41-Year-Old Arrested After Van Lands Overboard

October 29, 2016

A 41-year-old man has been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence after a van was found in the water off Mangrove Road in Sandys this morning.

“This morning, Police responded to a report of a van found in the water off of Mangrove Road, in Sandys,” a police spokesperson said.

“It appears that the driver of the van lost control of his vehicle and landed in the water. As a result, a 41-year-old man has been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Police have commenced an investigation into this incident and any witnesses are asked to contact police on 295-0011.”

van in water oct 29 2016 (1)

van in water oct 29 2016 (2)

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4-van in water sandys bermuda oct 16 (4)b

4-van in water sandys bermuda oct 16 (5)b

4-van in water sandys bermuda oct 16 (6)b

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  1. Terry says:

    Must have been testing out his entry in Americas Cup.

    • Man Over Bored says:

      I just hope that the driver will be asked to pay for damages to public property I am a local truck driver and every week I see another wall, bus stop, railing or structure hit and damaged from a car accident. Those on public property never seem to get fixed until months or years later by W&E which means we pay for it. Make drivers insurance or individuals pay to put things back as they found it.

  2. smh says:


  3. Army Life says:

    The Royal Bermuda Regiment’s first amphibious van…well…sorta

  4. Sean says:

    Given the frequency of road accidents like that, maybe it is time to consider lifetime bans from the road.

  5. Darren says:

    The tint looks a bit too dark probably did not see the corner. Definatly time for self driving cars.just saw it on emoo one bedroom next to water going cheap.

  6. Weibull says:

    We have an early participant for Non Mariners 2017

  7. TimBuc says:

    Yup…gonna need a good in house detailing after that.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Dude, you missed the Non Nariners Race by a few months. Nice entry though.

  9. BullyBreed says:

    Dam!!!! dont you love licka!!!!

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    The fancy wheels & performance tires were not enough to compensate for the lack of skill of the driver.

    • Edwin says:

      He read about the car/ helicopter for the A C so he thought he might try for a car/boat.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Just wondering, why does Bermuda use wood for crash barriers? How much good does wood do? If anything it is more dangerous than nothing at all. Wood breaks then the pieces are potential lethal projectiles. These things are nothing but decorative fences.

    • PBanks says:

      Could the wood fences have been relics of an age when people used pedal cycles more?

  12. Ya serious says:

    He was drunk? It actually takes a lot of skill to put it in there upright.

  13. Northshore says:

    Hope she`s got bottom paint!

  14. Terry says:

    An opinion.
    Glad the guy was arrested and not taken and put in a bag.


  15. Jahstice says:

    Dat dudes a good driver to end upright. Let him teach driving.

  16. Uncle says:

    Here we have the first entry for next years round the island powerboat race

  17. Frank says:

    whats the name on the side of the Van?

  18. mmm says:

    While it may not be proper for insurance companies to speak to individual motor vehicle collisions or similar events, it is correct, that they will not pay a claim where it has been determined that the driver/operator was under the influence of alcohol. I wonder tho, in cases where there is loss of life, heaven forbid, and/or extreme property damage is the insurance company liable. I believe there was a fund set up a few years ago, whereby every vehicle owner had to pay an additional sum of money to cover those persons injured by un-insured drivers. I think it would be a great idea for insurance companies to speak specifically to drunken driving situation resulting in property damage

  19. Cliff says:

    Hope the driver is alright and it could have been worst

  20. Positive Pessimist says:

    I’m glad so many of you find this funny because I don’t. You all wouldn’t be making these juvenile jokes if he had slammed into a vehicle containing your loved ones, killing them all.

  21. ron,b says:

    not the first time and not the last