Police Advise Caution At Devonshire Bee Swarm

October 8, 2016

Police responded to the area of Hermitage Road and Devon Springs Road in Devonshire this morning [Oct 8], where a swarm of bees was located near the roadside.

A Police spokesperson said, “Police have received a report of a huge swarm of bees spreading across the road at the junction of Hermitage Road and Devon Springs Road in Devonshire [south of Elliott Primary School].

“The relevant authorities have been notified and pedestrians and motorist should be very careful in the area until the bees have been contained.”

Bee Swarm Bermuda, October 8 2016-1

Bee Swarm Bermuda, October 8 2016-2

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  1. James says:

    That’s a great use of two police cars.

    • Fanta drink in my cup says:

      Gotta meet that quota

    • wondering says:

      where is the health department – or whomever is responsible for these things – great use of a police car or two is an understatement.

      this cuntry’s use of govt assets leaves something to be desired but you can garauntee those same vehicles (ITO, dept of immagrayshun, police outwardbound and forensic vehicles, etc, etc, etc) was home parked uprch or the gross-ree sto-wuh

  2. Lisa says:

    Swarms of bees are always in this area. Will they build a Hive?

  3. Pepe says:

    As Nicolas Cage would say “NOT THE BEES!”

  4. mmm says:

    A while back there was tremendous concern in the decreasing number of bees … bees are vital in the production of food / crops. So lets pray and hope that these swarms of bees can be contained and then placed in other areas. Simply put no bees, no food. So who-ever may have a thought of eliminating bees, does not understand their value. The police cars / officers presence was necessary to warn the public, especially those operating motor vehicles to be extra careful.

    • Terry says:

      GMO comes to mind.
      No need for a bee but your is valid for sanity.

    • wondering says:

      yes – that is the political environmental reasoning……….end of day – there are other assets that need deployment that are bettersuited for same

  5. mmm says:

    The quickest reponse would be the uniformed presence of police officers, other parties such as enviromental protectiona officers still would have needed the police to cordon off the area and keep the public at a safe distance while the right people contain the bees. There was no waste of public funds, some folks need to have a bit more time to think the process thru and the possible dangers.

    • Fairfax Va says:

      No. The other assets need a crash course on clear, cordon and control. It isn’t that difficult. Truth be told the apiary would he the one to contain it. Stop making excuses for poor use of available resources. If it was an outbreak of legionnaires or salmonella, would the police be the best resource?

  6. Unus sed leo says:

    Ok…so…does anyone have a bee keeping outfit,a smoker,and a spare or empty hive ?
    Police…call around…ask pertenant questions…as bee keepers musthave contingency plans a and b in place….this is an opplrtunity too…smoke them…place the hive neear them put homey on the lid and some inside…amd leave it a day or two.

  7. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    This example of comments just really goes to show you how inept most bermujans are…quite a few irrelevant comments were posted until the CONCERN, and intelligent comments popped up…bees are vital for man’s natural survival…get the bees contained and redeployed somewhere safe and let them continue to do what they were created to do.

  8. stunned... says:

    as well as the police to direct traffic, shouldnt there have been some beekeepers to calm the bees down…jeesh

    • Fairfax Va says:

      My point exactly. A waste of resources if u don’t have the necessary assets there to support.

  9. Politicks, says:

    Thanks mmm, for making sense. The police can respond quickly as if someone calls 911 police can come and set a barrier around the area until the obvious resources can be put in place. There are people who will go into shock and have a severe reaction to a bee sting. There is a level of pettiness and ignorance that is irritating.

  10. Vote says:

    I don’t see Mr. Furbert(Bee Man) anywhere in sight

  11. Sensitive_Guy says:

    Some of the comments are just plain stupid. People take everything for a joke. So irritating. SAFETY FIRST…jokes later.

  12. Derp de Derp de Donka Dunk A Doo says:

    So that’s what all the buzz was about?