MP Shawn Crockwell Resigns From The OBA

July 1, 2016

[Updated] MP Shawn Crockwell is set to resign from the One Bermuda Alliance and sit in the House of Assembly as an Independent, according to a report by ZBM.

According to last night’s ZBM broadcast, Mr Crockwell will announce his resignation during today’s sitting of the House of Assembly.

ZBM’s report last night by Gary Moreno saying that Mr Crockwell will resign can be seen below:

In March 2016, Shawn Crockwell — who served as Minister of Tourism & Transport — resigned as a Cabinet Minister, and remained in the House as a backbencher.

In a podcast interview with Bernews, Mr Crockwell confirmed that approached some members of the PLP about forming a coalition government after he quit the OBA Cabinet, adding that there “were discussions” but it was not “deemed feasible at this time.”

During the podcast, Mr Crockwell said that “too often” the Government “did not really listen to the concerns” of members of the community.

“On many occasions I felt these issues were very sensitive as they relate to the black community, we should have paused and tried to embrace it,” he said.

Podcast with Mr Crockwell from May 2016:

During the podcast, Mr Crockwell refuted any suggestion he was considering crossing the floor to join the PLP, and according to both ZBM and our own checks, this still is the case, with the MP planning to sit as an Independent, with his resignation expected to take place towards the end of today’s session.

The OBA has not responded to requests for comment, however will update as able.

Update 4.58pm: Mr Crockwell has just concluded speaking and he has formally resigned from the OBA. Further details to come.

Update 5.15pm: Mr Crockwell touched on many issues during his speech [see some comments via our Twitter account] and we will have a full transcription of his speech, however this will take some time [sorry!], however in the meantime, a brief audio clip of Mr Crockwell confirming his resignation is below

Update 8.24pm: Premier Michael Dunkley said, “Shawn’s decision to sit as an Independent MP is a very disappointing development.

“He is a very capable and talented individual and the people of Bermuda could have continued to benefit by his remaining an active, committed member of the Government. But that is not the case today.

“We will continue our work to return economic security and opportunity that was lost to thousands of Bermudians in recent years.

“I know for a fact that Shawn wants to see that happen, and so we look forward to working with him to continue moving the Island forward in ways that work for Bermudian who want a better life.

“Prior to Shawn’s announcement in the House today, he raised a number of issues with me, and I have assured him that I will look into them and deal with them in the most appropriate way.”

Update 9.09pm: 19-minute audio of Mr Crockwell’s resignation speech in the House

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  1. De other ones will get it one day too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave says:

      Now we have another flip flop. Go join the PLP and see how far that gets you with all the money missing from 1998 – 2012. I’ll never vote for you again.

      • We the People (1st!!) says:

        What money missing from 1998-2012?

        • Moojun says:

          I believe they are referring to the Auditor General’s 2006 Annual Report, which stated “$800 million of public funds were unaccounted for, Mr. Dennis said: “One recommendation (in Appendix Two) requires special mention this year. In my 2003, 2004 and 2005 annual reports I expressed concern at the number of frauds and misappropriations that were detected in recent years in Government entities.”

          That money. Gone. And still accruing interest at ‘our’ (the average Bermudians’) expense. Clear?

      • Teresa says:

        Just a matter of time and he will join Wayne.Dont want to throw up your past but… Lest us not forget those that supported you.
        Like school children.Back & Forth.

        • DS says:

          Teresa, people like you make me laugh. Was only a matter of time before somebody threw up his past. His past was perfectly fine when he was a member of the OBA, but now it’s not? Why is his past suddenly unacceptable to you?

          It’s this elitist mentality that turns so many people off from the OBA.

      • Its me again says:

        Honestly he probably doesnt need your vote anyway…

      • Yahoo says:

        Just a cry for attention. Just like Jahmal, Flip Flop Furbert and Kim Swan. All attention seekers who can only get a day or two of recognition by throwing a temper tantrum and quitting. After a day or two of press, they are all back to being irrelevant.

        Shawn was voted in under the OBA banner so maybe he should run as an independent in a by election?

      • Caitlyn says:

        Oh my and who defended you when the PLP reaped up your past.
        I do feel when anyone is elected in and they want to go Independent or cross over,we should go back to the polls,we didn’t vote for you to be an Independent.

    • 2000 job promise says:

      At the end of the day the former BDA party should never have amalgamated with the UBP to form the OBA. The OBA needs to do everything within their power to win black Bermudian voters.

      The fact is they don’t care about the minority of white Bermuda voters since they know they will never, never, never, never vote PLP. Black Bermudians are the true swing voters and flip flopers and that’s how it’s always been.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        And what is the true percentage of these black swing voters ?

        Far less than what some people want to make them out to be .

        There are far more black Bermudians who will ever only vote PLP than there is white Bermudians who will never vote PLP , or thusly only vote OBA or whatever , so stop making it sound like black voters are some sort of saviors of the political scene. Bearing in mind that about 35% of blacks won’t vote PLP the black swing vote probably accounts for less than 15% of the total numbers .

        • Wake up says:

          Last checked black Bermudians decided who won every election.

          You must have just moved to Bermuda!

          Ask the oba why de scouts are out trying to attract more for the 2017 election photo.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            It’s not ‘black Bermudians’ who decide (determine) who won every election . It’s the small number of swing voters , and there are white swing voters too .

            I think it’s you who has just arrived here.

            • If the majority of Blacks vote for P.L.P and the majority of whites vote for U.B.P. then P.L.P would win everytime, thats why U.B.P. are pushing to get more white P.R.C.’s through.
              Blacks have always and will always strayed from their core foundation, unlike the whites.
              Its Psychological Damage,we cant help it.

      • Tp says:

        There is no way that any Bermudian with even an ounce of respect for himself or herself would stay in that situation if they experienced a bathroom incident or immigration harassment like that.

        • Jim says:

          Assuming the bathroom incident actually happened, and that Immigration was NOT justified in what they did lol

        • Toleratate says:

          Had me up to bathroom incident… was that the slanderous lies that was passed on by two idiots on FB and denied by the very same man…. just checking because if you are correct… that would make him a liar would it not?

      • Its me again says:

        It was all part of their master plan.

        At no point was the BDA not a puppet party of the former UBP. All they did was take the younger UBP memebers and put them in their own separate party and than “disband” the UBP to create the OBA which is now the new UBP.

        Same membership same politicians different name

      • Caitlyn says:

        Leave race out for once please..

    • Dread says:

      Shawn Crockwell has finally seen the light. His version of the merge between the two parties to form the OBA was great.It Worked! What backfired was the fact that the UBP experienced members that were brought aboard sabotaged the alliance. I wonder if this was also planed .Especially after the jet gate outcome.He now realizes the pressures that are put on whistle blowers in all fields, that’s being going on in Bermuda for years. Welcome to the CLUB!! Whats hidden in the dark shall be reveled in the light!! No need to run to the PLP ,,stand firm and be thru to you and your constituents Mr.Crockwell .As an independent if necessary.. Look to the Father for guidance ,,connect with the people and you shall OVERCOME!

    • Grassy one says:

      Yeah, he’s a real man of the people. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. Pure narcissistic theater here.

    • john says:

      obviously no. Can u tell why randy will not step down as d speaker, hence oba will have to use a candidate as the speaker giving a better government for bermuda with Shaun voting as a independent. RANDY IT IS TIME TO DO WHAT WE VOTED U IN TO DO REPRESENT THE PLP N UP TO NOW U HAVE NOT DID IT>IT IS ABOUT TIME U STARTED. BE BLESSED

  2. Brainiac says:

    Now sit back and watch Shawn, all those people that were your biggest fans,watch the nastiness that will be spewed….STARTING NOW!!! I have my popcorn ready!!

    BTW Shawn congrats on taking a stance and standing up for whats right especially concerning OUR PEOPLE! You have courageously taken the first step, the next will be to join the Plp and help them to become a better party for ALL BERMUDIANS!!

    • Defintion please?? Help says:


      What do you mean by:



      Aren’t elected offficials suppose to represent the tax payers of a country.

      I am curios to know what you mean by the terms that you have highlighted

      Thanks and have a blessed day!

      • Brainiac says:

        Yes,you are correct but elected officials are supposed to represent BERMUDIANS FIRST as we are the ones that ELECTED THEM!! NON BERMUDIAN TAX PAYERS SECOND! I hope that answers your question my friend….you as well have a Blessed Day!

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          So what determines someone to be a Non Bermudian Tax Payer? Break it down for us some more…

      • RBYC member says:

        Rule #1 elected officials represent all Bermudians the year of the election.

        After you vote them in they forget all about their promises. Case being all the promises the OBA made. You can make all the promises when trying to get elected but the minute they become a Minister. They forget who voted them in. I’m tired of this arrogant Government.

    • Not exactly says:

      As opposed to the people that used to spew nastiness, but will now be his biggest fans?

    • Double S says:

      “Now sit back and watch Shawn, all those people that were your biggest fans,watch the nastiness that will be spewed….STARTING NOW!!! I have my popcorn ready!!”

      You mean like you guys did with Terry Lister and Randy Horton?

      At least you guys admit that the PLP only cares about YOUR PEOPLE instead of ALL Bermudians.

      And yet you have the nerve to level racist accusations at others.

    • Awake says:

      If Shawm goes over to the PLP, it’ll prove two things: 1) he’s a hypocrite and 2) the PLP are hypocrites. SIMPLE!

      • Sheila says:

        All a bunch of liars never vote PLP
        Never Never Never

      • Grassy one says:

        A legend in his own mind. Never heard from him as my MP. Never. Lots of fancy words but that’s all. More to that story about gaming and that letter from the Government…..

        • BermudaRat says:

          Agree Grassy. Never saw him EVER as my MP. Never did anything for Southampton. Disaster as a Tourism Minister. Agree check out moves to copy Singapore gambling model which is totally wrong for Bermuda.

      • Caitlyn says:

        It is a matter of time.Buddy Wayne waiting.

    • St. D says:

      Easy to say that but how about all the nastiness PLP supporters said about MP Crockwell during the election and how they love him now.

      Both sides are in it to WIN and their opinions depend on which way the wind is blowing.

    • So Tired says:

      I was never a fan, but he could have my swing vote any day after this one. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

    • Toleratate says:

      Works BOTH ways…. just reading comments on this blog it has already begun… your own comments right here proves it… or do you FORGET the laugh all the PLP supports had when he was publicly referred to as a “confused *****”…. is he CONFUSED now?????
      From some-one who holds NO allegiance to either Party… I wish him the best.

  3. bee says:

    uhhhh…dude, where you bin? the PLP are definitely NOT for all Bermudians.

  4. Brainiac says:

    Leah and Nandi, keep a close eye on the ridicule and nastiness that Shawn will encounter from the same people that supported and once loved him! The same people that claim to love and support you now because you remain an OBA/UBP member! We the people will welcome the both of you with open arms and I’m positive the PLP will also!!Come join and make the Party better for ALL BERMUDIANS!

    • PBanks says:

      To be fair, the PLP wasn’t shy when it came to attacking them when they were elected in the first place.

      • Double S says:

        Nor were they and their supporter shy in attacking Terry Lister and Randy Horton at every opportunity after they made their respective political decisions.

        But somehow that is ok to people like ‘Braniac.’

    • bluwater says:

      The only ones being nasty here is you?

  5. Scotty says:

    I think I could write the script for this one. Move over Jahmal and Wayne, Shawn is coming. Sometimes you don’t always get things your way in life Shawn so hope it all works out for you. As Adele says ‘Hello, from the other side Shawn’! Bon chance!

    • Brainiac says:

      She also says ” Hello from the outside”

  6. Encyclopedia says:

    One never knows.

    Crockwell must have deliberated over it for a length of time. A few more desertions and the government will need to go and perhaps call fresh elections !! Not that I am favoring it one way or the other.

  7. Warrior says:

    Thank you Shawn for standing for what is right. Now lets see what Nandi and Leah going to do….

    • Marge says:

      I hope to hell that Lea Scott, gets out of politics……she does not answer her email, but she sures loves facebook…and else for shawn Crockwell,I admire how he has changed his life after the mistake he made in his life……Shawn do the right thing and do not let others take advantage of what you did today …because the P.L.P.have said some horrible things about you….

      • Grizz says:

        Oh Marge, you sound bitter; Let’s not deflect from FACTS that came from Shawn’s mouth. Soooo, the PLP said horrible things about him; is that really the best you can do? He wasn’t part of the PLP, he was a part of the OBA and they didn’t value him or his opinion! Get over it; he got smart! Not a bad move to becoming an Independent either; at least he doesn’t have to tow any party lines, he can focus on the people of Bermuda. And as to your comments about Leah Scott; you could only know how much she loves Facebook if you’re on there as much as her! Grow Up!

    • frank says:

      They are not going. To do. Nothing

    • Caitlyn says:

      Why don’t we elect the PLP in again and see if they can help us out and see where all the money went.Remember there was money in the kitty then.

  8. San George says:

    He deserves every bit of their mistreatment. Sad thing is he is smarter than all of them. Sure it must hurt; but I hope it hurts him good. One more defector and the government is dissolved. There has never been a better time than now to be an MP. All elected governments better start working for the 60% or more of the population or they are gone. No more super majorities; thanks to the PLP.

  9. Musical Chairs says:

    I seem to recall the PLP being highly critical of Minister Crockwell during the Jetgate affair. I will find it ironic if the PLP now welcome him with open arms. In fact, it was reported on Bernews on May 23rd, 2014 that Mr. Bean the PLP leader said, “Minister Crockwell violated the Ministerial Code and participated in over a year of deception and deflection over the JetGate scandal.” He then went further to say “The people and justice demand nothing less than their immediate resignations.” So would PLP really want that type of person to join their party?

    • watching says:

      where was it mentioned that he is joining the PLP?

    • Before Paul was the Great Defender and scribe of the New Testament, he was Saul, the notorious persecutor of Christians, until he saw the LIGHT.
      Well some of you don’t believe that book so why bother.

    • Grizz says:

      You’re quoting statements from Mark Bean May 23, 2014; Did you happen to note that he wasn’t in Parliament today?! Move on! The only deflection I see is from the damn shameful things Shawn said today about his party!! “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” he said….lolol Well done Shawn!!

  10. watching says:

    After all of her columns and comments, one would think Leah would follow suit, however clearly there is a reason she speaks one way, but votes and remains with the OBA.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Money, money, money…MOOOOOOONEY!!!

  11. Oh,I see now says:

    I don’t know which political horizon looks more foreboding us or the U.S. cue the locust,frogs,boils and dying livestock.

  12. Wrong says:

    Funny when Shawn stated he had no confidence in the Premier. I thought he was the one we shouldn’t have any confidence in, and he’s proven us right. Shawn please resign from Parliament you’ve had enough from the public purse already.

    • reddamtibi says:

      I agree -

    • Bob says:

      Should he take Horton with him?

    • Its me again says:


    • James Rego says:

      Crockwell has been an impediment to the OBA right from the beginning. Because of his big mouth and without thinking of the consequences, we have the saga of JetGate. I suggested to the Premier some time back, after many silly proclamations by Crockwell, please tell him to shut his mouth because all he is doing is dropping the OBA in unnecessary s**t. Good riddance!

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    Dying livestock an oxymoron for sure.

  14. ron,b says:

    he saw the racism first hand,

    • So Tired says:

      Agree. It’s just how much you can stomach and for how long

  15. ron,b says:

    black bermuda, you have a fight on your hands , certain people in power are allowing your country to be colonized by parasites

  16. Terry says:

    With the Americas Cup around the corner this is a well planned exit for Shawn.

    Best of luck Bermuda in the next few years.

    Gives a new meaning to “spilled milk”.


    • Bob says:

      Best of luck UK post Brexit and you are in my prayers America with Trump looming – how’s it going to Spain / Greece / Italy …. In short, Bermuda like many other prominent countries have issues ..,

  17. drunken ursula says:

    Shawn you did your best ! I gather now all the nasty comments will start mainly from those OBA supporters, how sad when one follows their convictions. I’m waiting for that Senator Woolridge to hear her spin on that event , if he resigns from OBA!

  18. King of the Ashes says:

    In all honesty OBA just dissolve the Government.

    Let the PLP win back power and have them deal with the financial mess they created and left the OBA with to make the hard and unpopulated decisions.

    If somehow they think that they can start giving away ‘free’ things again, then let them and see what happens next.

    If they embark on even a smidgen of their protectionist policies and inane ideas put forward so far ,you can guarantee that the foreign investment that is finally coming back to our shores will disappear as it did between 2008 and 2012 along with it any promise of jobs.

    I am not a PLP supporter but I am tired of hearing all the hate in the street, on the radio and reading on boards like this aimed at the OBA and a certain demographic of this hate filled island.

    So OBA give up the Government and let them deal with the mess they created it the first place.

    By the time that happens we will need a bailout that the UK can’t afford and thus their lifelong ambitions of independence will be put forward.

    And then once we reach the promised land of independent we can be bailed out by an IMF structural Adjustment Program. And the new shall know what true austerity feels like. (take a look at Barbados recently).

    But hey at least they will be the King of the Ashes.

    • Brainiac says:

      @King of the ashes, Do you believe for one minute that someone actually thinks youre a supporter of the PLP!?!? Haha

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Braniac or Brain dead?…go back and copy n paste where king of ashes wrote that please because my spectacles can’t help me find those words…

      • Point boy says:

        He said not support. Read before you write.

        • Brainiac says:

          LMAO @Point boy, UMMM I know what he said! Read and COMPREHEND before you write!

  19. Position Available: Leader says:

    Could the Real Premier please stand up, someone who will take charge, rally the troops, and get on with the business of the people. Successful business leaders know that when you avoid having the difficult conversations, you end up with polarize groups, infighting and an ineffective organization. So please just deal with the internal issues, have those tough conversations, listen once in awhile and maybe your leadership will blossom and you can spend less time trying to maintain your position of power. If you are not willing or able than please step aside. Let someone else get on with leading this country. I am not a Shawn Crockwell fan nor am I his enemy, but why would you let it get to this point. He was good enough to be Tourism Minister one day but he is a castaway the next? I don’t want the OBA or the PLP in power. I want a doctor to run health care, a successful educator to run the education department, an immigration specialist heading up immigration, effectively I just want regular people with some common sense, humility, and diplomatic and business acumens to run this country. Unfortunately it will never happen in my lifetime.

  20. REch B says:


  21. Just the Tip says:

    I’ve always wondered why there is never a re-vote on seats when someone leaves a party.

    • PBanks says:

      Well until Terry Lister resigned his MP spot a while back, most MPs who became independents pretty much stood the course until the next election cycle.

    • .am says:

      It’s always been my understanding that you’re meant to vote for the person rather than the party, so – assuming this to be true – becoming an independent doesn’t really change anything in the bigger scheme of things.. other than they’ve essentially rendered themselves entirely useless to both political parties and their respective constituency.

      • Just the Tip says:

        while i get what your saying i still don’t see the sense when this is party politics, most people are voting for the party not the person. It be nice if it was the person but that is not the case

  22. Truth is killin' me... says:

    POLITICIANS ARE ALL IN IT FOR THE MONEY. PLP, UBP, BDA, OBA…MONEY…MONEY…MONEY…MONEY. They may all start off with good intenetions but when that first paycheck hits their bank account, their SOUL is SOLD!!TRUST ME!!!

    • Please says:

      That is so not true.. there are several plp minister that I know that can’t get jobs because they are a part of the plp party….it’s called dedication

      • .am says:

        “can’t get jobs” isn’t dedication – it’s unqualified.

        • R u serious? says:

          So you think that Paula Cox is unqualified in her chosen field in the private sector?

          • Just the Tip says:

            she still had her job for quite a while as i recall.

        • drunken ursula says:

          unqualified as you heard or seen Nandi ?

  23. Cow Polly says:

    Shawn – don’t leave, instigate change instead.

  24. Awake says:

    People in Bermuda crack me the heck up! Now the PLP and its members are calling for Shawn, Nandi and Leah to cross the floor!!!! LOL! Talk about hypocrites! You’ve had NOTHING NICE to say about any of them and now your arms are stretched wide open! The laughing stock of the barrel, that’s for sure!

    • Brainiac says:

      That pertains to both sides but real Bermudians,for Bermudians, are always forgiving!! P.O.S Fahy is the OBAs demise!! Premier Dunkley, PLEASE DO NOT GET RID OF FAHY….I WANT THE PLP TO BE THE NEXT GOVERNMENT OF BERMUDA!!

      • Point boy says:

        Ignorance is Bliss

        • Brainiac says:

          I see you are stalking me…You don’t want any part of me! You couldn’t pick up on a little sarcasm in my above post! Stay in your league!

      • Please says:

        I believe we are forgetting one person, the one who is calling all the shuts behind close doors. .let us not take our eyes off the man himself. The one and only Honorable Grant Gibbons..

    • Hurricane says:

      @ Awake, welcome to the world of politics. This is certainly not limited to Bermuda.

  25. Shawn, I wish you the best . People do have pet snakes. You are giving yours up . These are the best of times, and these are the worse of times. THE TALE OF TWO BERMUDAS .by Shawn Crockwell.

    • Scotty says:

      Mr Smith , it is the ‘worst’ of times.

      • Bob says:

        Save us the boring grammar lesson Scotty – his point was clearly made and your silly attempt to deflect, well, is just silly…

  26. Paradise says:

    Well done, Mr. Crockwell for taking a stance on behalf of the people of Bermuda. Let your conscience be your guide!

    Continued success in all that you do!

  27. Honestly says:

    Congrats Shawn on recognizing when something isn’t for you! Hopefully you continue to work in politics somehow and serve the people of Bermuda!

    • Runner says:

      Bon voyage Shawn! Have fun in whatever your new role brings.

  28. Coffee says:

    He’s gone , he’s gone , he’s gone yeah .. Oh mockingbird have you ever heard …. Robert Nesta Marley

    Micheal gave ‘em de whip , whip
    , Shawn gave ‘em de Nae Nae

    The house of cards shall fall …. Soon !


    • Just the Tip says:

      As some one said before

      ignorance is bliss

    • Um got to much brains says:

      Coffee will be relegated to the anals of history.

    • steve says:

      OBA a house of cards? Many of us hold the opinion that Bermuda is a house of cards.

  29. BLIND SHEEP says:

    People are forgetting that it’s the men in suits that is ruining this island, OBA PLP they are all for themselves. Feel sorry for the diehard supporters that treat it like a sport. amazing how the few can effect soo many. Bermuda is becoming political unstable. In a few months we will not have the UK to run too, WE MUST STAND AGAINT THE 36 ON HILL AND TAKE THIS ISLAND BY THE HORNS.

  30. Coffee says:

    Michael Dunkley, the Premier, was absent from the room while the Southampton West Central MP’s speech was given.

    REALLY !

    • drunken ursula says:

      well you know the milkman, if the sun not shinning on him in a positive way he absent…

    • So Tired says:


  31. retirement says:

    You know politics is sooooo disgusting and sorry but Politicians too many are frauds. Shawn what ever they say looks like because you was in the inside you saw and heard a lot in time it will all come out. but for now remember they will do all they can to financially hurt you so stay strong.what you have is what we push for our young man get an education then you have options that they cant stop.

  32. steve says:

    Resigning and a parting shot drawing the similarity to UBP will hurt the OBA for sure. Was it just a parting shot? or If you are looking for a fresh start, just say they have become the old UBP, and we all open our arms(been done a few times),heck maybe they are just UBP reincarnate …lots of opinion out there. My view: Dunkley is the leader of the OBA and he is stymied,slow moving,stonewalled at every turn as it is. I am sure at times he took Mr Crockwells advice and at other times he did not…just like all other members of the party. 4 years go quick enough couple that with the endless bickering and befuddlement in Bermuda and bam…you get Zero(judging by pathways and ssm- OBA will end up with a zero) I wish Mr Crockwell the best and hope he remains in politics as he has a good mind and seems to care deeply for his country.

  33. swing voter says:

    where is Sir John when you need him….straighten out the UBP or the OBA will lose in 2017. you will lose in 2017 no matter what you do to fix the economy. you will lose and the PLP will finish what they started. GET OUT UBP!!!!!

  34. Oh,I see now says:

    Does anyone remember Julian Hall…….déjà vu

  35. O.M.G says:

    never really trusted him he is to close to Furbert. How much info did you give the PLP dear. Keep an eye on the eagle he will spend more time in the green Bldg. All it take it a position and he will be there lol just like Furbert, Simmons etc. it’s so sad but why does it always have to be Black and white in this country it makes me sick.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      Here comes the hate. lol

    • Peter says:

      Either way it looks like the UBP

    • Brainiac says:

      LOL I was waiting for it!! Blacks didn’t start this mess!! History points all fingers at whites. Remember segregation? Remember slavery? One human having another human on a chain walking around? Now that racism has turned around to bite them in the a$$, the INVENTORS OF THE RACE CARD, NOW WANT TO ACCUSE BLACKS OF USING IT!!

  36. Please says:

    Shawn be a Samson and bring the house of hypocrisy down

    • drunken ursula says:

      please Please , Rodney Smith wont be happy if that happens!

    • Runner says:

      He doesn’t have any hair!

  37. Blind Sheep says:

    The past 8 years or so proved something…Bermuda has two good opposition governments and zero ruling governments. Time ever for a third option.

  38. Baygrapes says:

    And the turkeys continue to vote for Christmas. God help us all.

    Sir John Swan, can you please come back and help get Bermuda back on track!

    • tfarting troll says:

      he lost cause he wanted independence.

  39. Point boy says:

    I wear (Crocks)
    on my feet all day. There comfortable (But!! A little slippery) I better go back to my Flip-Flop. Hmmmm. You can’t always get what you want.

    That’s life!!

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      It is not a matter of getting what you want, silly boy. It’s about standing up for something, especially when you fundamentally disagree with the leadership. He is not the only one to have serious issues and who has questioned the leadership of the OBA. However, he is the only one to have the backbone to step down.

  40. Coffee says:

    Wow , after listening to Shawn , I will hereafter and forever more refer to that very nefarious party as the UBP/BDA/OBA/UBP !

    RAID the mans castle and interfere with his lively hood !

    Shame , Shame , Shame !

  41. swing voter says:

    after reading some of the comments above I came to the conclusion that some people will never understand that the island has changed, people are not intimidated into submission, and we will vote for the PLP if the OBA do not change their ways

  42. aceboy says:

    This screams of “I want more but you won’t give it to me, so I am going to take my ball and go home you big meanies.”

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      How? When he initially stepped down as Tourism minister he stayed on as an OBA MP. His reasons why he stepped down had nothing to do with ‘I want more, but you won’t give it to me….’ etc. He clearly has a problem with the leadership of the OBA. And you know for a fact, that others within the OBA, other MPs, also have a real problem with the leadership of the party.

      But this is a typical response when someone stands up for what they believe is the right thing to do. But yet you say nothing about how the AG tried to target this practice which would hurt him financially. Nothing. Do you agree with that? Speak up!

      • aceboy says:

        What is this about his “practice”? What practice does Crockwell have?

        You must have switched topics mid post…are you referring to Dr. Brown? Or perhaps you mean the Accountant General….who was arrested for trying to do the right thing? Very confusing.

        It appears arrogance is the big issue here. There was no party more arrogant than the PLP when they were in power. Do you recall the phrase “We don’t care what you think”? I do.

        All this concern about the sensitivities of black Bermudians at a time when this country is still in serious financial trouble. It is evidence that Crockwell cares about Crockwell and he’ll use the race tensions on this island to prove his point.

  43. Curious says:

    Don’t slip on the banana skin on the way over next year!!

  44. Coffee says:

    ……. Canary in the coal mine !