Public Being Warned About Email Scam

July 8, 2022

The public is being advised about an email scam regarding a non-existent PayPal order.

A reader advised, “I received an email from ‘my husband’ about an order going through PayPal. When I checked the email address it was not his and he no longer goes on the computer, so I knew something was up.

“Just to be sure, I called the hotline/info number. I asked them what the order was and they told me Bitcoin. I said that was not ordered by myself or my husband, so I would like to have the transaction cancelled. The man said I would have to sign into my personal computer in order to get the refund sorted.

“He went away for 10 seconds then came back and told me to follow these instructions: go into a browser and type in so the order could be cancelled. Fortunately, I knew about Team Viewer from our IT consultant and knew that this person would then have access to anything on my computer or may be even get spyware on my computer. So I told them that I am not going to do this and hung up on him.”

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