Nov 23: Family Law Mediation Training Launch

November 19, 2015

On Monday, November 23, Bermuda’s Family Law Reform Sub-Committee under the remit of the Judicial Training Institute of Bermuda, will officially launch an accredited family mediation training initiative.

“The event will equip mediators to resolve family disputes in keeping with the ‘alternative dispute resolution’ emphasis of the newly created Integrated Family Court,” a spokesperson said.

“The ultimate intent of the project is to encourage all family law litigants to settle disputes through mutual agreement to improve family relations, promote compliance and save resources.

“The training was designed to provide the first ever core components of mediation accreditation standards for Bermuda. Mediation experts from Canada will be on-Island to conduct the sessions.

“Training will be in three stages:

  • Stage 1: an 8-hour introduction and course on alternative dispute resolution.
  • Stage 2: advanced courses.
  • Stage 3: supervised internship.

“His Excellency, Governor George Fergusson will preside at Monday’s formal launch.

“Mrs. Justice Norma Wade-Miller [Puisne Judge and Chair, Family Law Reform Sub-Committee‎]; cites this as a unique opportunity for Bermuda to ensure that individuals have appropriate training to assist the new Integrated Family Court to avoid unnecessary litigation.

“Some of the training involved includes conflict analysis, dispute resolution process, psychological effects of separation and child support.”

Justice Wade-Miller commented, “As you may have heard in the Throne Speech, Bermuda’s Integrated Family Court has now been established. Mediation is the centre piece of the new court, and to that end accredited family mediation training will begin in Bermuda next week.

“We look forward to welcoming the individuals who have chosen to be a part of this very important initiative.”

The prospectus follows below [PDF here]:

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