Podcast: TEDx Chairman On Technology Impact

February 9, 2016

In the latest Bernews podcast we talk to John Narraway, the chairman of TEDx Bermuda, about his views on where technological developments will lead us.

Bernews Podcast with John Narraway

Mr Narraway believes Bermuda could see a level of self-sufficiency it has not seen before due to technological advances.

And more and more of the goods we use on a daily basis will be part of the ‘Internet of Things’ – all smart and all connected via hand-held devices and tablets.

31-minute podcast with John Narraway:

Mr Narraway says there have been lots of advances in farming, such as vertical farming and asks: “Is there an opportunity for light manufacturing for local demand?”

He said robotics will cut the cost of manufacturing allowing Bermuda to make things for local consumption, adding: “We could shift to a world where we produce something when we want it or need it. With 3D printing it all changes.”


Bernews’ podcasts aim to provide an in-depth look at current affairs and different issues affecting the Island, and the text extracts above represent only a small portion of the full interview.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Family Man says:

    We could sure do with printing car parts on demand. (And Bermuda stone walls)

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Yup! 6 month waits for car/bike parts is RIDICULOUS!!!

  2. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    I wonder if he will tell you where technology is REALLY gonna “lead” YOU…not US as stated in his headline.

    Technocrats have one thing on their minds…and it AIN’T! you.

  3. Sunglass Monocle says:

    @keepin it real – I think what he was saying, if you actually listen to the podcast, is there are opportunities for Bermuda if we choose to think different. But we got work for it… IMHO