Windy Conditions Cause Power Outages

January 8, 2016

[Updated] The Island has experienced some power outages due to the current weather conditions, and BELCO said that of 4:05pm, 753 customers are without power.

A BELCO spokesperson said, “As a result of current weather conditions, the Island has experienced sporadic outages throughout the day. Most outages have been restored within a very short time.

“As of 4:05PM, 753 customers are currently without power, the majority of which are located in the area feeding from a circuit on Point Finger Road.

“We anticipate a busy evening given the weather and BELCO crews will continue to respond to power outages as they occur.”

The high winds have impacted the ferry service, put the Paget stop lights out of order, and reportedly resulted in a woman being “blown off” her cycle. You can view all our coverage of the matter here.

Update 5.25pm: BELCO said they they “are currently down to 46 customers without power.”

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  1. Y-gurl says:

    A result of no investment in the poor infrastructure a rainstorm and wind blows out power on both days…pathetic!

    • Shush says:

      I suspect you would complain if your dog farted. Chill.

  2. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    there are many poles in a very bad way around the island,Belco have not been doing there job but as soon as it comes to wanting their money,they know their job.

    • No way!! You must be one of those complaining foreigners who always think that Bermudians are lazy!! The nerve!! Tor your record,The Belco workers’ work is very serious, dangerous and many times they are out in horrible weather dealing with very serious wires and sometimes extensive outages.You must be NEW to the isles. Pay attention closer!!!

  3. Vanessastamaria says:

    Oh my power did not go off because I am special