Video: BIU President On Airport Project Co Jobs

September 28, 2016

Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] President Chris Furbert spoke yesterday [Sept 27] about the job offers from Project Co for BIU members at LF Wade Airport, saying “we’re very concerned about some of the conditions” in the letter from Project Co.

The BIU President said, “You may or may not be aware that around about September 12th, 2016, the staff had been given offer letters from Project Co to sign. The date for those letters of employment to be signed was today – the 27th day of September, 2016.

“We met with our members last week Monday, which would have been the 19th of September. We met with them again yesterday, which would have been the 26th of September. We’re very concerned about some of the conditions in that letter from Project Co.”

11-minute of the full press conference: 

The Airport Development Agreement between the Bermuda Government and the Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC], says, “Without limiting any other provision of this Airport Development Agreement, CCC agrees that the Project Agreement shall require Project Co to perform all Airport Operations specified therein in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof, and, in the performance thereof, Project Co shall engage the services of experienced and qualified Person[s] [whether by retainer, employment, acquisition or otherwise], who possess the necessary experience and expertise to directly assist with, and be engaged in, the performance of Project Co’s Airport Operations duties and obligations.”

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  1. If it was’nt for Organized Labor we would be treated like S!@#. Ok Trump supporters your turn.

    • Double S says:


      Onion Juice you are against immigration based on the type of people that would benefit.

      You are the Trump supporter of Bermuda.

      Your stance on gay rights, race relations and your constant claims that ‘European culture is disgusting’ makes you the alt-right of Bermuda. You are what you what you hate, but are too stupid to realize it.

      Your constant attempts to paint others that don’t look like you as Trump supporters exemplifies your inability to look past skin color and into actual ideologies.

      If you didn’t knew what Trump or any other US Republican looked like and only heard what they stood for, you and yours would fit their support base.

      You are Bermuda’s Trump/right-wing/republican supporters no matter how much you disagree.

      Disgusting person you are and always will be.

    • Real Deal says:

      Sorry but you are correct. It is just the way things work. Some people have to be craped on in order for someone else to prosper.

      • Northshore says:

        Like the PLP CRAPED ON BERMUDA !

        • The oba’s crap is far greater and far more damaging to Bermudians.

          • Spinal Tap says:

            Please explain how the OBA is worse than PLP?

            The PLP took a country with one of the highest standards of living, highest per capita incomes, lowest unemployment figures, low debt, best public education systems, lowest crime rates and DESTROYED it.

            The difference between the two parties approaches to doing business was evident after day one. When the PLP won they declared a public holiday so they could celebrate! I believe the cost of that was $4 million. The OBA has done the best they could with nothing. They have tried to get the country back on its feet while paying off what the PLP spent or couldn’t “account for”.

      That is why we as Bermudians must keep a keen and interested eye on the Commission of Inquiry.
      Those ____ R____ ARE NO BETTER.
      Out to slam the Bermudian again.
      Keep tuned in.

    • Spinal Tap says:

      I wonder how long it will be before one Union member gets the nerve up to question the Unions Financials at an AGM? At one point , about 5 years ago it had been 10+ years since they had filed audited financials as required by LAW.

      • How long would it be before U.B.P. supporters question their party about this shady airport deal.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Union Members: grow some and ask your top mon about the financials!

      • blankman says:

        You really think anyone is willing to do that?

      • wahoo says:

        Hey SP they never want to answer that question for some reason…. I guess it would be awkward. Anyway who cares what they are doing with our dues we are the minions!

  2. Juicy Onion says:

    Sounds quite reasonable to me, which is probably why CF has a problem with it. Workers will have to be on time and do a good job with no messing about. Biu won’t stand for that.

  3. sid says:

    What kind of union leader has a press conference on contract issues? Shouldn’t he be discussing this privately with the employer, to get a better deal for his members?

    He’s given up on representing the workers. He is now a full time Opposition Spokesman. Anti-Bermudian Chris Furbert will end up torpedoing this project and killing Bermuidian jobs for political reasons. As usual.

  4. Swing Voter says:

    companies from outside will try stuff, plead ignorance when challenged then fix their plan according to Bermuda labor law. our in Bermuda now! You wanna come here and drive on the wrong side of the road, be prepared for a crash! Union 4 Life!

    • Bermyman says:

      Yeah! How dare they give people jobs and pay our wages? The Union employs no one! The union contributes nothing to job creation.

      • De Union makes shore Bermudian workers are not treated like S!@#.
        Ask our Blue Collar guest workers.

      • blankman says:

        Bermyman, you’re wrong. The union does employ someone. They employ Chris. What more do you expect them to do?

    • Ring Ring Hello says:

      Hey Swing Voter- so you are Union For Life! Wow! That my friend is exactly why CF does what he wants and not what you or the membership wants. You never question or criticize how he spends your money. You never ask why the unions books were not current even though they have full time accounts staff. You should at least be asking, are they understaffed, unqualified, or incompetent? It is your money, would you trust a business or a bank with the same approach to business. You and others that are LIFE ANYTHING are like a horse with blinders on and cataracts on top off that. You have no idea what your money is spent on and where it is going? All he needs to do is have a march about something or strike which sees to be enough to get the membership woked up and distracted from asking questions. Or is it that you are all afraid?

      I have not given a penny to the BIU since the late 80s. Many of us saw the tide changing after Bro Ottiwell Simmons. I’m not sayng I never will again, but not while Chris is in charge.

  5. Oppressed says:

    English sub titles please!