Berkeley Stands ‘In Solidarity’ With T.N. Tatem

December 6, 2016

Earlier today [Dec 6], the Berkeley Institute showed their solidarity with the students and parents of T.N. Tatem Middle School, with students standing on the school field spelling out “TNT.”

The issues surrounding the condition of the TN Tatem Middle School building have been ongoing; last Monday and Friday it  was closed, and the school was also closed again this week.

Yesterday, the Department of Education said they met with PTSA executives from T.N. Tatem and Clearwater; the Bermuda Union of Teachers, and T.N. Tatem teachers, to discuss temporarily relocating to Clearwater Middle School; and the T.N. Tatem PTA are expected to hold a meeting to discuss the matter this evening.

Berk students spell TNT dec 6 2016 (2)

A Berkeley Institute spokesperson said, “Today, December 6, at approximately 9:00am, The Berkeley Institute stood in solidarity with T.N. Tatem as advocated by the B.U.T.

“We showed our support by spelling out TNT on our field and holding signs that stated #IAMTNTatem. Mr. Tatem valued education. The condition of our schools speaks to the value placed on the lives and success of individuals who use them. Let’s show that we value education.” 1-IMG_0068

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Go ask the PLP where the money is.

    • GTA says:

      If only Berkeley could give TNT some of the $55 million in cost over runs they had in the construction of their new school, guess rules can only bend one way!

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        At least PLP built a school to help distribute high school students and not have them packed into Cedar Bridge. OBA has done jack all to help Bermuda’s education system.

        All OBA is focused on is putting millions into rich foreigner’s entertainment and giving millions worth of concessions for rich foreigner’s entertainment.

    • Shanae says:

      Is this a good use of student’s time???

  2. Terry says:




  3. Terry says:

    What do you get when you mix Onion Juice and Here We Go……………..

    • Come Correct says:

      Poorly writen riddles from Terry?

      Here’s a nice one for you to base yours off so what you type actually makes sense.

      The poor have me, the rich want me, if you eat me you die.
      What am I?

  4. skeptic says:

    Good for the students to show concern for their colleagues at TNT, but ironic that a Works and Engineering truck is also pictured.

    If read the TNT conditions report you will find that a majority of the issues at TNT are a result of “poor housekeeping”. This suggests that the custodial staff at TNT are not capable of performing their work, or have insufficient staff to cover the school or their performance is inadequately supervised by the school head. Possibly Works and Engineering are also behind in their tasks? So rather than turn this into a political games opportunity, perhaps people could simply work together to solve a simple problem of inadequate care for our children’s learning environment apparently the result of many layers of poor performance?

    Read the report here;

  5. jt says:

    Credit to the students for coming up with this idea.

  6. hmmm says:

    “Government Workers do your job” should be spelled out, then none of this would have happened.

    • hmmm says:

      All you dislikers…it is the truth….if govt workers had done their job then we wouldn’t have this problem would we…any issue would be resolved in a timely manner.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, isn’t there a maintenance crew that works there? At the first sign of a little bit of mold it needs to be tackled! There is no excuse! Someone is NOT doing their job!

  7. Unbelievable says:

    I’m actually so glad that the OBA will lose the next election. Then we’ll see the PLP struggle with the mess they created and the same people who are angry now will still be angry that the PLP Govt won’t be able to fix their mess.

    • almost says:

      Don’t be so sure. The cicil service is full of people not qualified to do the jobs they are getting paid to do, but were given under the PLP in order to buy votes. It is in their best interests not to bother working so the public blame poor performance on the OBA and vote them out.

      Take a look how many trash collections are made in the run up to Christmas compared to recently, when the crews know that gifts will be left out for them.

    • Point boy says:

      I can understand your frustration. But, just because a few hundred of the same few continue their sore loser mentality. Does not mean the tens of thousands of us are not watching.

    • Anbu says:

      No they wont. Theyll just blame the oba for not fixing it. That is truth. If they had put as much effort into being a good government as they have as opposition we would t be in this mess to start with.

  8. CPM says:

    A political stunt from the plp

  9. Brier says:

    Get learning or you will get left behind

  10. clorox and buckst says:

    clorox and a bucket.

  11. Zevon says:

    How ironic. If the overspend on Berkeley had been less than $60m, perhaps there would have been more money for other things.

  12. Ra's al Ghul says:

    “Mongo only pawn in game of life”

    - Mongo

  13. Wow says:

    I hope the students were given a choice to do this. In my opinion, school faculty should never express their person political opinion in the classroom/school. In my opinion this move wasn’t slightly politically driven.

  14. Brian Purvey - Berkeley Teacher says:

    A number of Berkeley’s population are former students and teachers of TN Tatem. The act was to show our support for the current teachers and students. Far too often our schools are “fixed” with a band aid. We need the “island”…….not the PLP or OBA to recognize that education is a vital foundation to our island’s success.

    It is very easy for others to finger point at various people or political parties when they hide behind bogus screen names. People are using these types of forums spit negativity and to promote their own feelings and assumptions.

    Before you jump to conclusions……you need to get you facts straight…….it was not a Works and Engineering truck!!! You can apologize now…….Thanks.

    GTA & Zevon……
    Yes…..there may have been over spending on the construction of the Berkeley Institute but we have a world class facility that has been admired by our overseas guests. Our facility is used for a number of events including the recent Nikki Bascome fight and college fair. The past is the past……it’s time to focus on the problems at hand.

    • Anbu says:

      Ok purvey so how would that have gone over at say, MSA?! Dont answer because you already know. And please dont boast abt a world class facility. Who cares. That same “world class facility” should and could have been built on budget. Wonder why it wasnt.

      • Brian Purvey - Berkeley Teacher says:


        It would have gone over the same way we took time off for church services, bazars, spirit days…..I’ll stop there because I’ve spent more than half of my life there and I probably have a bit more insight than you.

        My comments about a world class facility are merely to say that Bermuda should be proud of what we have. It also was to tell others that Berkeley’s facility had nothing to do with the topic at hand. As an island if we dwell on the past we will never move forward with the future. A school’s environment, whether public or private is vital for learning. I am a teacher and I will support educational purposes and needs.

        Anbu, will you stand up for the educational needs of others or will you continue to stand in the shadows throwing rocks?

        Maybe I should say “don’t answer as you know the answer” because you had no problem throwing rocks at me.

        • Brian Purvey - Berkeley Teacher says:


          I also forgot to mention…..

          The Berkeley Institute along with several other schools took time off of school two years ago to wave at the America’s Cup trophy motorcade. Maybe you should ask those schools how that went over.
          It’s OK to be a hypocrite…….now you’re just a hypocrite with their foot in their mouth.

  15. Look both ways says:

    Get over yourself Purvy! Start walking your overbudget school with clorox would you because it`s clear nobody did at Tatem!

    • Brian Purvey - Berkeley Teacher says:

      Look both ways……..

      I feel like I’m going to have to teach the lesson to you again.

      Topic: TN Tatem Mold Issue

      Objective #1: Write a comment about the TN Tatem mold issue

      Objective #2: Review comments for all spelling and grammatical errors

      Clearly you didn’t understand the objectives the first time….
      so we’ll give you a second chance.