Weekend Results: Harness Pony Racing

March 7, 2016

The 2015-16 Harness Pony Racing season continued at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

The first race of the day saw the 1:06&1 – 1:07&1 Time Bar Class competitors take to the track, Nite Dreamer with Kirista Rabain in the bike clocked a winning time of 1:06 flat, Skyway Majestic with Philip Correia in the bike finished second in 1:07&3 and Real Ladylike with Dylan DeSilva was third with a time of 1:07&4.

Inwood’s Progress with Christian Truran raced to victory in the 1:07&2 – 1:09&2 Time Bar Class when they clocked 1:08 flat, finishing second was Pastor Paul with Tyler Lopes in the bike clocking 1:08&1 and Shady’s Liberty and Candyce Martins finished third clocking 1:09&3.

Andy Stoneham in the bike of Custard the Dragon made a move early in Heat 4 the 1:06&1 – 1:07&1 Time Bar Class and clocked a winning time of 1:06 flat getting a leg out, Double Time with Phillip Correia finished second in 1:06&1, Colonel’s Maestro and Lucas Bridges was third in 1:06&3.


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