BHeC: 2100 Employees Regain Health Insurance

February 3, 2016

The Bermuda Health Council [BHeC] enforcement of the Health Insurance Act, in 2015, “resulted in more than 2,100 employees regaining their health insurance coverage and the collection of more than $700,000 in health premiums,” BHeC said today.

“The Health Council monitors and enforces employer compliance with the Health Insurance Act 1970. Section 20 of the Health Insurance Act 1970 stipulates that an employer must provide an active health insurance policy with a licensed insurer for him or herself, all employees and their non-employed spouses,” BHEC said.

“The Health Council’s Employers’ Compliance 2015 report, available on our website, details our investigations including the number of employees affected.

“In 2015, our compliance officer investigated 1016 employers and after the review, 787 settled premiums in arrears and re-established policies. This accounted for 2,115 employees regaining their health insurance and a minimum of $700,348.95 recovered in Standard Health Benefit [SHB] premium.

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“To investigate the employers, the Health Council receives monthly data from insurers about companies whose health insurance polies have lapsed with claims not being paid. In addition, we receive complaints from the public.

“Since June last year, we have also published the names of persistent non-compliant employers on our website. Last year, 15 employers were named on the website and 11 have become compliant. Once employers settle their premium in arrears and establish a new health insurance plan, their names are removed.

“The Employers’ Compliance Report 2015 provides the public with additional information regarding our processes and hopefully assists with them understanding further their rights in terms of their health insurance.”

Ian Cameron, Compliance Officer said: “ Over the last year we have witnessed a significant shift in the general awareness of employers in keeping with their obligations under the Health Insurance Act, with the majority doing their part to maintain health insurance coverage for their employees.

“This is especially significant in the midst of this economic climate. Insurers have to be commended as well for their willingness to work with employers to develop payment plans to maintain coverage.

“We have also witnessed an increase in the number of employees who have taken additional responsibility for their own health insurance coverage and come forward with information about their non-complaint employers.”

BHeC’s Employers Compliance Annual Report 2015 follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ann says:

    This is great news! Now tell me why Government cant do the same and get some of the $220 million in taxes owed.

  2. #13 says:

    You can thank Constituency #13 candidate, Andrew Simons and his team at the BHeC for making this happen. Elect Andrew tomorrow for the good of all Bermudians!