Premier Dunkley Pays Tribute to Muhammad Ali

June 5, 2016

Premier Michael Dunkley joined those around the world in paying tribute to the iconic and legendary ‎boxer, activist and humanitarian, the late Muhammad Ali, who passed away this weekend.

Premier Dunkley said, ‎”On behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda I offer sincere condolences to the family of Muhammad Ali and the people of the United States.

“All of Bermuda should pause for a moment to be thankful for the life of Muhammad Ali, perhaps the greatest fighter and personality of our time. Generations will recall the excitement and love he brought to the world.

“Muhammad Ali was a man of principle, unafraid and courageous. We followed his rise to fame in the ring and out of it, and felt for him in a decline brought on by Parkinson’s disease.

“Through a startling mix of athleticism and poetry and then through a remarkable clash of his character and courage with America as it was, Muhammad Ali became an indelible part of our lives.

“He fought all his life in the ring and beyond, leaving a legacy of principle and sacrifice, tolerance and understanding. Through it all, the spirit of this champion never dimmed, his dignity never wavered and his courage was unquestioned.

“As a youngster who played lots of sports, I followed ‘The Greatest’ in the ring and noticed how much he said success depended on hard work and preparation.

‘The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, in the gym… and out there on the long road before I dance under the lights… I hated every minute of training, but I said: ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as champion.’

“He brought this same spirit of commitment to global causes, and through his generosity, many young men and women have benefited. For people everywhere, of every race, nationality and age, Muhammad Ali was a charismatic hero, a freedom fighter and a true role model.

“The world is better for his life. May he rest in peace.‎”

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  1. Terry says:


  2. Sage says:

    How dare the Premier issue a statement before the usual pointless PLP press release.

  3. OBSERVER says:

    He was DEFINITELY the greatest of ALL times. What a remarkable individual Muhammad Ali was. He was not afraid to stand up to NOT being drafted into the army to go to VIETNAM!!
    He served his time in jail as Cassius Clay. Once released, he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.
    Definitely an icon. Muhammad, your legacy reigns supreme in millions of people’s hearts and minds. REST IN PEACE, GREAT CHAMPION!!!!

  4. Onion Juice says:

    A man of Principle, who fought against racism and rufused to fight in a war for a country that treated him and his people like S!@#.
    A True Champion

  5. mmm says:

    I believe the world has had the opportunity to see time and time again a gr eat sportsman, as well as one who fought for justice. There is far greater growth and healing to take place for us as a people, if we make no attacks on political party lines, but push ahead with progressive legislation and fair treatment for all people. Let,see the hard and consistent training that goes into becoming an athlete as well as the efforts to keep fit. Keep ing it real, there has been a lot of injustice done to people, and we must strive to right injustice, and teach that people are people. Nelson Mandela , Ghandi and others fought for peace, fought on principle.

  6. The Truth says:

    I think it is sad that all of the commentators speak of him being great in the ring and out of the ring. But nobody says exactly what he did out of the ring. We name the “white supremacy and racism”. That is the opponent that took 3 of his most precious years from him. That is the real blow that almost knocked the great champ out. His greatest win was against the establishment called racism. The problem is that not even Ali was able to dismantle that foe. For it still is alive and well today while Ali is resting in peace! TEll the TRUTH!