Enlistment Night For New Regiment Recruits

January 3, 2017

Would-be soldiers will this week get another chance to sign up for service in the Royal Bermuda Regiment [RBR].

The RBR will hold the final enlistment night at its Warwick Camp headquarters on Thursday [Jan 5] before the two-week Recruit Camp 2017 kicks off on Sunday, January 15.

RBR Adjutant Captain Duncan Simons said, “For anyone who has been thinking about joining the Regiment this is almost their last opportunity.

“The last few spots are still available and anyone keen to expand their horizons and improve their skills is welcome to attend.”

Capt. Simons said that RBR training offered the chance to serve Bermuda in times of stress, like hurricanes, as well as adventure, training few get to experience, the opportunity to improve physical fitness and the chance to travel.

“As a second job and as an experience, there really is no comparison. Our soldiers get to do things most people can only dream of and they are well-paid for it as well,” he said.

This year’s recruits can expect to earn around $2,000 for the two-week camp, as well as a $500 bonus payable after a year’s service.

Capt. Simons said, “In addition to being financially worthwhile, the RBR builds confidence and gives people the ability to work well as part of a team – these things are attractive to civilian employers too.

“The RBR offers shared experiences, friendships that can last a lifetime and – if recruits have any taste for leadership – it’s a platform they can use to grow in that direction as well.”

After basic training, which includes instruction on the Regiment’s recently-acquired SA-80 rifles, recruits can opt for a range of specialities in the RBR, including Boat Troop, Medics, Signals, Regimental Police, Motor Transport and Guns and Assault Pioneers – the RBR’s engineers.

Soldiers can also serve as musicians in the Band and Corps of Drums, as chefs or apply for the Operational Support Unit, the RBR’s public order specialists.

Capt. Simons said, “Many of these skills are directly transferable to civilian life, making our soldiers even more attractive to employers.

“We have an important role as the country’s insurance policy and in an emergency we can put the same number of troops on the ground as there are Bermuda Police Service officers to support them or others in the vital work of restoring Bermuda to normality.”

Service in the RBR, a winner in The Bottom Line business magazine’s Top Ten Employers competition last year, is open to all citizens of the Commonwealth resident in Bermuda.

The enlistment night at Warwick Camp on Thursday runs from 6pm-8pm and Recruit Camp 17 will take place between January 15 and Saturday, January 28.

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