 Dandy Town Hornets
12 Robin Hood
09 Devonshire Colts
09 North Village Rams
08 Somerset Trojans
08 Southampton Rangers
06 PHC Zebras
04 Boulevard Blazers
01 Hamilton Parish
00 Devonshire Cougars

Premier Division Leading Goalscorers

6 Tomiko Goater – Dandy Town Hornets
5 Antwan Russell – Robin Hood
5 Donovan Thompson – Hamilton Parish
5 Keishan Bean – North Village Rams
5 Lejuan Simmons – Robin Hood
4 Lozendro Symonds – Devonshire Colts
4 Akale Bean – Southampton Rangers

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