New Governor John Rankin Arrives In Bermuda

December 4, 2016

Acting Governor Ginny Ferson, Premier Michael Dunkley, Leader of the Opposition David Burt and other dignitaries were on hand to greet the new Governor John Rankin when he arrived in Bermuda this evening.

Mr Rankin told the assembled group that he was delighted to be in Bermuda and looked forward to working with them in the best interests of all Bermudians. The new Governor will be sworn in during a ceremony in the town of St George at 1100 hrs tomorrow.





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  1. wondering says:

    what nonsense – all lined up like good boys and girls aren’t we?

  2. Ello Gov'nor says:

    Good luck mate.

  3. Governor, We are happy to have you in Bermuda. I am sorry that you will have to start working at once ,helping us to fix some serious problems that we have . You must head off a conflict that is likely to happen again, come Friday. People have the right to protest , but not the right to willfully break the law . Parliament must open in order that the work of the people is done . But we have a group of people , objecting to parliament meeting , because they disagree with the ” New Airport Bill . ” I hope that we can resolve this issue before parliament opens again Friday coming.

  4. Truth says:

    Welcome Governor Rankin. Let’s hope that with your arrival David Burt somehow finds some humility and a moral compass. Maybe he can turn over a new leaf and start his leadership afresh since it got off to such a bad start. He is a Ewart B smooth though – trained well… no wonder the PLP are freaking out as they sense that the EB style is back to bite those who need help the most…

  5. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    What a helluva a time to change the guard,,,,governor Arrives today…..on the eve of the date of hanging ,,,,,,of two men for allegedly killing the Governor in 1977.December 2nd 1977 to be exact.Today we killed the Democratic Process,by denying peaceful Process.Trying force to bring about Peace.

    • Terry says:

      Your stirring the sheet Takbir.
      Let it go.

    • Steve Davis says:

      You cannot forcibly deny entry, block a road and ignore police requests to move- that is not peaceful. In addition, many police officers were assaulted by protesters when trying to clear a path to the house of assemble, in which they were trying to do their duty to uphold the law. Pepper spray was deployed after all of these incidents as a last resort.

      As the Police commissioner advised, the Police were not acting under direct direction from government to carry out these actions. Again, the PLP seeks is misinform and paint the picture that this was somehow the direct orders of the OBA and the Premier. Who has a result has had his and his families lives threatened.

      The democratic process is carried out by elected officials, not a mob of the electorate. That is being killed by protestors who feel it is their right to break the rule of law and deprive the country of it’s democratic process.

      In the same way two men were prosecuted and hung for murder, they were tried under the rule of law according to the laws of the land at the time. So what is very apparent from all this is that the PLP/BIU feel that they and their members are above the law and should be able to get away with what they please, even if that is murder (no pun intended).

      So in reality what does this have to do with PPP development plan for an Airport?- absolutely nothing. The PLP are employing Mugabe style tactics, encouraging their members to riot and disregard the law.

    • Walter M says:

      One could argue that denying access for democratically elected officials by physically blocking entry is not peaceful or lawful for that matter

  6. lol says:

    I could imagine the briefing they gave him.. “welcome to paradise, tie up your boots… this is going to be a rough ride, sir”…

  7. Truth says:

    Maybe he’ll take back control of the island this coming Friday when ‘it’ all starts again.

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    is it too late to back out?

  9. Jeremy Deacon says:

    into the frying pan …

  10. Unbelievable says:

    Real good timing. Not. The PLP knew this guy was coming and so they wanted to demonstrate.

    Talk about staying woke? You better stay woke to the PLP.

  11. Unbelievable says:

    Real good timing. Not. The PLP knew this guy was coming and so they wanted to demonstrate.

    Talk about staying woke? You better stay woke to the PLP

  12. trump supporter says:

    BUrts first photo op:)