Saltus Students Celebrate 100 Percent Pass Rate

August 31, 2016

Students at Saltus Grammar School are celebrating a 100 percent success rate in GCSE and IGCSE exams.

It follows the success of Saltus’ Graduate Year students in the recent Advanced Placement exams, where the students scored well above the global average.

Head of School, Ted Staunton, said: “Saltus is incredibly proud of our students’ academic achievements, and the efforts and work they put into their studies.

“There is a huge sense of gratification from knowing that our students are well rounded, developed individuals. They are becoming global citizens, ready for whatever hurdles the 21st Century produces.”

As well as getting a 100 percent pass rate, 92 percent of this year’s S11 students received at least 5 A*-C IGCSE passes with 26 percent of these being A and A* grades.

Students from S9, S10 and S11 also successfully sat a variety of the internationally accepted exams ahead of schedule, including 20 S9 student who achieved A-C grades in their ICT exam.

The top performer this academic year was Kaya Vogler, aged 16, who achieved 8A* and 1A grade.

Other students of particular merit include: Logan Krueger who achieved 5A* and 4 As; Blair Blakeney achieved 5 A*s and 3 As; Tyler Kendall and Kaya Montarsolo both achieved 4 A* and 2 A grades; Adeline Young 4 A*s and 1 A; Rhys Kittleson 3 A* and, 3 As; Alys Webber achieved 2 A*s and 4 As; Lynsey Palmer received 2 A*s and 5 As; Toriah Smith achieved 2 A*s and 4 As.

Mr Staunton added: “These students have not only performed at a high academic standard but have also taken leading roles with major school performances, represented the school and Bermuda at sporting events and won various awards over the past 12 months.”

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  1. stunned... says:

    wonderful news.

    what can the public schools do to emulate the same success?

    • watching says:

      Pick their students and weed out the non-performers…
      that is the distinct advantage that private schools have over public schools.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Have a high percentage of students under the care & encouragement of 2 parents. Also have motivated teachers who are appreciated by those parents.

  2. Sir Randeville Flash says:

    Them names aint like the names of the b’ys who went Saltus when I was a kid… Andrew, Bill, Charlie, David, Eldon, Frank, George, Michael, Tommy, Stephen… it’s a new world, baby…

    Now Saltus has got Logan, Blair, Tyler, Kaya, Adeline, Rhys, Alys, Lynsey, Toriah…

    Is this the new Age of Aquarius in the digital era?