Podcast: Baron On Crime, Road Safety & More

August 30, 2016

In this latest Bernews podcast, we speak to the Minister of National Security Jeff Baron who revealed than gang membership has dropped by more than 150 people. Yet, he says, gangs are still changing and recruiting – sometimes even from schools.

Bernews Podcast with Jeff Baron

The Minister talks about his plans for restorative justice – which focuses on both the needs of the victim as well as the offender, plus the community that is involved.

Mr Baron talks about his stance on policing in St. George’s and stands by his decision not to re-open the police station and asked if conscription would ever be phased out completely, the Minister said: “I would like to think so.” He added: “I don’t like conscription.”

71-minute podcast with Minister Jeff Baron:

He also talks about a future changing role of the Regiment, which will have a big maritime role to play in the America’s Cup. In the future, he said a significant part of the Regiment would be maritime-based.

On road safety, the Minister said “We have to get away from saying we need more police out there, it a whole community thing.”


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  1. Smh says:

    Gang membership has dropped? So where do they take roll call lol!
    You mean police can identify 150 less potential suspects than they could in the past …

    • sage says:

      Stupidest statement yet, I guess they checked this years gang membership record books that gangstas make available to the Dept. of Statistics and Baron annually.

  2. swing voter says:

    “gang membership has dropped by more than 150 people”

    What did you do go out take a poll? Since you have the numbers in the gang membership, why don’t you inform Bermuda how many are black and how many are white gangsters. Give us the %!!!!!!!

    Bermuda voters try not to tune in the BULL $— of politics until it’s two months before the election. Till then, it’s like watching preseason football. First the OBA blamed the PLP. Now since their in power they can’t blame the PLP.

  3. Game over UBP says:

    Jeff do you remember the plan “OBA’s Jeff Baron On Crime, Dec 3 2012″ on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btoz5zKqQOE

    Was this called the UBP/oba BAND-AID :)

  4. ImJustSayin says:

    Just another example of a Government that is out of touch with the people and with what is really behind this gang mentality.

  5. count says:

    Did any of you muppets listen to the podcast?