Over 2,500 Exhibitors Set For 2016 Ag Show

April 10, 2016

This year’s Ag Show “experienced record numbers in the poultry division, junior art competition and the equestrian sections, with over 2500 exhibitors, 500 animals and tons of junior art pictures,” the organisers said.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Agricultural Show is an event you must attend  next week. This well loved national event is a perfect blend of the old and the new, and it’s a wholesome fun event for the whole family.

“Held on Thursday, April 14, Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 , the AG Show showcases the best Bermuda has to offer both agriculturally and culturally.

“Each year livestock, vegetables, fruits, floriculture, homemade food products, wood craft and educational categories are brimming with entries and this year is no different.”

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“This year the AG Show experienced record numbers in the poultry division, junior art competition and the equestrian sections. With over 2500 exhibitors, 500 animals and tons of junior art pictures, persons attending the AG Show will not be disappointed.

“The entertainment in the lower ring provides a second focal point for those who have wandered away from the Main Ring. There will be tons of local entertainment and after the show on Saturday AG Show goers will be treated to a soca jam.

“Thursday is the most popular day with seniors, pre- schoolers and anyone else who wants to see the items on display at their peak of freshness. Friday has been titled “No school day” and the students look forward to it each year.

“Hundreds of students take full advantage of the holiday to see if they’ve won a coveted rosette or highly commended sticker. And Saturday is generally a family day. Many come out to enjoy the day and the beautiful setting.

“Food will be available courtesy of registered charities, which set up small booths and provide fast food, Bermuda style.”

President of the AG Show Ltd Antwan Albuoy said, “The executive committee along with the team from the Department of Parks have been working hard to ensure that everything is ready for receiving on Monday.  We would like to thank the Department of Parks and the Botanical Gardens team for their hard work preparing the buildings. We are excited to host this year’s show and we are looking forward to the entire community coming out.”

“I am overjoyed with the amount of support from the community and sponsors. I would like to thank  AXIS, Bank of Butterfield, Cox Hallett Wilkinson Limited, The Green Family, Chubb, E & Y, Gorham’s, Harney’s, Lindos,Validus Services [Bermuda] Ltd., Robin Hood Flour, Aspen Bermuda Ltd., Barcardi, Butterfield & Vallis, Digicel, Kirk Kitson, Ian H. Mann, Charlie Marshall, Michael and Lisa Richold, XL Foundation, Argus, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, BF&M, BELCO, BGA, Bermuda Cleaning Limited, Four Star Pizza, Richard & Liz Kitson, Mailboxes Unlimited, Jardine Matheson, Pro Shop, Rayclan Limited, Red Laser, Colin and Kathy Rowntree, Schroders Bermuda Ltd,. Schroder Family Trust and Sharon Vesey”

Tickets are available at the Exhibition on the day. Adults: $10. Children under 16 & seniors: $5. Children under 5 are free. For more information visit www.theagshowbda.com or email secretary@theagshowbda.com

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  1. paperboy says:

    Congratulations to all involved in making this happen.

    Looking at this list of donors and contributors this is a wonderful example of the power of our community coming together to share our talents over a three day event.

    The Ag Show is a rich invitation to gather as a community and show ourselves to each other and our guests.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  2. frank says:

    Bs back in the. Day the ag show was just one more thing the government of. The. Day. Did for. Their rich.friends.
    All those companies could have given that money to help feed someone or pay someone’s. Light bill or put a roof over someone’s head.
    We can do without an ag show.

  3. rhonda says:

    Million of donations rolling in, when the government claimed the entire budget was 400k,

    Things that make you go hmmmm.

    What’s the real deal.

    Who is behind the curtain, pulling the strings..

    Nonetheless just another step towards deepening the racial divide.. Be it intentional or not. It’s working.