Health Council: Statutory Boards Assessment

March 2, 2016

The Bermuda Health Council announced the publication of its annual report on the performance of health professional statutory boards’ enforcement of their registration requirements. The report is being made public for the first time although the Health Council has been monitoring performance since 2013.

“To assure public safety and enhance the delivery of health services, the Health Council asks all statutory boards to report annually about their complaints and disciplinary procedures, board composition, and professional registration processes. This process encourages transparency and the development of uniform standards,” BHeC said.

“Overall, the reports indicate that 5 of the 7 Boards, representing 21 of the 24 professions are meeting basic compliance with existing legislation. Compliance includes having a complaints handling process, registering their professionals and maintaining up-to-date professional registers.

“In 2015, self-reporting from 24 professions indicated two professions were involved in legal action for professional misconduct and six received complaints about professional practice. The two professions involved in legal action were represented by the Bermuda Medical Council and the Dental Board.

“The five statutory boards that reported receiving complaints were: Bermuda Medical Council, Bermuda Nursing Council, Council for Allied Health Professions, Bermuda Dental Board and the Psychologists Registration Council.

Tawanna Wedderburn, CEO of the Health Council said, “In our efforts to increase the quality of care, the Health Council releases this report. Health professional registration sets minimum levels of education and experience required to practice.

“This report highlights the health system’s commitment to ensuring that we have trained and qualified registered professionals delivering care. It also emphasizes complaints handling as we reassure the public that their concerns about healthcare are being addressed. Most statutory boards are doing a commendable job with the limited resources available to them and we appreciate their dedication to registering health professionals who deliver quality patient care.”

Tiara Carlington, Corporate Office Coordinator said, “After comparing previous Board Assessment reports, it is clear that statutory bodies have taken steps towards having more organised registration processes and complaints and disciplinary procedures.

“While there is still room for improvement, the willingness to change shows the statutory bodies’ appreciation for professional accountability and public safety.”

The full assessment report follows below [PDF here]:

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