BTA Provides Overview Of CEO Search Process

July 13, 2016

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] recently hired Bermudian firm Performance Solutions Limited to manage the search for a new Chief Executive Officer [CEO], and has now provided an overview of the CEO search process.


A BTA spokesperson previously said, “ Mr Hanbury is concluding his three-year contract at the end of 2016, but before his departure he will work side-by-side to transition the CEO designate into the new role.

“To meet the end-of-year recruitment timetable Performance Solutions has outlined the following project milestones:

  • Engage key stakeholder groups [BTA Board & Management Team; Bermuda Hotel Association, etc.]
  • Advertise locally and abroad
  • Complete initial candidate screening
  • Complete assessment of short listed candidates and conduct interviews with Search Committee
  • Select final candidates for full Board interview and selection

“The BTA Board will be diligent in seeking out the very best CEO candidate to continue the strong leadership of the BTA. The Board anticipates a robust process of selection and vetting of candidates against clearly defined criteria and objectives.”

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  1. Ty says:

    First and foremost – Many many thanks to Mr. Hanbury for his diligent service to our Tourism product. I believe he has made reasonable progress for the short period that he has been in charge.

    Questions:- I am all for a Bermudian taking the position as Head of the BTA, but………what happens at the end of the vetting process and there is no-one deemed qualified enough to take the helm? (which seems to be the norm…. and I’m quite sure there is a Bermudian who can run this) Will Mr. Hanbury’s contract be extended? Does he want to or will he be asked to do another term if no qualified person is found? Will the Bermudian (if qualified) receive the same scarily healthy package as Mr. Hanbury?

    Just a couple of questions….. :) :)


  2. Clare says:

    Great – transparency!

  3. Aware says:

    I very much hope a qualified Bermudian is available for this role and encourage those that are to make themselves known. Perhaps we could then all grow up a bit and stop this shameful focus on compensation and instead turn our attention to measuring progress and results. Let’s also remember that attracting an industry veteran into a role that was newly set up with all of the political angst that involved, needing to build a team, a strategy and public goodwill is a little different from taking the position three years on with much of this now on track. Whatever the compensation arrangements the Board determines, please let’s give the new CEO a break and focus on what he delivers rather than what he costs.