Six Changes To PLP Executive Members

November 11, 2016

Changes continue to occur within the Progressive Labour Party, with the latest development seeing six new members on the Party Executive.

The six people who previously served on the Executive were Francine Simons, Yolanda Furbert, Carmon Cyrus, Rudy Daniels, Coy Millett and Darlene Rogers. Their names were removed from the official PLP website earlier this week, and in a statement today the PLP confirmed they have been replaced by Kim Lightbourne, Michael Landy, Liana Hall, Jache Adams, Linda Trott, and Owen Darrell.

The PLP, which is now being led by David Burt following the retirement of Marc Bean, are also expected to announce a new Senator due to the resignation of Marc Daniels, as well as announce a candidate for the by-election which will be held in Warwick South Central due to the retirement of Marc Bean.

The full statement from the PLP is below:

The Progressive Labour Party’s Central Committee met on November 10th to fill six vacancies on the Party Executive.

The Leader and the Chairman of the Party would like to acknowledge and thank our outgoing officers who have served their terms.

All Party Executive positions are due for election at the PLP’s Annual Delegates Conference scheduled for December 6th to 8th 2016.

At the Special Central Committee meeting the following persons were appointed to act as Officers of the Party until that time:

  • 1. Assistant Secretary General – Kim Lightbourne, a former Deputy Chair of the Party
  • 2. Membership Secretary – Michael Landy, a former Membership Secretary
  • 3. Public Relations Officer – Liana Hall, a longtime Party member
  • 4. Assistant Treasurer – Jache Adams, a new member of the Party
  • 5. Party Organiser – Linda Trott, a longtime Party worker
  • 6. Assistant Organiser East – Owen Darrell, a former Party Organiser

They will join the following existing Executive members:

  • 1. Chairman – Scott A. Simmons, JP
  • 2. Deputy Chair – J. Dawn Simmons, JP
  • 3. Secretary General [Acting] – Lauren Bell
  • 4. Treasurer – Selena Fields
  • 5. Assistant Organiser Central – Chris Famous
  • 6. Assistant Organiser West – Daniel Reece

The Executive is committed to working together to support the Party and its parliamentarians as they continue their efforts to advance the country’s interests.

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  1. Really Really BETTTY says:

    Keep moving forward PLP for the People. ..

    • hmmm says:

      That is the one thing the PLP won’t do…It didn’t last time, and it hasn’t in shadow. It has attempted to derail initiatives designed to move forward for the people.

      • Wake up Bie says:

        The OBA is currently looking for surrogates to win the blk swing vote. My question is what did they do to the last surrogates they used?

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        They are designed to only move certain people forward. It’s the same BS that Hillary tried to use for her platform but America has woken up. Now the majority realize that when you sell yourself to someone else you do not belong to you anymore.

    • Ready says:

      Its hard to move forward if you have to keep looking back.

  2. OBA Politrix says:

    PLP getting ready for an election. Time to get the OBA out!

    • iabingi says:

      Why….what do you expect the PLP to do ?

      • Onion Juice says:

        Change de anti-Bermudian policies.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          And the PLP’s ‘Bermudians First’ policies did so well for us the first time around??? Bermudians have fared better under the OBA than the PLP; our economy is starting to grow again, less work permits have been issued, more immigration offenders have been brought in, tourism has been turned around, hotels are being upgraded and built, the deficit has been halved without having to implement austerity measures and massive lay-offs, the hemorrhaging unemployment has been cauterized…

          The biggest lie one could believe on this island is that ‘Bermudians first’ will actually help Bermudians; it hasn’t, not here, not in any country anywhere in the world. Isolationism has only destroyed countries/communities/cultures, and we would be no exception.

          • Onion Juice says:

            Well so much for P.L.P. being Xenophobic.

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              The PLP failing to adaquately legislate immigration doesn’t deminish their failure to entice foreign investment here. They more than made up for is with other xenophobic policies and rhetoric, that made it clear to foreign business, Bermuda wasn’t as safe an investment anymore.
              They failed to maintain us as a competitive jusristiction. They failed to adequately address our education system when we had the resources to, they failed to address the true failures in our immigration system, they failed to address the true failures in our legal system, they failed to address the failures in our public services (in fact they exasperated them), they failed to adequately manage the government budget creating a near crippling deficit that is going to take years more to fix… they failed this country on so many fronts it is phenomenal to se that people actually think that the OBA should have fixed 14 years of failures in just 4 years of management, while being woefully underfunded to do so.

          • Dark Star says:

            Lets hope the people of Bermuda aren’
            t as dumb as inner America and can see through the smoke and mirrors the PLP will lay out. It is kind of funny how the OBA is more like the Democrats and try to roll out plans that help the middle class down while the PLP want to kill everything and as their past record shows just help the select few party officials-and the best way to hood wink is give em a job in the gov’t which is just a drain on society

        • C James says:

          Its not the OBA trying to keep the expat preacher here.

      Get them out!!

    • Widget says:

      @OBA Politrix

      Replace them with what. Are you nuts man, like we really need to go backwards again. This country cannot afford to go bankrupt nor can we afford to go two billion more into debt.

  3. wondering says:

    what a combinaton of prats!

  4. Derek says:

    I need a Swizzle

  5. Terry says:

    Can’t wait for Hunyon Jooze to cummant.

  6. Jus' Askin' says:

    Playtime is Over

    Road to Election 2017

    • Hmmm says:

      It has been election mode from day one got the PLP.

      They don’t care about you, they care about themselves and power.

      If they had any sense of reality, then they would be honest say…OBA , you are doing an incredible job, perhaps we will let you have another term , but this time we will try and partner you on some initiatives.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        OBA & PLP Do Not care about Me :-D

        If these are the only choices we have then we are in Trouble

        I wish the supporters for each party, would hold their party accountable

        Blind Loyalty needs to STOP

        Incredible Job?

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          AMEN TO THAT!!! :D

          It’s like John Barritt has said many times over, our governmental system needs to change.

          Too many cooks spoil the broth.

  7. Devonshire Devils Advocate says:

    As the road to election 2017 approaches… is Bermuda going to be in for a political upset also?

    • Derek says:

      Despite the fact that the OBA has reduced the defecit (without CS redundancies), revived tourism, increased GDP, kick started hotel developments, reduced the cabinet size, cut ministerial pay, enforced work permits more rigorously, reduced ministerial travel expenses (even with the Rio fiasco) the PLP will probably get in next time.

      That is quite upsetting!

      • Rumsoak says:

        Aside from all that, what has the OBA done for us?

        • Hmmm says:

          An incredible amount more!

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          What, are you looking for a government that would give you a hand out??? The purpose of government isn’t to make everyone wealthy, or give everyone jobs… the purpose of government is to create an environment in the country where there are opportunities and to ensure that its citizens are given equal opportunity. The rest is with the citizens to make themselves available and qualified for those opportunities.

      • LoudAndClear says:

        I think it depends when the election is called… If it were called soon, i think the OBA still has a chance while the PLP is currently in disarray

        • Hey says:

          14 years of disarray, and 4 years of disarray……”currently?

        • frank says:

          the plp are not in disarray we have a new leader that is moving the party forward.

      • redamtibi says:

        Revived tourism? A bit of a stretch…clearly you are new to the island if you feel tourism is revived. You can be forgiven that no problem…your other points not so bad…work permit enforcement? Net decrease in Bermudian jobs net increase in expat workers…helluva lot of enforcement there…

    • Onion Juice says:

      We already had our political upset.

  8. Terry says:

    Will Bermuda be Trumped?


    • Jus' Askin' says:

      A person with no experience,
      Bermuda was Trumped in 2012, Craig Cannonier ;-)

      An inexperienced male beats a veteran female in an election

      Bermuda has an unhealthy culture :-(

      • Zevon says:

        The PLP dumped the ‘veteren female’ pretty quick didn’t they.

  9. Kevin says:

    The difference this time round is quite simple
    in 1998 the people of Bermuda did not know if the PLP would be good or bad , well over the 14 years they tried ( well i believe they did) but failed miserably and put us all in danger of fishing on the rocks for dinner. So if they were to be voted in again those that put that X in the box i hope you get what you ask for the rest of us who want a future will put a X in the OBA box. I know where mine is going I didnt say the OBA were perfect but they will be soooo much better

    • mixitup says:

      I disagree. Sooo much better for who? I’d rather fish off the rocks than eat crumbs off someone’s table. This government is not for the black Bermudians never has and never will be. If they were, they’ll be concerned as to why were are leaving these shores by the thousands.(you probably like the sound of that). I see and many other Bermudians see no future here, housing is out of reach for the Bermudians who haven’t had anything inherited, the cost to eat for many can break the bank, wages are blah.. there is no real opportunity here.. but for those new Bermudians you see and many new ones to be seen, this island is being quickly gentrified, only this missing now are voting rights..

      • Terry says:

        Start fishing buddy. Yah gonna need A LOT of bait and double lock on your cooler because there will be no crumbs to gather just scales…………………….
        Pick dee bonez outta that…………………………..

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well a good bit of us are fishing of de rocks now for dinner.

    • Terry says:

      Your gonna need a bigger tackle box and bait……………………

    • Lets Have It says:

      The OBA has done all for the non-Bermudians. What have they done to assist with social issues/social unrest? What have they done to assist single parents who struggle financial? What have they done for hard working people to own homes or even those who struggle to keep their homes? If people are paying most their mortgage but may fall short why can’t they work a solution with persons who may want to jointly own a property to assist financially and have a share into that property if they meet the finanxial requirments. Be creative instead of the Banks taking Bermudian’s hard earned investments. In order for Bermudians to progress we need to become entrepenuers but yet we are always faced with road blocks and restrictions just to earn a buck. Not what are they going to do but what have they done to easy the stress and pressure?

      • Onion says:

        - Expanded Financial Assistance
        - Reformed planning to make it more efficient, increasing housing supply
        - Increased tourism
        - Created the Business Development Agency to bring in new business
        - Facilitated the creation of new hotels (jobs)
        - Moved the budget toward back into balanced (saving thousands of Civil Service jobs)

        …and that’s just the quick list. The PLP did nothing but get rich for themselves and make a mess. The OBA are cleaning it up.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        It has never been easier to be an entrepreneur on this island than since the OBA came in. They have made an abundant amount of resources available for entrepreneurs to get started here and help understand the regulations/fees/taxes to be an entrepreneur. But just because those resources are there, doesn’t mean everyone is going to be a successful entrepreneur, no government can guarantee that. Also, in order for entrepreneurs to succeed in any economy, there must be enough of a market for them, and since we don’t produce any local resources to sell overseas to bring money in, we have to bring that money in through business investment and international business.
        By encouraging foreigner to come here, we are encouraging them to bring their money here, and that brings hundreds of millions to support local business and entrepreneurs, tens of millions of that foriegn money is also invested into local charities and the social programs they run.
        Without encouraging foriegn investment here, there wouldn’t be enough money to support local businesses and entrepreneurs, to support local charities, to fund government programs.
        Now encouraging foriegn investment means proving you are a solid place to invest, and that takes years, even decades to build; proving that you aren’t takes but moments.
        So blab on all you want to say about the OBA’s pro foriegn polices being anti Bermudian, but the long truth is they will do more for Bermudians that are willing to work with them, than any PLP ‘Bermudians First’ policy ever will or ever has. And if you need evidence of how this works and doesn’t work, need only look at the ’90′s to 2007 and 2007 to now.

  10. Up D hill says:

    PLP is still split down the middle , no an option for Government!

  11. Cedar Stump says:

    2017 OBA win = a chance to recover our economy. PLP win = bermuda becoming little Haiti

    • frank says:

      The history of bermuda will show that the present Oba
      And the former upb are one in the same and the ubp
      Became the new forty thieves.all 3 groups had the same
      Idea and that was to make life hell for the black
      Bermudians.and along the way they used are own black
      People to inflict that he’ll on their own people

      Do not be fooled this Obama government does not give
      A bit about the black people of bermuda and the sooner

      We as black people in bermuda come to understand that
      We can only than start to unite and trust one another
      So in 2017 all black Bermudians need to unite and kick out this evil Obama government for ever

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      When people say things like that PLP gains momentum

      Scare tactics is not going to work this time

      OBA has no one to blame but themselves

      They just had to be honest and transparent for 5 years and they would have been the government for years to come.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        And those scare tactics presumably also include remarks about going back to plantations and shackles ?

      • Terry says:

        I think it’s based more on the inexperience of the new commers when they were elected and many jockeying for position in Cabinet and all.

        You learn from your mistakes and it has taken it’s toll with OBA.
        Time to kick ass and not ride one.

      • bluwater says:

        Momentum? The current PLP is purging reformers and pandering to the worst of yesterday’s philosophy and action. Say buh-bye to swing voters.

  12. O.M.G says:

    What did the PLP do for there people as you keep saying they did not have jobs then either. How you all soon forget. People lost there jobs because the chased the companies they were working for out of here. Yes it is very hard out there for lots of peopl we have a record amount of people on social assistants which is not good for the economy but some people need to take responsibility for there own actions like having babies which they just can afford. You need to look at whats really important in your life. Also making your job what ever it is very important and sacrifice things for more important things.

    We have things happening here which they the PLP had promised for years but never happened. It was all said to get votes and there people still can’t see that. I really wish that the PLP would work together with the OBA to make this country better because it is about the people of this country not power and wealth.

  13. A P.L.P. VICTORY….a chance for Bermudians to seek jobs, and lead a decent life.
    No more TRUMP action, please!!

    • Terry says:

      There have to be jobs to….
      Did you read what you wrote fool?

      Lots of jobs out there.
      Maybe not enough per week to keep up your drinking and drugs and boat gas money.

      All those years I lived there and food was on the table, bills paid and a few dollars in the bank and you come up with this s..t?

      Oh No!!!!!!
      Can’t let my family and friends and neighbors see me washing dishes, working in a warehouse, mowing lawns………………………….



    • Anbu says:

      Seek all u want mate. Doubt u will find a damn thing

    • James H says:

      PLP has zero credibility. If they regain power it will be devastating for Bermuda. Everyone with any money will leave. There are no second chances when it comes to PLP. It will truly be the end of Bermuda. There will be a few thousand poor people remaining but that’s all. 3rd world status will be confirmed.

    • bee says:

      the PLP is more like the Trump clan than anything! wake up!

    • aceboy says:

      Where are these jobs going to come from? Where? The PLP simply cannot hire more Civil servants and their ideas are pie in the sky *concepts*…like sea bed mining and now “FinTech”….which is basically alternative payment systems which already exist.

      Do you think you know enough about sea bed mining to get a job in the field? Do any Bermudians? Apart from the real problems, like “what are you mining and at what depth?” that have not been proposed I would suspect that any job in that field for Bermudians would be NON technical. Therefore you’d have to bring in experts. Therefore MORE foreign workers.

      Fintech? How do you see Bermudians like yourself climbing up the Fintech corporate ladder. Do you know how these things work? Do you understand encryption?

      SO you tell me….where are the jobs going to come from that are going to be for all the Bermudians?

    • hmmm says:

      Bermudians can seek jobs now…The jobs board has had and contines to have plenty of jobs.

      Bermudians can lead a decent life now.

      Trump action = PLP propaganda.

  14. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Change is necessary for improvement.May Allah bless the P.l.P.To make the best changes for The Improvement of our Island least we permit free movement of Women ,Blacks ,and Muslims.Way ahead of America ,,,at this time.Peace.

    • Zevon says:

      Where do you get the idea that America doesn’t permit the free movement of women, muslims and blacks?
      You love making up stupid crap don’t you.

  15. Need Peace says:

    All the OBA has done on every issue is kick the can down the street. These bloggers are saying anything and have no proof! Lies and more lies! The OBA has been struggling to lead since Day One and use propaganda to enhance the lie. “Fuzzy the numbers” so the stats appear good. Only one term for those jokers!

    • James H says:

      And if Bermuda chooses to re elect the PLP, they will get the government that ends Bermuda as a viable destination for business and tourism. Even if the PLP has the best intentions, it will not matter. Everyone with money and influence will leave. It will not be pretty. Bermuda cannot survive another PLP government. Sad though it is. Once bitten and all that.