Gale Warning In Effect For Thursday & Friday

January 7, 2016

The island is set to continue experiencing windy conditions, with the Bermuda Weather Service issuing a Gale Warning valid for this afternoon [Jan 7] through Friday evening.

The BWS forecast said, “A low approaching from the southwest will bring rain tending heavy at times with showers this afternoon and evening.

“Strong winds will reach gale force at times this afternoon and Friday as the low moves through. Showers ease Friday morning and winds decrease Sunday as a high pressure ridge extends into the area from the north.”

Video showing the windy conditions earlier this week:

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  1. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    I’m going to complain to Marine and Ports about the waves in the harbour every time there is a bit of wind. Causes my yachts to bounce up and down every time I go back and forth to Miles for coffee for me ad pickles and peanut butter for the ol’ ball and chain. And I have to spend extra to get my staff to clean the salt off of my yachts after the bad weather. What Vice Commodore Double7SingleNiner is to WE for potholes is what I will be to MP over waves in the harbour.

  2. Ferry Pilot says:

    That Commodore guy is always complaining. The other day he chased me across the Harbour after I almost swamped his tender at Darrell’s Wharf!

    • one of you and them says:

      Was that you!? He ran my canoe aground, but he has a deep and long gouge in his hull from my buck knife.