PLP Announce New Shadow Cabinet Members

November 10, 2016

Following the election of David Burt as the new Opposition Leader, the PLP announced a new Shadow Cabinet, saying that they have “shaped a team that can take forward the PLP’s campaign for a fairer Bermuda; one which keeps the interests of all Bermudians at heart.”

This Shadow Cabinet is larger than the last one, which was announced late last year, with the addition of MP Diallo Rabain, Sen. Renee Ming, and Sen. Kim Wilkerson, as well as Walton Brown and Kim Wilson, who previously served in the Shadow Cabinet up until December 2015.

The new Shadow Cabinet — which is the latest in a series of changes for the PLP – also sees Mr Burt resume his position as Shadow Finance Minister, which he briefly resigned from just prior to Marc Bean’s retirement.

The full statement from the PLP is below

Under the leadership of the Hon. David Burt JP, MP, the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party is pleased to announce a new Shadow Cabinet.

The Opposition Leader has shaped a team that can take forward the PLP’s campaign for a fairer Bermuda; one which keeps the interests of all Bermudians at heart.

  • Opposition Leader & Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban, JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Public Works Dennis Lister JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Education Lovitta Foggo JP, MP
  • Shadow Attorney General Michael Scott JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Community, Youth & Sports Development Michael Weeks JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Health Kim Wilson JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Tourism Jamahl Simmons JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Environment, Planning & Workforce Development Diallo Rabain JP, MP
  • Shadow Minister of Municipalities Sen. Renee Ming JP
  • Shadow Minister of Economic Development Sen. Kim Wilkerson JP

Our Shadow Ministers look forward to serving Bermuda through the responsible and respectful execution of their duties as the Government in Waiting.

They will work alongside our extremely capable backbench Members of Parliament to hold the OBA Government to account during every parliamentary session for their failure to effectively serve the people of Bermuda.

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  1. The People= Fairness? says:

    A true reflection of Bernudas make up.NOT. The Peoples Party. Sorry Zane, Correia,Smith and Slthose that were melatonin deprived.

  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    Hokey Pokey Politics

    You resign from the post but take it right back :-(

    Can’t back a person with No Loyalty

    I am TIRED of Flip Flop politicians

    The Road to Election 2017 ;-)

    • somuchless says:

      That’s because there is no other bright bulb in the party to fill that post.

    • Question? says:

      Can someone contact Constituency 2 St George’s Nandi Outerbridge again the UBP/OBA may need her to wear another wire to record secret conversations.

      Nandi where is the last tape you made?
      UBP/OBA where is the Jet Gate report?
      UBP/OBA where is the 2000 Jobs for the people?
      Why no one in the BIU/PLP/GOV has gone to jail for the 800 mill?
      Why no one in the UBP/OBA has gone jail for the 20 mill?
      Why did you change the UBP name to OBA and back to UBP again?
      What happen to all the UBP/OBA surrogates?

      • Time to change the name back UBP 100% says:

        Wow after all these questions above I need to go on a $31,000 trip to Rio like Sylvan Richards. Forget trying to help Bermudian Flora Duffy with even a $1. Maybe I will meet her at the airport when she arrives with my open fake smile and not inform the rest of Bermuda.

        aww crap the OBA beat me to it. Well played. I’ll reveal my cards next election

        • hmmm says:

          That was booked by the Olympic committee body ahead of time.

          Wish people would keep up with things. If you managed to keep up, you wouldn’t want the PLP near the Govt hot seat for at least another term.

      • hmmm says:

        I think you are being a bit silly! From my memory (I’m not a member of the OBA)

        There have been tonnes of jobs on the Jobs board over the last few years….more are coming. You’d be blind not to see that.

        Jail…isn’t there an ongoing investigation?

        What 20 million? Are you talking about the COH (was PLP dominated) when all this happened.

        Name? Huh…it is a completely different party, all the old bureaucracy and constitution was throw out and a new party formed…the OBA. Nobody was forced to join it.

        There are no surrogates….that was an independent report written by a 3rd party for the UBP….it was as I recall not followed.

      • Derek W says:

        I need a Swizzle

    • Black Bermudian swing voter says:

      You may be tired but the lame Dunkey in the OBA is afraid to call the election. My guess is he doesn’t want a beat down like Hilllllllllary. :)

      Call the election or shut up! Can’t trust people on their word is what the USA election has proven!

      • Just the Facts says:

        Why would he call it now and risk embarrassing ourselves during the America’s Cup? That would be dumb.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        He has to be premier for 3 years to get that Premier Pension ;-)

        He is NOT going to call an election before his 3 years are up

        ‘Lay Down’ Money for Life ;-)

      • hmmm says:

        Why is Dunkley “lame” ?

        The election isn’t going to happen until next year. Please keep up.

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ Black Bermudisn swing voter,

        Lol your’e such a child with your call it now rubbish. What like the all knowing and brave PLP did when the OBA was formed? :-) The OBA don’t have to call the election until next year so shut and wait like everyone else.

        What, you think the PLP would do a better job of running Bda and creating a better environment that creates employment?! LMAO The PLP couldn’t gonna produce one job let alone 2000. They couldn’t even create one for former leader Mrs. Paula Cox, now where did she go where to get one?? Thanks for the laugh.

        • Expat says:

          Bernews who gave the 10 year old permission to blog on here? When they reach age 20 hopefully the poor child’s vocabulary will be improved.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Ya like Jet surroGate.

      • David says:

        Yo Onion Breath, How much did Jetgate cost the taxpayer? How much did the party that you love/screwed you over cost the taxpayer?

        My guess is with your intellect, you aren’t really contributing much in the way of taxes anyway so…

        Must be exhausting being a mental slave, but they do say ignorance is bliss :)

      • wahoo says:

        Tell us what you know about Jetgate. Did it involve public funds? I think you are an idiot and do not really know of what you speak.

      • hmmm says:

        That was a private matter to do within the party, had nothing to do with public funds. It was resolved internally.

        Like you squabbling with your wife. Nothing really to do with the public. Based on internal discussions someone stepped down. With you and your wife, you backed down and did what she asked.

        Hardly a scandal.

    • Pure Madness!!!!! says:

      Not sure if you realize but I’m almost certain, that he knew about Marc Beans retirement in advance therefore he stepped down so that he could prepare to be the new leader……

  3. Doggystyle says:

    The brilliance of Burt lol still can’t stop laughing

    • wahoo says:

      B-Burt and B-Brilliance it is clever because both start with “B” don’t you get it?

  4. Enough says:

    Who are you referring to I didn’t think any of the above had resigned

  5. Well done! says:

    Excellent shadow cabinet! Praying all the best for you all. You seem to have picked those that are genuinely passionate about the posts they have been assigned and so I am hoping for the best!

  6. Keepin it Real says:

    He had to resign in

  7. Keepin it Real says:

    He had to resign in order to challenge the leadership.

  8. Swing Voter says:

    Ex-Premier DNA all over this one…..watching

  9. watching says:

    Loving the inclusion of Kim Wilkerson as Econ Development. She is well respected and very intelligent and is a major bonus to this cabinet.

  10. Um Um Like says:

    “…one which keeps the interests of all Bermudians at heart.”

    Even homosexual Bermudians?

    • Smith says:

      Which party are you talking about because the OBA didn’t pass any law for you to marry the same sex or a dog. Be honest Billy they control Government.

    • Why Thou?? says:

      Why does one’s sexual orientation matter – that’s a personal/private matter. I really don’t care to know. When you label yourself this or that you encourage criticism and create a divide amongst the masses.

      All politicians should be serving for the betterment of ALL BERMUDIANS and residents thereof – race, creed, religion shouldn’t matter! Just Respect, Understanding and Compassion!

      One Love Bermuda – Congratulations to the new opposition leader. May a good conscience and humility guide your steps and decision making!

  11. Not exactly says:

    Needs three shadow ministers to keep up with Fahy! No wonder they don’t like him…

    • C says:

      12 cabinet members is 20% larger than the current govt. So which party is really looking out for Bermuda?

      • watching says:

        Clearly you don’t read the constitution but Shadow Ministers cost nothing to the public purse and there is no cap on amount. So an Opposition is quite free to use all of their MPs if they desire and it has no relevance to the budget.

        • Publius says:

          Such a large shadow cabinet reveals Burt’s mindset if he were ever to form a Government.

          No restraint – just spend, spend, spend.

      • Truth Be Told says:

        They are not cabinet members and they don’t get paid to be shadow ministers so what’s your point?

    • Publius says:

      It takes 13 PLP to shadow 11 OBA Ministers?

  12. Sorry Sir says:

    “shaped a team that can take forward the PLP’s campaign for a fairer Bermuda; one which keeps the interests of all Bermudians at heart.”

    Ya, ya. We’ve heard that one before. Probably 1,000,000 times before.
    Y’all say things, but don’t actually do anything at all!

    PATI, Transparency, Immigration, Marijuana.
    Y’all sat on those topics for so long and so far you’ve had to wait for the OBA to get in to actually implement some of them.

    That’s what you do. You talk about the big topics to stay relevant, then you give the people what they want to hear, but then you don’t do anything. Just talk and talk and talk about it but never actually do anything about it. It’s an old tactic of staying relevant and staying popular.

    We don’t want a PLP that just TALKS! We want a PLP that ACTUALLY DOES THINGS!!!

  13. serengeti says:

    “…one which keeps the interests of all Bermudians at heart.”

    Even the Bermudians who are waiting for the civil service to process their status?

  14. Jahstice says:

    Zane could not make such an illustrious lineup?

  15. Bermudian says:

    The PLP need to go away. They are the Trump party of Bermuda. in my opinion (and many others) they’re an anti-foreigner, homophobic, insular thinking party.This is not the party that will move Bermuda forward to a better future or bring people together. In fact, they divide us even further. Please let there be a third party selection at the next election. Thinking of my grand babies’ future.

  16. somuchless says:

    Where’s Tweed in the mix or is he gone missing?

  17. frank says:

    where have you been tweed is not a plp mp fool

    • somuchless says:

      He like to get involved in everything else the green people do so why not. Fool.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      No he’s not, but it is perfectly OK to them that he is taking a job that a Bermudian could fill, and that he is in violation of the immigration laws put to give Bermudians a fair shake at those jobs.

  18. Average Bermudian says:

    Fools on this thread