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June 23, 2016

OBA MP Leah Scott was aware of talks between former Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell and the PLP about forming a coalition government, she said in the latest Bernews Podcast.

And asked if she supported Mr Crockwell, who has since resigned from Cabinet, she said: “Yes.” Asked how she knew, she said she was friends with Mr Crockwell and they talked about it.

Asked if it was something she would have joined, Ms Scott said: “If it was something that could have been workable. I believe that we should be working together. One thing I do not like about the Westminster system is the combativeness of it.”

The former Junior Minister of Education also revealed that no-one in the OBA replied to an email expressing her fears that the Government was out of touch with the people.

Bernews Podcast with Leah Scott

Did you get a reply; she was asked in this Bernews interview. “No. The focus was not on the content, which was sad. The focus was on who leaked the email and not looking at the content of the email and what was being said.”

In the email, which was prompted by the Pathways to Status issue, Ms Scott wrote: “The gatherings are only going to get larger and more contentious and your continued ignorance of the cries of the people is nothing but pure arrogance.”

19-minute podcast with MP Leah Scott:

She says in this interview: “And it is.” Ms Scott said the immigration issue and her leaked email were a kind of “awakening”.

Asked if the arrogance had improved, she said: “I think the immigration situation and my leaked email was a kind of awakening but I do not know how far awake we really are. We are taking baby steps but we are not taking enough to make people happy.”

Asked if baby steps were enough with an election about 18 months away, she said: “No, I do not think so. We have to get connected with the reality of what is going on with people.”


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  1. watching says:

    While Ms. Scott makes many good points, the fact that she still is a member of the OBA, and continues to vote with the OBA, speaks louder than any podcast comments or emails do. What Ms. Scott needs to do is sever ties with the OBA and put her money where her mouth is.

  2. Leah Fan says:

    Ms Scott, you are doing a disservice to your country by representing a Party who clearly doesn’t represent YOUR people!! I will welcome you with open arms, help make the PLP a better Party…..bring Shawn with you!!

    • Double S says:

      Not too long ago you and your Party had nothing nice to say about Leah.

      You called her a plagiarizer and demanded that she resign as she has no integrity. The OBA stood by her side during the onslaught from you and yours.

      Crockwell was lambasted by you and yours during the ‘JetGate’ issue with many of you demanding that he step down while saying he should be give up his seat entirely due to that matter.

      Now all of a sudden they are your heroes and would make the PLP a ‘better Party.’ Absolutely, hilarious.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Thats de biggest problem with some people, always quick to forgive with open arms, we need to take a page out of de other community’s book.
        When one of their own crosses de table they are shunned and alienated like Dr. Barbara Ball, but our people are too appoligetic and forgiving.
        The funny thing is, they ALL say they join de U.B.P. to make a difference from de inside out, but when they get on de inside they become de inside.

      • Leah Fan says:

        @Double S, your argument holds no water….I VOTED FOR OBA LAST ELECTION!!! ABSOLUTELY,HILARIOUS!!! I need not say anymore!

      • SpitBouy says:

        @ Double S,

        Bingo!!!. Nicely put as well. LMAO

    • Gabriel says:

      She is making the OBA a better party for staying. I would not imagine her joining an organization that was so publically critical of her. She would be better off by being independent.

      • PBanks says:

        Independents don’t last long in Bermuda politics.

  3. takbir Sharrieff says:

    I guess Minister Crockwell and Leah Scott decided that …..half a loaf ,,,was better than none ,,,since the O.B. A Govt is finished forever to be pushed into the annals of history like its predecessor the U.B.P.

  4. JP says:

    If Crockwell and Scott had defected, it would not have led to a “workable” government. Instead the Governor would have called a fresh election, as the electorate did not vote for a PLP government in 2012. If a fresh election had been called, then the PLP would have needed to turf out two of its own MPs to parachute Crockwell and Scott into safe PLP seats, or find some other way to reward them, as there is no way they would have been able to retain their safe OBA seats as turncoats, and a Bermuda Democratic Alliance Mk II would be a disaster.

    Ultimately politicians tend to have a fairly good instinct for which way their bread is buttered, which is why they ultimately stayed put.

    • PBanks says:

      What if, instead of going with a vote of no confidence, ‘rebel MPs’ simply just voted along PLP lines, ensuring that any OBA motions fail and that any PLP motions do likewise? Would the Premier then choose to dissolve Parliament?

  5. Rich says:

    56% of registered voters supported the pathways to status legislation as tabled in March, while 29% were opposed.

    If you exclude those who don’t know, this boils down to 66% in favour and 34% opposed.

    Who’s really out of touch?

    • LOL says:

      And those figures came from which CLOWN. If that was the case the OBA wouldn’t have punked out

  6. Really? says:

    Ms. Scott in my opinion, embodies what the stated objective of the (then) newly formed OBA stood for. Namely, “openness, fairness and transparency”, and while I am not a supporter of the OBA, I do find that Ms. Scott in particular, and with greater frequency, Mr. Crockwell, (who I will admit I have never before been a fan of previously) are stepping up and striving to meet that ideal.

    Mr. Crockwell, I have a new found respect for you, keep moving according to your conscience. While I and other like minded people may not agree with your every choice, we are more willing to debate with you now that we feel that you have an open mind in hearing our concerns.

    I believe that we are long past the point that “Party Politics” are serving our People. A Bi-partisan approach is long past due. Both sides need to recognize that they do not have all the answers. We are too small a community to split hairs and choose sides. In order for us all to survive and thrive, we need to stand on common ground and move as ONE people.

  7. Jackpot says:

    Onion Juice. Why do you make up things? Just cause you say something does not make it true. Leah never went after Crockwell or called for his resignation. Can you tell me what wrong was done in “Jetgate”? Surely it wasn’t going on a private jet as many PLP ministers did that. The OBA is finished, not because of Jetgate but because of Dunkley and the white oligarchy that forms the OBA. Those who created the BDA and formed the OBA had a vision that was not the return of the UBP. Don’t forget that Crockwell, Pettingill, and Hunt all left the UBP before. That is why Crockwell resigned from the Cabinet and that is why Leah is speaking out. It is simple.

  8. San George says:

    A 19-17 majority – these MP’s have no idea how much leverage they have. The only person who has remotely played cards is Cannonier. The rest of them fail as politicians. The window for playing is rapidly closing – 18 months. In 50 years most of us who care will be dead; why not have some fun.

  9. Jackpot says:

    What card was that San George? Being the Premier for the shortest time in our history card?

  10. Scotty says:

    Ms Scott, it would appear does not know which side of the road to walk on. It is becoming more apparent that ‘team playing’ is not her forte. Perhaps she might consider forming her own party and be in control, she would then be at liberty to say what she likes whenever she feels like it. I think not much thought is given to her outbursts. She should also follow Mr Crockwell if so inclined or join the PLP for that matter. I am convinced she would be equally dissatisfied.

  11. Oh,I see now says:


    The only problem with your comment of which I agree is there is always someone on the playground who wants to be in charge of everything.What sense is there getting into politics if you can’t enjoy the fruits of victory/power oh and ahh err helping people too.

  12. Need Peace says:

    Min. Scott, why do you speak publicly against your party, it seems, then still vote with them on contentious issues against the people you are suppose to be representing? it seems that you wouldn’t earn the respect of either rendering you dead in the water.