Updates: PLP’s Neville Tyrrell Wins By-Election

December 20, 2016

[Updating: The PLP's Neville Tyrrell won the by-election with 477 votes, while the OBA's Robyn Swan received 103 votes and Independent David W Burch earned 12 votes.]


The by-election in Constituency 26 Warwick South Central is being held today [Dec 20], with voters heading to the polls at St Mary’s Church Hall in Warwick

Three candidates have put themselves forward – the PLP’s Neville Tyrrell, the OBA’s Robyn Swan and Independent David W. Burch.

C26 byelection candidates TC 2b

The by-election was called due to the retirement of Marc Bean, who stepped down as both Leader of the Opposition and as a Member of Parliament.

The last by-election in Constituency #26 was called in 2010 following the resignation of former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, and saw a three-way race with the PLP, UBP and BDA. Mr Bean won with 310 votes, United Bermuda Party candidate Devrae Noel-Simmons with 78 votes, while Sylvan Richards, then running under the Bermuda Democratic Alliance, got 70 votes.

The PLP has won the seat in the last three General Elections; in 2012 Marc Bean retained the C#26 seat with 65.08% of the vote vs Ras Mykkal [OBA], in 2007 Dr Ewart Brown [PLP] won 68.45% of the vote vs Roderick Simmons [UBP], while the 2003 General Election saw Dr Brown win with 65.99% of the vote vs Gwyneth Rawlins [UBP].

We will provide updates as able throughout the day, however we do not expect to have any formative updates until after the polls close at 8.00pm, with the results expected to come in late this evening; the results will be updated here, and once the winner is determined, we will also send an alert to phones via the Bernews app.

Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

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Comments (42)

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  1. Young Blood says:

    Robyn Swan is a breath of fresh air. She sees things from all sides.

    My she win today – I truly wish her well

  2. aceboy says:

    Safe seat. The PLP will win it and make as much political “hay” as they can. Yawn.

    • Point boy says:

      That, may be true. But I’m going to hold my breath. Some people may be getting wiser(and fed up with plp rhetoric).The OBA represents ALL of Bermuda.

      Unlike the plp, who are only about votes and power.

      If you showed just a little remorse for the financial ruins you left us in. Okay, maybe move on.

      But. Will never happen!! (Very hypocritical)

      • Onion Juice says:

        Two by-elections, two lanslide wins sends a strong message to U.B.P.,and with this F!@#ed airport deal and de Rev. Tweed fiasco aint helping them none.

        • Point boy says:

          That is a safe seat for plp. If they win, so what. Status quo.

          I’m rooting for Robyn Swan

        • Ringmaster says:

          No doubt a PLP win, but Jamahl Simmons and Wayne Furbert? Probably showing up to see who wins in case they need to switch sides again.

        • bluwater says:

          This “landslide” doesn’t change a thing. Status quo.

  3. Really? Be honest says:

    Tell us where she sits on major issues.

    • Know the facts says:

      Yes tell us where you sit on :

      $800 mil unaccounted for in 14 years
      Port Royal
      Dame Lois
      This kinda thing?

      • leftwingpolitics says:

        $800 million is some bogus ordeal. Typical OBA bigot rhetoric. The rest of it nobody cares about it anymore. We are concerned aboutcurrent projects i.e. the airport and the disastrous Pathways to Status imitative.

        • far from it says:

          they {oba} want to even it up and grossly out-do the plp for generations and give away 800 mil mic / bob and their no backbone ministers oh to hear Mr. H Viera he would show them back benchers and ministers how to speak up to these …….

        • Onion says:

          The OBA are the more left wing political party. The PLP are becoming right wing Republicans more and more.

          Might want to change your username.

        • Point boy says:

          It must be nice to sleep at night with out a clue!!

          If you think the OBA (the people’s government) have forgotten about the hundreds of millions of dollars unaccounted for.

          They treat the COI as a joke. I look forward to prosecution

    • serengeti says:

      Does Neville Tyrell think the $60m spent on Grand Atlantic was a total waste of money? yes or no?

  4. Warlord says:

    PLP win Shocker.Ignorance is bliss

  5. Say Whaat? says:

    Anyone here commenting who is actually voting today? OBA bloggers should take a break.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      OBA bloggers lmfao…

    • far from it says:

      they make me sad, the attitude of the oba supporters is something else
      they make me mad
      they make me think
      they make me think its 2,3. Bermudas is so divided they have a saying, “why can’t we just get along”, then you read their bloggers its a shame the worst reading of my day

  6. Proud Bermudian says:

    @its me again….Clean up your own back yard babes.

  7. Vote says:

    Is it just me or what, but Mr. Burch needs to dress for success. Good luck to all 3 candidates

  8. PBanks says:

    Let’s see if that 27% who backed ‘neither party’ manifests itself in any votes for Mr. Burch.

  9. Lualaba says:

    I hope that more than 129 people voted!!!

  10. Blind Sheep says:

    PLP safe seat, but wining with 80% of the vote that is sending a message. #Dunkelyout

    • bluwater says:

      No, more like the 48% that didn’t vote in a “safe” seat are sending a message.

      • Blind Sheep says:

        I think you do not understand how math works.

      • #DunkleyOut movement says:

        I do not think you understand how math works

        • bluwater says:

          I think your getting your personas mixed up.

          Half the voters didn’t vote because they don’t support the PLP agenda of hate.

  11. CPM says:

    Lots of stay at home voters so hardly a landslide
    The usual flip flops in attendance-one will be on the daily plp propaganda show tomorrow with the same six regular callers

    • Rhonda says:

      The OBA won the General Election as a result of lots of stay voters…

    • BLIND SHEEP says:

      The PLP can put in a cardboard cut out of Donald Trump and that will still win as long as Dunkely is in charge.

  12. #DunkleyOut movement says:

    Time for the milk man to get cracking. Did not do it in 2007 will not do it in 2017/18

  13. Anthony says:

    Well done PLP Well done MP. N. Tyrrell I know you will do good things for your constituents proud to be a member of the. PLP

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Safe seats don’t mean JACK!!!