Video: Mussenden Discusses CONCACAF Bid

April 7, 2016

Bermuda Football Association President Larry Mussenden recently appeared on the Caribbean-based SportsMax Zone to discuss his bid for the presidency of CONCACAF.

Mr. Mussenden announced his candidacy in January 2016, following after acting CONCACAF President Alfredo Hawit was arrested in December 2015 as part of the probe into corruption within FIFA.

Asked why he wants the job, Mr. Mussenden said, “I think that everyone has to remember that CONCACAF is a great organization. It has been a great organization that comprises 41 countries, and of course we have 31 countries here in the CFU Caribbean Football Union.

“I think I have the skill set and the background to be able to be the president of CONCACAF, so I threw my hat in the ring.

Asked if he can handle the scrutiny that comes with the position, “I think that the background that I have – I’m an attorney in Bermuda, I’ve been the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice in Bermuda – I believe I have the right skill set to be able to deal with all of the governance issues that we’ve had.”

“Now CONCACAF, in terms of the football world, does a fantastic job. I mean we play football, we have good teams, we have good competitions, and so, yes we have had scandal, and yes we have had people who are being indicted or have faced extradition proceedings.

“In fact somebody has actually pleaded guilty in the United States – but despite all of that, we come from a region that is rich in tradition, rich in football, we’re connected, there are large countries, small countries, different languages, but all of these differences still bring us together for football.

“I think that we can have a great CONCACAF professional staff in the office, we can have a great executive, and then, hopefully, I will win the election and then with a key leadership team, we can achieve a lot of great things.

“What is really important is that the Department of Justice has said publicly that they have seized maybe $190 million of money that comes from corruption that people are going to pay back.

“What we could do honestly, with integrity, with governance, all of that is money that can actually go to the development of sports and football in our region.”

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Comments (6)

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  1. WarwickBoy says:

    Were he to win, is this a position he could integrate with his new role as the Director of Public Prosecutions?

    • Former Union Member says:

      This is a legitimate question. Frankly I don’t care if he is president of CONCACAF but if it impacts the bandwidth available to perform his role of Director of Public Prosecutions then the answer is clear. We have enough “part time” players in roles of importance.

  2. Gym Leader says:

    Can you stick with the story????
    A thank you, great job, hoping for the best etc. (Sigh)

    • Wayne Wonders says:

      Ummmm..that IS the story!…we have far too many part-timers collecting a full time wage for less than mediocre service.

      One or the other of these very important roles will be impacted by a “lack of concentration” because he just cannot commit to full time attention in either capacity without neglecting the other…..(bigger sigh)

  3. Its me again says:

    What has he done for football in bermuda. Last I checked our domestic game is at the lowest its ever been.

  4. Luis Suarez says:

    Well done Larry, and well done BFA. How is your mate Sepp, keeping well? still stay in touch?