Bernews Podcasts Now Available On iTunes

November 5, 2015

Bernews Podcasts, a new offering which aims to bring you an in-depth look at current affairs, are now available on iTunes via a free subscription, allowing you to download episodes directly to your phone or tablet.

To subscribe to the Bernews podcast on your iOS device, click this link or go to the iTunes store and search for “Bernews”; once you are subscribed, each new episode will automatically download to your device, and you can access them via the Podcast icon that shows on your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Bernews podcasts now available on iTunes 2

Each episode will also be posted on the Bernews website; however, as the Podcasts will be in-depth and will often be over 30 minutes long, we are offering the iTunes subscription option so people can, if desired, have each episode downloaded automatically to their phone or tablet.

As far as other subscription options, you can also access the Podcasts and general audio clips via our Soundcloud account, follow us for general news updates via Bernews Facebook and Bernews Twitter, follow our sports Twitter feed for daily sports updates, follow our tech Twitter feed for tech related news, follow our Instagram account for scenic photos, follow our Periscope account for live video streams, access dozens of RSS feeds of our various subsections, download Bernews Chrome Extension to get the latest headlines in your browser, or subscribe to any of our six free email newsletters.

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