Consumer Affairs Warns Of Deceptive E-Mail

November 29, 2016

Consumer Affairs is warning the public about a deceptive phishing e-mail being circulated in Bermuda, purportedly sent on behalf of The Department of Consumer Affairs.

The fraudulent e-mail letter claims that a complaint has been filed against your business which requires your response to the attached link in writing within ten days.

Karen Marshall, Executive Officer of Consumer Affairs said: “This e-mail was not generated or sent from our office. We would not send out via e-mail a letter of this nature; that is not the procedure we follow when notifying a business of a complaint filed against them.

“When a complaint is filed against a local business, we would contact the business via telephone or by an on-site meeting in the first instance. Throughout any investigation the stakeholders are kept informed during the process and seeking sensitive information from a company would be handled via guidelines within the legislation.”

“Anyone who receives this e-mail is asked to delete the email and not to click on the link,” Consumer Affairs added.

A copy of the fraudulent e-mail

Deceptive E-mail Bermuda Nov 29 2016

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  1. They should’ve warned us of this deceptive Airport deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Torian says:

      The only thing deceptive here is your education based off of 98% of your comments posted on bernews