Police: Child Pornography Images Circulating

February 1, 2016

[Updated] The police said they are aware of “inappropriate videos of persons in compromising and vulnerable states that are circulating” saying “a few of these individuals may be under the age of consent” so the images are classified as child pornography, and anyone in possession of them, or who forwards them on in any format is “committing offenses.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of the inappropriate videos of persons in compromising and vulnerable states that are circulating around the island.

“It appears that in some instances a few of these individuals may be under the age of consent and thus those images are classified as child abusive images or what is commonly known as child pornography.

“Anyone in possession of these videos or images or who forwards them on in any format is committing offenses under the criminal code.

“Anyone who can assist us in identifying anyone in the videos or people involved in the production and or dissemination, should contact Inspector Mark Clark on 247 1086 or mclarke@bps.bm or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800 8477.”

Update 11.54pm: The police added, “If it proven that any of the images are of underage children anyone who forwards the image on is subject to prosecution. Also, anyone who wishes to make a report anonymously can do so at www.cybertips.bm [look for icon in upper right hand side of homepage]. For further information please contact ecommerce@gov.bm or 294-2774.”

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  1. Concerned says:

    There was also a video that had a crying child watching 2 persons having sex. It was terrible. I only saw it quickly on someone’s phone. If anyone has any information on this I hope you report it.

    • wow says:

      That video is not of Bermudians.

      • Kathy says:

        It doesn’t matter if it was of Bermudians or not! It is still a violation of the law to watch or circulate it!

  2. M@ndingo says:

    Why these young women are allowing themselves to be filmed during sexual situations is beyond me.

    • Student says:

      Some of these poor young women have no idea that they are being filmed. So please do not comment that they are willingly surrendering themselves to this unfortunate predicament.
      Yes some know they are being filmed but others do not.

      • Student says:

        The question is why are these people filming it and sending it around? That is the question.

        • wow says:

          Pretty sure they know they’re being filmed, lol…………….

      • swing voter says:

        poor young women? yeah, they are so innocent !

    • floyd Pitcher says:

      And what about when they film themselves or another person engaging them?
      To many children are not receiving any direction in their lives, they are basically raising themselves.
      Lets be clear if you are not having that conversation with your child before they are five or six the horse has already bolted.

  3. Dreamcatcher says:

    Why is it presumed okay for the males in the video but not for the females? What a bunch of crap……. misogyny.

    So these new videos are a problem but we still have no charges or follow up on the Cup Match sex-capades?

  4. swing voter says:

    I don’t have a phone so luckily no one can forward that mess to me. But I have to ask, if I did have a phone and did receive the images, JPEG, MPEG, without the knowledge of the age range (some underage females do appear to be adult in appearance and behavior), then how can you prosecute?

    • james says:

      reading comprehension? the statement clearly says that anyone who forwards the images is subject to prosecution. clearly in your hypothetical example this is not the case.

      • swing voter says:

        “Anyone in possession of these videos or images or who forwards them on in any format is committing offenses under the criminal code.”


  5. hotshot says:

    Lets not all act like we live in disneyland. Filming yourself or another person or whatever is not uncommon. In fact it can be lots of fun. This is not the issue. The issue is sending it to other people without consent or filming without the other persons content. lets stay on track…

  6. wow says:

    It’s so funny how most people that comment on here speak on every little thing but know absolutely nothing. I feel like if you’re going to say something stupid say nothing at all, simple.

  7. planeasday says:

    Anyone seen or heard from that childF&%*#r who disgraced cup match last summer?

  8. Doublestandards says:

    Amazing how females are put down and degraded for sending ‘inappropriate’ media, however the males receiving the images/videos are never put down for being scum and showing people the images were not intended for. Females are always taught not to send anything sexual because if they do then they’re a wh@re or sl#t, but males are never taught that something private, intended for their eyes only, should stay that way. Of course it can go the other way, but that rarely happens. #Itsnotthevictimsfault

    • Torian says:

      What are you talking about? Anyone who forwards this crap will be prosecuted, not just females. And plenty of these videos currently being circulated are with the girl holding the cellphone recording it so let’s not act like either person in the party is innocent. Anyone who shares their intimate private moments are in the wrong. I know for a fact that girls have been spreading the video of a certain local individual and laughing about it on this island. #itseveryonesfault

    • outkasted says:

      Trust No one.

  9. KaosWorld says:

    Its so funny how all everyone is sayin the Males THE Males, like the females are the victims, if that’s how you feel you have no idea whats really going on in 2016, females are just as bad as males nowadays, yes there are males with girls but um seen the video’s and a lot of them are females doing themselves really there are more vids of females doing themselves,and the videos with males doing the girls knew they was on cam on girl said that light so bright right in the video then went back to doing what she was doing,cant just blame the males is all um sayin

  10. Doi says:

    anyone and every dumb bermudian who has that on their phone or watched it should be locked up like the monster they are. there is no excuse, dont say I was only looking to learn what it showed etc. I dont wanna hear it.
    and police better get some b@lls and actually arrest people for this because our island has just turned into a place where pathetic people get away with one of the worse crimes known to man and pass it off like its nothing.

    Too many bermudians watched this video and ones in the past and nothing ever happens to them. If i ever saw child porn i would vomit and want to burn my eyes. How can anyone watch that for ANY reason is beyond my comprehension, not even out of PITY would I watch that filth. It is EVIL TRASH. You lazy bermudians make me sick! keep thinking its okay to just view and pass that trash on, I pray the police DO SOMETHING!!!!

  11. Doi says:

    ask the *(&%^*(%^ cellphone company to track who sent it DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH