Photos: ‘Very Successful’ Azores Visit Concludes

May 5, 2016

Today [May 5], Premier Michael Dunkley concluded what he termed a “very successful” visit to the Azores and he noted that the trip has “helped foster a greater appreciation and understanding between Bermuda and the Azores.”

On the final full day of the Azores trip, Premier Dunkley and the Bermuda delegation continued their extensive tour of the region, which included a courtesy call to Ana Luís, President of the Legislative Assembly of the Azores, and visits to the Capelinhos Vulcano Interpretative Centre; the Oceanography and Fisheries Department of the University of the Azores; the Wine Museum’s Protected Vineyard Landscape of Pico Island; the Whalers’ Museum; and the Lajido in Criação Velha vineyard – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A spokesperson said, “The public will be aware that the Premier travelled to the Azores this week to participate in a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] signing between the two Governments.

“The Premier was accompanied to the Azores by the Hon. Trevor G. Moniz, Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Dr. Derrick Binns, Secretary to the Cabinet and Kimberley Durrant, the Bermuda Government’s London Office Representative.”

Providing an overview of the visit, Premier Dunkley said, “This week my colleagues and I had the pleasure of touring this amazing country. We visited some of the most incredible natural and cultural landmarks and what a breathtaking experience it was. Like Bermuda, it’s clear that tourism is very important to the Azores.

“The landscape was visually stunning, replete with unique architecture, beautiful flora and fauna, mountains, ancient volcanoes and hot springs and of course some of the friendliest people in the world. Certainly two days just wasn’t enough to take it all in, but for the time that we were there, we were graciously welcomed and embraced.

“We also appreciated the invaluable opportunity to learn more about the Azores’ business, science and technology sectors. Even though we have links that date back centuries, I still believe that we have much to learn from one another.

“And the formalizing of our ties with a Memorandum of Understanding has the potential to open up so many possibilities for both our countries, particularly as it relates to matters to do with aviation, education, energy, technology and commerce.”

The Premier concluded, “This has been a very successful visit. President Vasco Cordeiro, his Azorean Government colleagues and the people of the Azores were wonderful hosts and the memories from our visit will remain with us forever.”

Later today, the Premier will arrive in New York where he will participate in activities in support of the America’s Cup World Series [ACWS] taking place this weekend.

Tomorrow [May 6] evening, Premier Dunkley will make a special appearance at Yankee Stadium, where he will throw out the symbolic first pitch at the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox baseball game.

“Auld Mug”, the America’s Cup Trophy, will also be on display at the game, which is expected to have nearly 50,000 spectators in attendance. The Premier will also engage in media outreach to promote Bermuda while in New York.

Photos courtesy of José António Rodrigues:

Capelinhos Vulcano Interpretative Centre 1 Bermuda May 5 2016

Capelinhos Vulcano Interpretative Centre Bermuda May 5 2016

Lajido in Criação Velha vineyard - UNESCO Bermuda May 5 2016

Oceanography and Fisheries Dept. University of the Azores 1 Bermuda May 5 2016

Oceanography and Fisheries Dept. University of the Azores 2 Bermuda May 5 2016

The President of the Legislative Assembly of the Azores Bermuda May 5 2016

Whaler's Museum Bermuda May 5 2016

Winery - UNESCO Bermuda May 5 2016

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Comments (20)

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  1. Get In says:

    Good work Premier. The Azores has much more to offer Bermuda than what most would think. Not just landscapers and cleaners available to us…let’s reign in the science, environmental, cultural, and business partnerships.

  2. History says:

    It has taken a long time for any Bermuda government to finally realise the importance of these islands as it relates to immigration into Bermuda. Not only do we have West Indian immigration, but also Azorean immigration. Both play important roles in the community, none more important than the other.

    • The Original Truth™ says:


      The two groups you mention are also far more important than Filipino immigration. If we are going to allow people to immigrate they need to be those that are really necessary. Just because the Filipino consulate visits us every year doesn’t mean that we need to satisfy all of their request. They have a self fulfilling agenda and the Azores does not.

  3. Seascape says:

    Premier Dunkley – the roads are tidy, trimmed and cut back. It is a pleasure to drive around the islands of the Azores to see this and the beautiful flowers. Too bad we can’t say the same about Bermuda’s roadsides.

  4. Interesting says:

    I am wondering what Bermuda can offer the Azores when it comes to learning from each other?

    • Bald & The Beauty Full says:

      Wow, are you that ignorant?

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      That’s been done.

      The learning experience has been going on for close to 100 years now.

      The Azores saved Bermuda long ago from their dying shipbuilding industry and has been helping Bermuda ever since. One thing we might learn from them is how to lively up our culture. Colourful festivals happen all summer in Azores and are a great tourist attraction. Since the Potuguese culture is deeply ingrained in ours we might as well embrace it to the full.

  5. CanadaBDA says:

    Portuguese people and Bermudians have a great unity. I would even say Bermuda and the Portuguese have a more social relationship than with the British.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well is there a SMALL % of Black Bermudians working in construction?

      • Onion Juice says:

        Well why is there……..

        • Bald & The Beauty Full says:

          Not sure, just maybe they were all hired by government? What are your thoughts on the small % of White or Portuguese Bermudians working in the Civil Service including W&E, Parks Dept, Immigration, Bus & Ferry, Post office, Courts and every other?

          Well Onion Juice why is there…..?

          • Brief says:

            In every country the majority population runs the Civil Service. In Bermuda the black population is the majority.

        • Pal says:

          If you look at the the job ads of local Portuguese construction landscaping and cleaning companies they always require a ridiculous amount of experience to obtain a job. Maybe that is why so few Bermudians work for them. However if you go to almost any gas station mornings all you hear is the Portuguese language being spoken. Obviously many of these men are new arrivals to Bermuda. The question must be asked just how much experience do all these gentleman have?

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        But there’s a large % of West Indians working in construction. Just some food for thought OJ.

  6. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ?


  7. hISTORY says:

    What aa waste of friggin film.

    You need to resign

    • BDAGIRL says:

      Dear History, If you dont wish to see pictures/stories of the Premier of Bermuda there is always a delete button or don’t click on media like Bernews and Facebook or for that the other daily newspaper. Read a book. Cause I have some information for you, he will continue to be filmed as long as he is Premier of BDA.

  8. Wahoo says:

    There is a lot of Portuguese influence here in bda and I for one appreciate the effect that they have had on our evolution.

  9. Terry says:

    Azores will always prosper because like when they first came here they can clean a toilet and be happy.
    Plus they don’t have the BIU and the PLP.

    Workers not “Workers Voice”.

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