28 Sports Form Association Of Governing Bodies

December 6, 2016

On Saturday, twenty-eight National Sport Governing Bodies [NSGBs] assembled at the CedarBridge Academy to formally establish the Association of National Sport Governing Bodies [ANSGB].  The ANSGB was formed unanimously following the work submitted by the National Sports Committee.

The newly formed Association said, “The ANSGB was approved by the Sports Governing bodies because [1] the National Sports Policy, accepted by the Bermuda Government, requires that it be formed; [2] there is a need for a unified voice for issues that relate to NSGB’s collectively; [3] advocacy for sport needs to happen on a broader level than individual sports organizations; and [4] the collective body of experience of all NSGB’s could help deliver a greater product to more sports.

ANSGB - Group Photo

“In order to arrive at this historical milestone the National Sports Association Committee went through a five step process that included [1] “In principle” approval of the concept by authorized NSGB representatives at the Department of Youth and Sports Mini Sports Conference in April 2016; [2] preparation of the draft Constitution and operating guidelines; [3] circulation of documents to NSGB’s for comments; [4] final draft Constitution distributed to NSGB’s in advance of meeting; and [5] the formal creation of entity and election of the ANSGB Executive Board.

Elected to the Executive Board were the following persons:

  • President: David Sabir
  • Vice President: Peter Dunne
  • Treasurer: James Davis
  • Secretary: Pam Roye
  • Members: Mia Black, Sean Field-Lament, Ben Smith

The ANSGB said they aim to:

  • Advocate on behalf of all NSGB’s on matters relating to Government, sponsorship and community.
  • Provide advice and strategic direction centered on the National Sports Policy to the Ministry and the Department.
  • Provide leadership and support to all local sport partners.
  • Develop programs and methods of delivery for the vision of the National Sports Policy.
  • Improve public awareness of sporting activities [consolidated calendar of events].
  • Facilitation of resource exchanges between NSGB’s.
  • Develop best practice guidelines for NSGB’s and assist in implementing them.


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  1. Vamos says:

    A committee formed from committe members! I’m sure they will gets lots done