Video & Photos: BHW “Kiddie Carnival” Event

June 4, 2016

[Updated with photos] Bermuda Heroes Weekend’s “Kiddie Carnival” is underway today [June 4], with colourful dressed children making their way through Hamilton to the sounds of soca music.

The BHW promo for the event said, “Kiddie Carnival will be a fun filled day for P1 – P6 aged children and families. The day will start with a Parade of Bands which will start at The Corporation of Hamilton Laffan Street Car Park.

“We will parade to Dundonald Street, and proceed to Victoria Park which will be filled with food, activities and entertainment! Admission into the park is free! Parade participants will have lunch, snacks, drinks and unlimited rides included in their package.”

BHW said there are two Mas Bands which provided Kiddie Carnival costumes: Passion Bermuda  and Nova Mas International.

Bermuda Heroes Weekend – taking place from June 17 to 20, 2016 – will see seven bands and numerous international soca artists performing at various events over the four-day period.

Five Star Friday is the opening event for the weekend and will feature Kes The Band from Trinidad as the headline act for the concert. This year, Five Star Friday will be held at the National Sports Centre, having moved from the Front Street location, which saw thousands attend the free concert last year.

Additional events include BHW Glow J’Ouvert will be held on Saturday, June 18 at 3am at the Michael Preece Softball Stadium at Bernard’s Park in Hamilton followed by the Parade of Bands at 2pm beginning in St. David’s with the route ending at Clearwater Beach.

Pan in the Park is scheduled for Sunday, June 19 at 3pm featuring live steel pan artists performing a variety of music with no charge to the community. In addition, Sunday is also promoters’ day and various local promoters have events scheduled. Rounding out the weekend is the Raft Up to be held on National Heroes Day in the Great Sound.

For more information, visit or download the BHW Smartphone app.

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Comments (16)

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  1. smdh says:

    what is the purpose of young girls, as young as 3 years old , parading in the streets in a two piece bathing suit? smdh

    • Struuuuupppeess says:

      I saw nothing provocative about those little kids….. I wonder if you feel the same way when kids go to the beach in 2 piece bikinis….. Some folks just have to have something to complain about …….smh

      • Art says:

        SMDH did not mention anything about ‘provocative’ but simply asked the question (which you avoided) “What is the purpose?”

  2. Say Whaat? says:

    Was this really necessary? Can’t kids stay kids and look forward to things when they are older? Majorettes I get, carnival kids dressed like this, I don’t.

    • SocaLover says:

      None of the two Mas bands that participated had kids in two piece bathing suits. Some other people at the last minute joined in and brought kids in bikinis. I agree the bikinis are not appropriate. The two band groups were great!

    • Truth Teller says:

      But the majorette costumes are often as revealing. Why are similar costumes that emanate from an American tradition fine but one that traces its roots to the Caribbean frowned upon by some.

      I don’t get it.

      • Say Whaat? says:

        The children’s version of majorettes clothes aren’t revealing. No child has on a bikini top in majorettes.

  3. The Hornet's Nest says:

    ^^ Hi haters

  4. Mike says:

    To those that have concerns about the kids participating, do not worry. I am sure they will be in Sunday School tomorrow morning.

  5. Fyrestorm says:

    The critics really make me laugh because you say absolutely NOTHING about how the children are dressed for the Bermuda Day Parade, ballet dancers and the bathing suits you dress young girls in during the summer. How many children do you see every Saturday and during the week coming from dance lessons with skin tight body suits on? But yet you have so much to say about this mini parade…

    • Say Whaat? says:

      What songs are the children dancing too? The Nutcracker, though has an interesting name is not talking about sex and moving certain body parts. There’s no kid friendly soca, that’s grown folk music talking about grown stuff!

  6. smdh says:

    definitely aint hating Hornet’s Nest!!!!! if the bathing suits weren’t part of the parade, I’m cool with it, otherwise keep the bathing suits (for LITTLE girls AT THE BEACH!!!!!! Hornet’s Nest sounds like he or she made a buck or two off this event, smdh again if the promoters are fine with these kids dancing on the STREETS in bathing suits.

  7. Dellamae says:

    smdh let the children be children they all are beautiful smdh

  8. Carnivalist says:

    First of ALL the Kiddie Carnival was a successful FUN event for kids….Well done to BHW for putting on this event…To SMDH what difference is it from lil kids at that age in a 2 piece on a bladdy beach? It was hot and carnival appropriate attire. The purpose was fit for the event. At “SAY WHAT” you simply cant compare the two as its two different groups…At “SOCA LOVER” I am a proud parent who actually MADE THEM SAME ACCESSORIES which was cost efficient for all who took part in the days events…Now I could’ve came up with a high priced package but its not worth kids having to enjoy themselves and their parents can’t pay their rent/mortgage at the end of this month…So don’t misunderstand this when I say…My main focus was to allow kids to take part in this event at a low cost with the event promoters permission. All the kids enjoyed themselves that’s all that bladdy matters. AT “Mike” My two kids go church EVERY Sunday therefore if your being sarcastic I want you know they prayed for you also. At “Fyrestorm and Dellamae” I agree with you…for any other negative person complaining and trying to bring down the facts about these kids who had a blast….Go jump off a cliff n flip head 1st!!!

  9. Yes I says:

    Looks like the kids had fun! Keep it going!

  10. smdh says:

    carnivalist, sounds like you would sell your soul for a buck! smdh & lmao. carnivalist, its people like u that need to jump & make sure you pick the HIGHEST cliff!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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